Fuel-cost comparison: Diesel beats gasoline after a good 10,000 kilometers


Diesel beats gasoline after a good 10,000 kilometers

Fuel-cost comparison: Diesel beats gasoline after a good 10,000 kilometers-diesel

Even with a relatively manageable mileage per year, it is worth buying a car with a diesel engine

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Diesel engines are rarely offered in some (small) cars. And if they do, then they are expensive. Nevertheless, buying a diesel is usually worthwhile.

S.Even with average annual mileage, diesel is the cheapest engine choice. Even after a good 10,000 kilometers per year, gasoline-powered vehicles are more costly than economical compression-ignition engines, despite their lower purchase price, according to a test by the ADAC has revealed. The gas drive also proved to be financially interesting.

The diesel increasingly exploits its consumption advantages with increasing driving performance. While the bottom line is that it is a little more expensive than a gasoline-powered car for the first 10,000 kilometers, it has a clear lead with frequent drivers. This is the cost difference in the VW Golf at 40,000 kilometers per year between the variants with the 1.6-liter diesel and the 1.2-liter turbo gasoline engine at just under 100 euros per month.

Similar values ​​result for the Vans Opel Zafira and VW Touran as well as for the Mercedes E-Class. The calculation not only took into account fuel prices, but also taxes, insurance, depreciation and vehicle price.

In some cases, gas-powered drives are even cheaper. While the LPG version of the Golf hardly differs from the gasoline engine because of the high price markup, the natural gas versions of the Zafira, Touran and E-Class even undercut the diesel.

Around 50 euros are saved per month at 40,000 kilometers compared to the diesel engine. However, the patchy network of filling stations makes buying a natural gas car unattractive, especially for long-distance drivers.

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