Fun device or collector’s item?

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fun item or collector's item?

The Mini John Cooper Works GP is the most powerful three-door Mini of all time – and at CHF 52,900 it is also the most expensive.

Mini John Cooper Works GP.

“The world is out of joint,” one would say in one of the best-known Swiss radio plays: a Mini with 306 hp.

A small car with a stated top speed of 265 km/h. A three-door for 52,900 francs, practically devoid of any utility. The Mini John Cooper Works GP is deliberately a car that nobody needs – and only 3000 customers (100 of them in Switzerland) will get it.

The limited special model draws attention to itself with large air intakes, massive wheel arch extensions made of carbon and a thick rear wing. Show only for those who want to keep the limited edition Mini in their garage as a collector's item, or real race car technology for the road for fans planning occasional trips to the race track?

A question that cannot be answered definitively even after the first test drive – because the "GP" is caught exactly between these extremes: Purists would like a more radical interior with real bucket seats. Less weight than the 1255kg the small car tips the scales (70kg less than the base) and presumably also a manual gearbox instead of the 8-speed automatic.

Fun device or collector's item?-device

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Fun device or collector's item?-device

Fun device or collector's item?-collector

Fun device or collector's item?-collector

Fun device or collector's item?-Mini John Cooper Works Image

Fun device or collector's item?-Mini John Cooper Works Image

Fun device or collector's item?-Mini John Cooper Works Image

Mini John Cooper Works GP

For many people, however, the little one with its rock-hard chassis, the front axle differential lock and the sporty semi-slick tires is probably too radical for driving fun on the road.

For Mini fans, the latest hardcore Mini is still a hit: It feels as compact as a Mini should, offers a lot of grip on dry roads and can be moved quickly and easily; preferably on a closed track. Because as soon as the tires are up to temperature, the dwarf puts its power onto the asphalt without hesitation and shifts through the gears in no time at all. Some sports car drivers have to make an effort if they don't just want to see the large rear wing of the small car.

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