Fully Charged throws a look at the Sion of Sono Motors

Fully Charged throws a look at the Sion of Sono Motors-look

The Munich start-up Sono Motors, which stands behind the first series manufactured in series electric vehicle with solar integration, is set to the stuff past months. Thus, the cooperation with Continental, the second largest automotive supplier worldwide, was announced. However, not only there seems to give pleasing messages that for the Sion with 260.000 sion electric cars have been known overall construction time.

So was known at the end of November 2018 that the Sion of Sono Motors becomes 27.5% more expensive. Decisive is the battery price. The 35 kWh battery of the Sion was first with 4.000 Euro priced, has now on 9.500 euros increased. As he beats in everyday life, this shows a yesterday-published video of Fully Charged, these have taken the sion of Sono Motors to the chest.

Even if the video gives a good insight, you should note the note of Sono Motors under the video that the clip has already been recorded in the summer of 2018. And since that has done a lot, as you know from the news here in the blog. The most important changes has recorded the Munich start-up.

  • The Sion will have a front drive, the engine comes from Continental
  • The connection module is supplied by Bosch, which allows car sharing and ridesharing
  • The battery (35 kWh, fluid cooled) is produced in Germany by Elringklinger
  • The Sion has a range of 250 km (255 km WLTP / 320 km NEFZ)
  • For the solar modules you use highly efficient, monocrystalline silicon cells. A total of 330 cells can be a maximum power of 1.Produce 204 watts in an efficiency of 24 percent. This results in up to 30 km extra reach by the sun. Perfect for commuters!
  • The price of the Sion is 16.000 € without battery. Including battery 25.500 €. Battery rental or leasing possible
  • The prototype from the video shows the state of development of about 2 years ago

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