Funding premiums: These are the real losers of the e-car bonus

Remaining value for e-cars

The funding paradox: the real losers of the electric car bonus

Funding premiums: These are the real losers of the e-car bonus-e-car
Skoda In the electric cars, the Skoda Enyaq promises the best value retention – in 2021 it displaces last year’s winner Tesla Model 3

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Buying a new car should be well thought out. Especially when buying is an electric car or plug-in hybrid. Because the residual value is bad, especially with electric vehicles. That will change soon?

New electric cars and plug-in hybrids of various manufacturers are constantly sprouting in a wide variety of price ranges. The hype around the "green" Mobility may be more high than ever; Finally, the purchase of an environmentally friendly vehicle is also well promoted by the government. With all premiums, some of the purchase price can be saved. At the same time, all owners of diesel and petrol cars have been paying for fuel (according to eco-tax and vehicle tax) by the third CO2 tax since January through high additional expenses.

E-car hangs massively on the drip of taxpayers

The downside of the medal: the residual value of the electrical and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Both pure battery and plug-in hybrids lose more value than gasoline and diesel, as the market observer from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, brief.

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Funding premiums: These are the real losers of the e-car bonus-real

Site Is the fat man! New electro-fiat meets classic Fiat 500

"The second-hand e car is the clear loser"

In December, the residual value for three-year-old pure e-cars was at 50.6 percent of the new prize, while petrol engines achieved 56.6 percent and diesel came to 52.5 percent. The experts also expect a similar picture for January and February, but no final data has been available so far. The DAT data confirm the trend, which the analysis company Bahr & Fess Forecasts together with Site at the "Restwert giant 2025" had determined .

Climate frit should come: We will soon refuel all CO2-neutral?

Funding premiums: These are the real losers of the e-car bonus-these

Site Climate frit should come: We will soon refuel all CO2-neutral?

Andreas Radics, managing partner at Berylls Strategy Advisors, says in an interview with Site: "It may sound paradoxical, but the success of the environmental bonus for electric cars and plug-in hybrids knows a clear loser: the second-hand e car. Above all, the residual values of older e-mobile are in free fall."

New models increase pressure on used car market

The funding premiums would have led to the fact that customers would rather buy new cars that are hardly more expensive thanks to the premium than a three year old model. Used electric cars would therefore be more at the dealer than some diesel or petrol engines. Nothing will change in the short term, because the permanent expansion of the e-model portfolio continues to increase the pressure on the used car market for electric cars, says Radics.

Skoda Enyaq IV 80 in the test: The Tschechen-Tesla can do that better than VW & Audi

Funding premiums: These are the real losers of the e-car bonus-real

Site Skoda Enyaq IV 80 in the test: The Tschechen-Tesla can do that better than VW & Audi

There are also the technological improvements. Above all, the drive batteries have not only become cheaper in recent years, but also a lot more powerful. With the result that the new vehicle prices remain at a comparable level, but at the same time the range and everyday suitability improve rapidly.At the moment, petrol engines are still the vehicles with the greatest residual value. Vehicles with smaller engines in particular have a low loss of value. This is the so-called A segment, with cars such as the VW Up, the Fiat 500 or or Hyundai i10.

Residual values will adapt

In the future, however, this can change, says Andreas Radics: "This trend begins to laugh at. With the next generation of e-car, I expect an improvement in the situation for second-hand e-mobile. On the one hand, because the currently available electric vehicles have already reached a good degree of maturity and because state funding expires in a few years. But also because an exit from the conventionally driven car is also evident across Europe. Already in a few years we will see how the residual values of the electric cars adapt to those of the combustion engine and that the circumstances turn back very quickly-at the expense of the petrol engine and diesel", the car market expert believes.

Funding premiums: These are the real losers of the e-car bonus-these
Gettyimages/Altmodern Neither charging card nor registration: E-cars load on these columns with an EC card

Leasing contracts difficult to act

Until then, however, there is a great uncertainty in the market that not only concerns the trade. "In particular, lessors are faced with the challenge of realistically incorporating the uncertain residual value in the case of leases. But manufacturers who sell their e-cars in the agency system also have to carry a not inconsiderable residual value risk themselves. It is of fundamental importance for the manufacturers that they actively take care of the second recycling of their electric vehicles", so radics.An option can be to transfer the leasing returns to car sharing fleets in order to continue using them so that they do not "clog". In order to stabilize the residual values, it also makes sense to strengthen the trust of the end users in the technology of used cars, for example with extended guarantee packages.

