Fully electric Nissan Juke with Ariya influences in view

Fully electric Nissan Juke with Ariya influences in view-ariya

The Nissan Motor Company is on the way to the climate-neutral company: By 2050, the Japanese car manufacturer wants to reach climate neutrality in both business operations as well as the life cycle of its vehicles. Important supports include the upcoming E models, such as the E-SUV Ariya. Next to this, however, it also seems to give plans for smaller E-SUVs, like a fully electric version of the Nissan Juke.

How to experience AutoExpress, Nissan prepares the launch of an electric SUV in Juke size and thus wants to expand its electric car offer in the United Kingdom and Europe. The e-Juke is to build on a shortened version of the CMF-EV architecture and take over further influences of the Nissan Ariya in series. First rumors to a fully electrification of the Juke already came in 2016, have been strengthened again in recent months by appropriate statements by Nissan employees. For more detailed, in the meantime, Nissan Europe’s General Manager for Product Planning, Nicolas Bozek, also suggested that more models are in the pipeline.

In conversation with Auto Express via Nissan’s new electric all-wheel system E-4ORCE – which will first be used in SUV Ariya – confirmed Bozek that the technology will be used in other cars in the future: “We think it’s in the future in the future to have a place other models, “he said. “We are pretty strong in the B segment,” says Bozek. “It could be quite interesting in this type of car.”

AutoExpress assumes that analogue to the Ariya also offer different drive variants at the Juke. So it can be assumed that in later subsequent, more favorable versions a pure front-drive variant is very conceivable. This should then be highlighted as a sales driver, already due to the more favorable entry-level price on the market. For the series stromer it can be assumed that this is also inspired by the Nissan Ariya in terms of design. Say, striking face, narrow daytime running lights, aerodynamic wheels and two-tone paint coating with a contrasting roof to name only a few examples. Further variations, including a variant in coupe style, are possible.

Thanks to the advantages of an electric car-specific platform, the new small SUV will probably be more spacious than the Juke. It is currently assuming that the E-Juke will use the same 100KW CCS fast loading technique as the Ariya. It is likely that the new SUV will be equipped with the smaller 63 kWh battery of the ariya, which enables a range of about 400 km. Price is with around 34.200 Euro entry price to be expected, which has not yet been confirmed.

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