Funding before the end-should you buy a plug-in hybrid now?

Electric plans of the traffic lights

Funding before: Should you buy a plug-in hybrid now?

Funding before the end-should you buy a plug-in hybrid now?-plug-in
Cattle man A plug-in hybrid on a charging station for electric cars on the highway

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The promotion of plug-in vehicles would actually expire at the end of the year. But the traffic light coalition wants to run the premium for another year. She can do it quickly enough? Because the premium is also under pressure through a new EU control.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information the all -clear for fans of electrical drives was on 24. November shortly after 3:00 p.m. on the table, 177 pages thick. The traffic light parties presented their coalition agreement in front of the capital press in Berlin. An essential sentence in it for many car buyers: "In particular due to existing delivery difficulties of the manufacturers for plug-in hybrid vehicles already ordered, we will unchanged the innovation premium to support the purchase of electrical cars until the previous regulation up to 31. December 2022." There was a sigh of relief from everyone who had just ordered a vehicle with plug-in drive and had calculated the state funding premium for it. A nuisance, however, was the decision for everyone who criticizes the enormous follow-up costs of the electrical subsidies for taxpayers .

Plug-in hybrids will be further promoted for the time being

Because the funding has so far been on the brink. "The environmental bonus for electric vehicles, which are located on the list of promoting vehicles of the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA), is currently two thirds from a state share that is paid out by the BAFA, as well as a third of a manufacturer’s share, If the vehicle according to the 03.06.2020 and up to 31.12.2021 is approved", the VW configurator explains the old legal situation. Up to 7,500 euros premium were possible.

Briefly explained: electric cars, hybrids, plug-in hybrid

A Hybrid drive (short HEV, This stands for Hybrid Electric Vehicle) consists of an electrical and a gasoline or diesel engine. The hybrid battery is only charged during the trip via a generator, either by the gasoline engine or by braking energy recovery. Purely electrically, a HEV can only drive short distances. The car has consumption advantages, especially in city traffic. The classic example of a HEV is the Toyota Prius.

At the Plug-in hybrid ((Phev) the car has another plug on board: In addition to charging while driving, the battery is "loaded" on the socket or a charging station. Routes up to around 50 kilometers can be completely mobile before the internal combustion engine has to help again. Newer hybrids create up to 100 km of e-range. The hybrid battery of a PHEV has a lot more capacity than with normal hybrids and usually uses lithium-ion technology. That is why these cars are much more expensive. Advantage: Due to the full combustion engine, the overall range of the hybrid corresponds to that of a normal diesel or gasoline vehicle. The PHEVs include VW Passat GTE, Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid, Audi A3 E-Tron, BMW I3 (with Range Extender) or Porsche Panamera S E-HYBRID.

A pure Electric car ((Bev, stands for Battery Electric Vehicle) has only one battery as an energy source. Examples are: Tesla Model 3 and Model S, Renault Zoe, BMW i3 (without Range Extender) or Nissan Leaf.

However, only those who would have approved their plug-in hybrid car had to be approved by the end of the year at the latest at the latest. The purchase date does not matter. Due to the much longer delivery times of the manufacturers, this would have become a problem for many. Even those who ordered their new car in summer and were set for a few weeks, at the latest for a few months, had to worry. And the car dealerships were already fearing problems with angry customers.

Kia Xted Plug-in hybrid in the test: the Korea hybrid is better than the VW Golf?

Funding before the end-should you buy a plug-in hybrid now?-end-should

Site Kia Xted Plug-in hybrid in the test: the Korea hybrid is better than the VW Golf?

Rest risk for hybrid buyers

According to the coalition agreement, both are first out of the tailor, the approval period is extended by one year. However, there is still a residual risk: the new funding guideline does not come before the 31. December, the innovation premium expires that day. Although it has already been determined since the LOTOG peak that a revision of the guideline is necessary to extend the innovation premium by the end of 2021, the responsible ministries took a lot of time. It was not until mid -September 2021 that the responsible Federal Ministry. And she’s still stuck there. On top of that. An examination by the European Commission is also necessary. In order to get through all of this by the end of the year, the mills of bureaucracy would have to work at an unusual pace.

Nailing Kia EV6 already in leasing: only the term is violent

Funding before the end-should you buy a plug-in hybrid now?-plug-in

Site Nailing Kia EV6 already in leasing: only the term is violent

Why are hybrid cars criticized

The criticism of the premium for the purchase of a plug-in hybrid was no coincidence: The purely electrical ranges are usually low, the weight of the vehicles in combustion mode ensures a particularly high pollutant emissions. There were also reports of plug-in company car that were returned with original packaged charging cables after leasing. The old federal government therefore already had tightening up: from 1. January 2022, a purely electrical minimum range of 60 kilometers would have been necessary for funding instead of the 40 kilometers requested so far.

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The hybrid company cars make the coalitioners separately again: they "should only be privileged in the future if the vehicle is mainly (more than 50 percent) operated in purely electrical driving drive. If the vehicle is not used predominantly in electrical driving or the purely electrical driving proportion is not detected, the advantage is eliminated and the use of the company car is regularly taxed." How this should be controlled is not in the coalition agreement. In any case, incentives should be set, "To use these vehicles as emission -free as possible and also play their ecological advantages".

Electric car 2022 (display)

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Market economy and eco-parliamentary group agreed on promotional criticism

In this point, critics of the electric car sub-tubes from the market economy perspective are exceptionally agreed with the eco-parliamentary group, because the environmental association BUND and other clubs also criticize hybrid funding-with the argument that is not to be seen by the hand that Heavy 300 HP SUV are also rewarded for tax purposes, even if they often drive with gasoline.

Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

Funding before the end-should you buy a plug-in hybrid now?-already leasing only term violent

Site Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

But the further path of the premium is already laid down in the coalition agreement: "We want to degress the promotion for electrical vehicles and plug-in hybrids and fundamentally so that they from 1. January 2023 is only issued for cars that have been shown to have a positive climate protection effect that is only defined via an electrical driving section and an electrical minimum range width. The minimum electrical range of the vehicles must be from 1. August 2023 are 80 kilometers." And even the expiry of the premium is set in the contract: "In addition to the end of 2025, the innovation premium is no longer necessary."

The EU still throws clubs between the bikes?

An end of expensive funding is foreseeable, even if it is certainly too late for many critics of subsidy policy. In China, for example, the funding ends much earlier, which increases the pressure on the manufacturers to offer competitive electricity. China also wants the wild growth of small, ultimately not competitive electric manufacturers in favor of powerful, technically leading "Big Playern" Like Nio, Xpeng or Geely limit.

But there is also a development in the EU that could mean early from the hybrid cars at least in the funding. Because the EU has introduced a consumption control system for new cars . With each individual new car, consumption, kilometers and speeds driven are saved on each individual trip and have been able to. January 2021 will be sent to the EU Commission. And not just through the manufacturers or authorities, but also by direct transmission in the vehicle. The EU has so almost unnoticed a massive surveillance system from the public, because it is already on board new cars. This could be particularly problematic for manufacturers of plug-in hybrid vehicles, because depending on the use of the cars, the discrepancy between standard and real consumption should be extremely large.

Only frequent shop makes sense for phev cars

However, there is a mercy period: by 2026 an annual report should initially be created to recognize the trends before sanctions are effective at the latest. In the coming years, the car manufacturers should be very important to collect customers how important the regularly charging of the hybrid is.

What can happen in an e-car charging station?

Funding before the end-should you buy a plug-in hybrid now?-plug-in

German wave What can happen in an e-car charging station?

Now learn more about the future of mobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

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  1. Should you buy a plug-in hybrid now?
    A clear yes! If the current Mercedes E300 DE as a T-model is not such a small and and and and and … A clear yes! If the current Mercedes E300 de as a T-model not such a small range of e-range and then this ugly and impractical "Curb" In the rear, where the battery is accommodated, I would strike immediately, sack the rich e-premium and continue, as used to from my current E280 TD, 3l displacement, 6 cyl., shred around. I would only be electrically traveling in the city.

  2. Should
    … now buy a plug-in hybrid? Clear & simple question. Simple & clear answer: no! Not now, not yesterday, not tomorrow. The PHEV concept with two drives on board, whereby the combustion drive is the main drive and the electric drive the ancillary drive to anesthesize poor kilometer knowledge, is an absurdity in the state of science and the declared political goals, nationally and internationally,. If an alternative drive, then Bev. There is nothing better under the climate-& Not an environmental point of view, not economically from a point of view.

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    From an ecological point of view, hybrid vehicles are absolutely nonsensical and only serves the paragraph of the manufacturers. The consumption of the very popular SUVs in the area is beyond good and evil. But, only 0.5% of your own contribution to the company vehicle has to be taxed. Dear naggers, it was once again a tax gift for the privately.

  5. When the driving profile fits
    a PHEV can be at least equal to a pure electric vehicle – namely if it is mostly driven electrically. Due to the smaller battery, it is less pre -contaminated in the production and the lower weight, despite the combustion components, results in another advantage over a pure EV, which is usually not moved by the electricity mix without fossil energy. After the first tank I am z. B. 3000 km, according to which 43 liters then refueled. Then followed approx. 2000 km with 35 liters. The car hangs on the socket every day and is usually moved less than 40 km per day. Petrol is therefore only consumed on a few trips over longer distances. With the values, I am not ashamed of the funding.

  6. VW ID 4
    Only the Koreans are praised strangely in their reporting over the green clover !? Drive a VW ID 4 itself and have been more than satisfied so far !! I would like to know whether German cars are hyped in Korea as they do with Korean !?

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    ..are presumably at least correctly pronounced. The ear wax always turns to me when there is talk of the Eidi four. Even worse at Eidi three, then even the wit remains "Idea three" on the route.

  8. Clear answer: no
    A hybrid cannot do anything right and is too complicated with an electric motor and combustion engineer and the bottom line is too expensive. My next new car is purely electric.

  9. A
    Fully self-paid private 5l-Mustang, is not more anti-social than a plugin business car in which the employees also pay the premiums through their taxes. "Right" It is social that they also cannot afford a subsidized plugin and that the plugin driver also puts his scrap calculations off the tax. Maybe you should only be able to deduct the charging costs?

  10. The funding for battery cars
    Should be abolished immediately.We have enough cars.Housing construction would be better for young families.Affordable living space is missing everywhere.

  11. Buy the Diesel Touran again
    My current one is 6 and I want to stay mobile until 2030…Diesel from 2021 are z.ZT. Almost new very well on offer. I prefer to buy again with the last year of construction and do not like e-cars, better something decent to refill without the stupid plugs! Then I have no stress with forms. Only an H2 car would still be conceivable, but there are only 2 too small, without loading area on the market. It would only be interesting because we will be testing area with 5 H2 recharging in the area. Refinery near our border. I would also pull 60 giant if there was an exhausted model…

  12. @Moeller – but not whine
    If you have to switch to Park and Ride in a few years to be able to go to the cities. Then don’t say that they would not have been warned.


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