Fun in the snow: winter is the driver’s enemy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that


Is winter the driver‘s enemy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that

Fun in the snow: winter is the driver's enemy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that-enemy

Porsche also offers driving fun in winter

Source: Porsche Driving Experience

Icy roads and snow-blown slopes can be a pleasure – if you have the right know-how and the right vehicle. 12 tips on how horsepower fans can enjoy winter.

1. Alpine training with a super sports car

“Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate, accelerate!” Crackles the instructor’s voice on the radio, the 750 hp V12 of the Lamborghini Aventador turns until just before the red zone, 1280 spikes bite into the ice, and the mountain valley is filled with a wonderful roar – welcome to the "Lamborghini Winter Accademia" in the Italian Alps.

Manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Bentley or Maserati offer ample opportunity to do so with appropriate training courses for those who do not want to let off steam on the slopes but with a super sports car. No matter how cold it is outside, when you’re racing over snow and ice in a super sports car, you work up a sweat.

However, the pleasure has its price: At 5900 euros for the "Twelve Hours Of Livigno" exclusivity is guaranteed.

Fun in the snow: winter is the driver's enemy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that-driver

"Lamborghini Winter Accademia": 750 HP and icy slopes do not contradict each other

Source: Lamborghini

2. Snow waltz at the Arctic Circle

Northern lights waft in the deep black sky, campfires are burning in the yurts, and mulled wine is steaming from the open pots – winter in the Arctic Circle has its own charm. But tourists don’t just come to Rovaniemi or Ajreplog because Santa Claus lives somewhere here.

They come because the car manufacturers set up a huge training camp here every winter and ask their driving schools to play a snow waltz on the ice lakes of Lapland. In constant drift you go over polished ice surfaces, and against the clock you race through pylon alleys.

Audi, BMW, Mercedes – almost all major manufacturers offer such trips to the north, mostly for two or three days, but sometimes for a whole week; for beginners and professionals, at prices from 2000 euros. And if you want to make a stretch after all the roundabout, you can book a guided trip to the end of the world with the Audi S7 for just under 4,000 euros and visit the North Cape, which is actually closed in winter.

3. Winter rally with vintage cars

Those who really love their oldtimers don’t lock them up in winter, but drive them all year round. Exercise is much better for him than being locked away in a lonely, warm garage for months. The best thing to do is to register for the Winter Raid in the Alps together with the classic at prices from 4000 euros.

This unique classic car rally leads from Sankt Moritz over the most beautiful mountain roads of the season. And those who are serious about rallying can fight their way over the snow-covered Col de Turini on the Histo Monte in the footsteps of the Monte Carlo Rally. Obviously it’s exhausting, because heated seats and neck blowers weren’t invented back then.

But the view of the steep passes, the magnificent evening and morning light and the twitching headlights between meter-high walls of snow compensate for all the exertions. Consideration for the cars is out of place, say the organizers: “Don’t forget: when your car wasn’t a classic, it also drove on snow and ice. And the winters back then were much harder. "

Fun in the snow: winter is the driver's enemy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that-snow

Should be on your winter list: start a winter rally in a vintage car

Source: Getty Images

4. Driving safety training for 150 euros

If you’ve always thought about taking driver safety training, do it now. With your own car and in bad weather, what can be more instructive? In addition, the training grounds are not so full in the winter season because most people usually book the courses in summer – when the instructors have to water sliding surfaces to artificially create smoothness.

By the way, what you learn in safety training is not about drifting over snowy serpentines (where are they even near you?). No, you will learn how to safely steer your car around smooth corners and how to brake fully even on the smooth corner.

Admittedly, the sports car fun on an icy lake in the Arctic Circle has a touch more sex appeal. On the other hand, safety training may have a little more to do with your life. And only costs around 150 euros.

5. Down the slope with the snowcat

Usually there is only one direction on the ski slope – down. Winter sports enthusiasts only have to expect oncoming traffic on the last descent. Night after night, snow groomers level the slopes, and more and more tourists are sitting with them in the cozy, heated cabin.

Because almost all ski areas have recognized the fascination of these special vehicles, some of which have more than 500 HP, and offer rides from 25 euros per hour. Strapped with harness belts like the pilot in a fighter jet, the passengers experience how the snowcat fights its way up the steepest slopes on 1.50 meter wide chains.

And if the power of the diesel engine alone is not enough, the piste groom extends a 1000-meter-long steel cable on which his company car glides slowly down into the valley like a mountain climber. On the way back, the winch pulls the car on the rope back up the mountain. Anyone who has experienced this once will see the descents with different eyes the next morning.

Fun in the snow: winter is the driver's enemy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that-driver

Pistenbully: You can ride here from 25 euros an hour

Source: picture alliance / Arco Images

6. 500 kilometers across the sea

They are the winter heroes of the special-interest channels on night television: the ice road truckers, who bring their heavy trucks over the ice roads of Alaska in all weathers and thus keep the oil and mining industries running. If you are adventurous and book the right rental car, you can also dare to ride through the ice hell yourself.

Because the icy routes are usually public roads that anyone can drive on. The longest is the "Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road" near Yellowknife in Canada: Open only two months a year, this road stretches for almost 600 kilometers, of which only 73 kilometers are on land.