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Funding premiums: These are the real losers of the e-car bonus-these

Site Tesla fights against VW & Co: Elon Musk feels the hot breath of the old car world

Everything about electromobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

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15 thoughts on “Funding premiums: These are the real losers of the e-car bonus”

  1. Impossible in the vehicle?
    If the residual value of the e-vehicle is bound to the usability of the energy source, it goes … Not up – but was predictable, no comment. Standard standards at fruit vs. Battery module? What works with the fruit must also be possible with battery modules. What is missing or. Gradually arriving is a easily interchangeable battery system – but regardless of the manufacturer! In addition to the real residual value calculation, the quasi -independent storage of battery modules Z brings.B. At petrol stations etc. (fast&clean) additional advantages for everyone. And by the way, there are other economic business areas. So electric motorcycles would also enjoy extensive tours and who doesn’t know everything else. In terms of environmental damage in the manufacture of batteries – you remain an interim solution.

  2. Eyewash
    finest. People are lured by the high premiums and overlooked that the boxes still cost a lot of money – a ridiculous 500 Fiat for € 299 leasing (!) or RD. 25.000 € purchase price. With the pile of money, a 9000 € bonus does not make the herb anymore.

  3. no matter
    Completely whether electrical or not. The loss of value passes to me past the popo. I don’t buy a car to sell it again and then buy one again. I can also take my money and throw it in the oven. The car is bought and driven until it falls apart. What shoud that? Why should you get a new car every 3-5 years?

  4. Of the "Occupied battery" Makes from one
    8-10 year old BEV-Vehikel a bunch "Uncontrational motor vehicle scrap". With a burner I can one "Licking tank" still exchange inexpensively, with one "Silited Leaken battery" Would that be a "Total harmful economic damage", Similar to an old VHS video recorder, its "Video head" has failed. You can do the sadest rest as well "jam off". Apart from the technically not to one "reasonable price-performance ratio" to be installed "Charging infrastructure" you need yourself about one "technical nonsense" not to be surprised if "incapable" or/and in such a matter "unsuspecting" Politician and "Eco-blown-porn-porn wing chair strategist" such "purely ideologically motivated decisions" meet…

  5. Lord Vogel
    There are 8 years or 16000km. The biggest enemy in Li-battery is time. After 8-10 years, the batteries are broken, no matter how often loaded by irreversible chemical processes in the battery compartment. No matter how many charging cycles.

  6. Well, the technology
    develops further. It is clear that after a few years these things are no longer worth anything. Who buys a 1 or 2 year old PC or battery screwdriver? If the range climbs, then there is only scrap value for the older battery cars. Apart from the loading times. They are still underground.

  7. My neighbour –
    – A very well -heeled pensioner – bought a Porsche Taycan a short year ago, which he is currently offering for sale. Reason: the weak charging infrastructure and the refusal of his electricity supplier, the suitable wall box with the max. to supply possible charging current. The car that is well over 120.000 € cost, is now like acid milk, the offers he got, were 30-35% below the new price. Beautiful new E-world…

  8. Nothing fairy tale
    He wanted to book the maximum charging current for the wall box – and it was denied it by the provider. It is clear that it can load with 11kw – but if I have a car that is also super charger, then I would like to take advantage of it too. The box has two "Filler"

  9. Reality -distant polemics
    Both with the author of the article and in the comments. I have the impression that every 30 ° also want to have on the terrace in Dusseldorf in winter. Then keep doing this. But do not complain if you switch off your electricity in 10 years because there is no longer enough to operate your air conditioning systems. As operational blind as everyone runs around, it is only to laugh.

  10. Yes and now Mr. Haas?
    For example, if all e-cars drive, the climate will be better? If that is the case, the question arises who is the reality here.

  11. What’s next ?
    Very few buy something like that. Either drive down or loss of money when selling. Can you actually only lease privately…. In my opinion there is a certain need in Germany on these cars. If this is fulfilled, it is tough with the sales figures. Always the same topic: where shop ? If I can’t at home, I don’t need such a car. Except, you have nothing to do all day and hop from Lidl to Ikea to Aldi to MacD……That could hit….

  12. The situation will deteriorate
    So far, e-cars have a problem that the battery loses performance every year. A car with an internal combustion engine does not have the problem. Regardless of whether the car is 1 year old or has for 30 years out of his hump. The range remains the same. Nobody knows to what extent all the software extras are supported after a few years. Likewise the costs for an accident (sensors). The question also arises whether the many backyard workshops participate in the changeover. Then it may be that the electric cars are only repaired in the expensive contract workshops. And can switch to the cheaper backyard workshops.

  13. Mr. Sochgen
    I drove a polo for 19 years 4,50000km. No loss of performance. Shortly before the scrapping, I had the performance measured out of interest. Guess something came out…

  14. Logical
    And no surprise. As long as every new e-vehicle has more range than its predecessor, the residual value will also develop poorly. This must be clear to everyone who is currently buying an electric car. Although that hardly occurs in practice, it is usually leased. The question is more who should buy the whole leasing return.

  15. I see the problem too!
    New cars are pressed into the market with massive premiums, but the used (just z.B: The leasing return). The tires are flat or have to be shared because nobody wants them to be technically overtaken again at the current pace of innovation. A 7 year old Nissan Leaf was just tested, he still had a total of 55km range. Unspecified!


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