From today mandatory: electric cars must be heard – news

Since the 1. July applies to newly approved electric cars, but also for hybrid vehicles across the EU, the AVAS regulation applies. It says that these cars have to sound a warning noise so that other participants in road traffic perceive them. The car manufacturers show themselves creatively in sound composition and even bring Hollywood greats into the house. But hear yourself!

Now the time has come: Newly approved electric cars, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen cars must now have an AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System) installed at the latest in order to create artificial noise. This should primarily warn other road users as well as careless, older or visually impaired pedestrians. For example, an AVAS must automatically generate a sound signal between the start and a speed of about 20 km/h and when reversing. At speeds over 20 km/h, acoustic perceptibility is regularly guaranteed due to the rolling and air resistance. The acoustic signal should be comparable to the sound of a vehicle equipped with an combustion engine of the same class and must clearly point out the vehicle behavior, for example by automatically changing the noise level in the event of acceleration. Abstract artificial noises or natural noises, such as twittering birds, are therefore not allowed. However, in order to limit the traffic -related noise emissions, the generated noise level must not exceed that of a conventional vehicle.For the artificial sounds, the carmakers are doing very creatively and bring musical sizes like Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer into the recording studio. How the vehicles could sound in the future, hear in the video. This article was written by Anna Luisa Winter
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11 thoughts on “From today mandatory: electric cars must be heard – news”

  1. Fiat 500
    Somehow reminds me of the maker man from before. So don’t have to be bad because of that … be. Soon you can probably set your favorite sound.

  2. Strange. When I backwards with my 520d
    Driving you hear practically nothing. Now I have to give intermediate gas or immediately honk or just open the windows and open the radio … Otherwise the e-cars are louder ..

  3. nonsense
    Even with my current internal combustion engine, an old people in the parking lot do not hear. Even if I let the engine cry, they don’t jump to the side. Again a chance to make the world a little quiet

  4. Yes Perfect
    Sounds like a washing machine when spinning the final. They would have made at least a robust sound. According to the EU, motorcycles should now also be neutered in terms of sound technology. I imagine cool. Listen my Harley……:)

  5. Spend a lot of money
    For a mix of sound between the tram and Windows start tone. We all pay that when we afford a car or. able to buy.

  6. Terrible and little innovative
    We live in a traffic -calmed area. Today the cars are still rare, but in the future I already know that these tones will be much more annoying when we sit in the garden than that I think they are good. Such a regulation testifies to little innovation spirit. We break the calm that these vehicles brought with them for the environment. It would have been more innovative that such tones z.B. Only come when the car recognizes objects/people/animals nearby who need a warning. Or prevent the cars with blind people or or or or. To just make the boxes loud, oh my god, how stupid.

  7. Annoying
    I found the sound of the Audi best and most natural. I think the rest annoys when you have to listen to these noises regularly.

  8. Weak fug, these sounds.
    Each combustion engine sounds similar and can be clearly identified. Displacement, number of cylinders, working principle and fuel ensures the difference. And the gearbox. You know where you are. These fantasy sounds do not give this information, are in no way uniformly evaluated and so simply loud.

  9. Embarrassingly bad
    What a scrap sound.. Well, the electricity won’t be enough or. All of them have to be met later..

  10. New dimension of the vehicle appearance
    Vehicle -produced noises are annoying at first. But a completely artificial tone also results in completely new ways of brand identity for the awakening of emotions. Now, in addition to design, a sound component can also be incorporated completely freely (without explosion engines as a model) in addition to design, haptics. That could even be influenced by sales. To the outside, the sound must be solid, power-grained, valuable, modern, confident, quality-high-quality, it must not be annoyed inside. The manufacturer will try to keep their sovereignty over the sound, tuners will sell other tones. For autonomous vehicles of a “taxi fleet”, a banal standard tone such as the color yellow for taxis in New York, or eggshell yellow white as in Germany, will also recognize a taxi.

  11. Error, Mr. Muller!
    The combustion engine also means "Explosion engine", Because the gas mixture explodes in operation and thereby presses the piston downwards.


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