Fun in the snow: winter is the driver's enemy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that-winter

Ice Road in Canada: Only with the right rental car

Source: picture alliance / All Canada Photos

Those who do not want to fly across the Atlantic for such an adventure will find such ice roads – much shorter of course – in Europe and can slide across the frozen Baltic Sea in Estonia, for example. At least when the layer of ice is at least 25 centimeters thick.

7. Eskimo style through the woods

In the past, dogs still had to pull their sledges. But today even the Inuit rely on engines and harness the huskies only for tourists. In everyday life, people are out and about on so-called skidoos and have long since rented these snowmobiles to winter guests.

Whether in South Tyrol or northern Sweden, in the Rocky Mountains or in the Westerwald – in almost all winter sports areas you can book such trips and then plow through the undergrowth on runners and chains at up to 160 km / h (theoretically, you are not allowed to do that do so quickly). It is best to drive after dark, and as cold as it may be, nobody has to freeze on the fast sleigh ride.

The upper body is usually in down-thick thermal clothing, helmets and gloves are often even heated, a 100 hp engine simmering beneath the driver, and the sauna awaits at the end of the journey.

Fun in the snow: winter is the driver's enemy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that-driver

Skidoo instead of dog sledding

Source: picture alliance / All Canada Photos

8. Through the winter in a convertible

Driving a convertible is not a question of the season. If you are really serious, you only look at the sky and not at the thermometer. Especially since the temperature out there – thanks to seat and neck heating – has nothing to do with your own well-being anyway.

So down with the roof, up with the heating and out onto a dreamy mountain road, after all, why does winter service sweep away the snow night after night? Many traditional convertible routes are closed from autumn. But a few dream routes defy the weather and are open all year round.

Perhaps the most beautiful example is the pass loop around the Sella-Stock in South Tyrol, which as the Sella Ronda is not only loved by skiers. Especially on an ice-blue sunny day there is even an advantage in the convertible: while skiers are queuing at the lifts, you have free travel on the road. And unlike in summer, you don’t have to share passes like the Gardena Pass or the Pordoi Saddle with motorcyclists or cyclists.

Fun in the snow: winter is the driver's enemy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that-winter

Convertible in winter: There is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing

Source: Karmann / dpa

9. No more freezing

Oh, you don’t feel like sitting in an open convertible with a scarf and a red nose? Then think in a completely different direction and have a parking heater built into your car. It can cost around 1500 to 2500 euros, but an auxiliary heater not only warms the car before you drive off, it also gives you the equally warming feeling of superiority.

While other drivers are cursing trying to find the ice scraper, just get in and drive. Basically without fogged windows, by the way – there is nothing better.

10. Regardless of loss

It is well known that the tank driver himself does not care about the weather or the terrain that surrounds him and his tracked vehicle. In the meantime, civilians can also enjoy this special driving experience without having to maneuver or attack neighboring countries.

Across the country there are tank driving schools that offer practical instruction (approx. 30 minutes) in how to move heavy steel giants, of course off-road, for prices from 100 to 200 euros. A tank doesn’t even laugh at snowdrifts, it simply rolls them down.

And anyone who has ever seen the cloud of smoke when starting a tank engine will no longer find the diesel scandal at Volkswagen that scandalous. And regards your own Porsche Cayenne Turbo S as an eco-mobile: a tank uses two to five liters of fuel off-road – for every single kilometer.

11. Streamlined through winter

For those who we have still not convinced: There are other ways in winter to live out the love of the car. After all, Germany has around 200 car museums and numerous collections to offer that are dedicated to one brand or try to make a historical sweep.

A wonderful exhibition can be seen until April 17th in the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen. Under the title “Strom-Linien-Form. The fascination of low resistance ”are exhibited around 100 vehicles from all over the world, showing how this ideal shape has changed everyday life since the 1920s and has become a symbol of speed and modernity.

From the Auto Union Grand Prix Type C from 1936 (replica) to the Tatra 87 to the Mercedes C 111/3 from the 1970s, they are examples of the decades-long efforts by engineers to develop shapes and bodies that minimize the air flow around them Offer resistance in order to still achieve higher speeds or even lower consumption – regardless of the time of year.

Fun in the snow: winter is the driver's enemy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that-winter

Mercedes-Benz W 25 racing car from 1934 in the Zeppelin Museum

Source: dpa

12. Drifting with the old heroes

Seat heating and steering wheel heating can be pleasant in winter, but it’s only nicer on the couch – with a blanket, tea and a car film. The most legendary car chase is "Bullitt" with Steve McQueen: a Ford Mustang and a Dodge Charger fight a bitter chase through the urban canyons of San Francisco for ten minutes, unbeatable.

Fun in the snow: winter is the driver's enemy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that-snow

Bullitt with Steve McQueen

Source: picture alliance / entertainment

“Ronin” has very similar ingredients – hardly any computer effects, one of the most beautiful streets in the world. The battle of strength between Audi and Citroën along the Côte d’Azur finally ends in the narrow streets of Nice. Or "Matrix Reloaded". A rather poor sequel to the first film, but a choreography choreography to hold your breath. And to warm your heart.

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