Fully Charged calls for a global ban on combustion engines!

Fully Charged calls for a global ban on combustion engines!-fully

Fully Charged, the world’s largest electric car and clean energy channel, today released a Clean Energy and Transportation Manifesto. The well-known YouTube channel is supported by some of the most groundbreaking companies from the entire energy and transport sector. Together, they urge the world’s governments to stop chattering and take action. Electrification instead of combustion is the clear demand!

The Fully Charged team points out that there are already proven solutions in every area – from the electrification of almost all means of transport to the accelerated switch to renewable energy generation. As the account suggests in its latest video, it’s reaching out to world leaders to help bring about change. The founder of the station – the presenter and actor Robert Llewellyn – delivers the message. Joined by CEOs from some of the leading players in renewable energy, electric vehicles and clean energy.

“I am afraid that COP26 will become a platform for posing, posing and talking. World leaders must act today to limit the impact on our planet. The crazy reality is that we already have all the answers! Today there are electric vehicles that are more powerful than conventional cars; means of generating renewable energy that will allow us to easily sustain our lifestyle; and viable heating technologies that eliminate the need for gas. Our message to world leaders is simple: stop burning stuff and electrify everything – TODAY!!!- Robert Llewellyn, Co-CEO of Fully Charged

The Youtube channel of Fully Charged stands like no other for the use of e-mobility, sustainable energy generation and the use of clean energy in the household. Llewellyn’s team bundles this message in the current clip, in the run-up to COP26, and thus points out the imminence of the climate crisis and the urgency of switching to existing solutions.

According to Dan Caesar, CEO of Fully Charged, we, as a global society, are not doing enough “to change how internal combustion engines are used in our lifestyles, to heat our homes and for transportation. People often forget that they are burning something when they boil the kettle or turn on the heater. So we’re making it clear to governments and consumers that we need to stop burning stuff now while we electrify everything.”

Companies supporting this transformation effort by name include: BritishVolt, GRIDSERVE, myenergi, Polestar, EAV, Kensa, Mixergy, Octopus Energy, Ripple, Tepeo, Volta Trucks.

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3 thoughts on “Fully Charged calls for a global ban on combustion engines!”

  1. Pure PR event. The train runs a long way in the direction of the electric car. At the moment it is almost good that people are still buying new combustion engines because not enough electric vehicles can be produced. Before 2026, you won’t have the capacity at all.

    When I see that Polestar is the only car manufacturer to support this initiative…they don’t get their cars sold. In a strongly prospering market. Governments will not be able to help them either, they simply have overpriced and poor products and no clear differentiation from Volvo.

  2. At the end of 2025, no new combustion engines will be permitted, in 2030 the last filling stations for diesel, petrol and natural gas will close, in 2035 the last filling station for biogas will close.


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