Gac Aion V invites from 0 to 80% in 8 minutes with nearly 500 kW

Gac Aion V invites from 0 to 80% in 8 minutes with nearly 500 kW-400km highway 20-30 break full

In November 2018, GAC Motors, on the Guangzhou Motor Show, announced the Aion S as Tesla competitor. In terms of charging speed, however, the Gac Aion V could make the Tesla Stromer competition. Because the e-car from China promises that you can load with this as fast as you can refuel in a conventional combustion.

The vehicle is a new electro-crossover for the Chinese market, the GAC Aion V. This should come as one of twelve e models of the brand in September 2021. The e-magazine Cnevpost.Com was at a loaded test on site and could convince himself of the charging power of the E-car. There was a Gac Aion V at the end of July, which was charged from an almost empty battery to 80%. It turned out that the electric car even at a state of charge of 80 percent were still 481 kW from the charger and 35.1 kWh in only 4 minutes in the battery LUD.

Of independent side, the loading times have not yet been confirmed. It is also the case that this “only” is to be achieved for the 6C version of the AION V. This is the variant of the stromer, which up to 1.000 km reached to NEFZ. There is also a 3C version whose range is 500 km in the NEFZ and whose loading speeds are not quite as high.

The manufacturer indicates that the battery of the AION V itself is to hold up to a million kilometers long even if it is up to a maximum capacity (but at room temperature), before it needs to be exchanged. These new super-fast charging models will soon be launched on the market and tested by independent side to check the ultrafast loading speeds.

Recently, the Chinese Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) has reported an important success in the battery technology. A super fast to charging battery on graphene base has achieved groundbreaking progress and now in the phase of the actual vehicle tests, it is called. With the AION V, the first vehicle equipped with the novel power store is now launched on the road. As already mentioned, from September this year in series will be produced and sold.

The new battery has GAC information about a 6C fast charging capacity and can be charged to a capacity of 80 percent in combination with a 600-ampère high-performance charger within 8 minutes. The power storage also has proven the highest quality and reliability with the “Battery Shooting Test”.

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4 thoughts on “Gac Aion V invites from 0 to 80% in 8 minutes with nearly 500 kW”

  1. That’s somehow in the wrong direction. It is felt so, so the studies would be adapted to the realistic idea of the electric car opponents. Every 300 to 400km on the highway for 20-30 min break is full ok, or not? And even that 95% need only 1-2 times a year.

    Small car u.a For those who can not use public transport and practical combi I personally consider a more meaningful solution. However, it seems less lucrative.

    It remains exciting &# 128578;

  2. As here in the forum for new battery announcements has often been noticed:

    • Wait &# 128578;
    • on independent Wait &# 128521;
    • Which cell chemistry is used?
    • What is the degradation after 100/500/1000 charging cycles really?

    It just sounds too nice to be true &# 128578;
    German OEMs – like Porsche – have the initial promised 270kW charging power also screwed back – why well?

    But Hey, we BEV enthusiasts would all be happy !!!

    Time wants Tell

  3. China has about twice the population as the EU and the USA, One should not forget that. And with technological support for manufacturers from the EU and the US, in addition to the economic espionage, also enough technology knowledge accumulated. In addition, many clever minds on the universities educated that further expand the collected knowledge.

    It is very possible, that China is now a lot further in battery technology than the EU and the USA. Short loading times would take fuel cell vehicles the benefits when refueling, keep their numbers small and we would have to build much fewer PV and wind turbines.

  4. Just wait and see…
    Check results and then let us surprise ourselves.

    Our local OEMs are on it ..
    I learned 2 weeks ago that the parameters “40-60 km / min charging time” in the new batteries of German OEMs to 2025 would be achieved.

    and please….Listen to thinking that everyone needs to be like us (E-automotiveists)

    Every 300 to 400km on the highway for 20-30 min break is full ok, or not? And even that 95% need only 1-2 times a year.

    There are currently far more for which that is not okay.
    I am in your opinion, but still, the mass of motorists is not of the opinion …….not yet &# 128521;

    we are glad what happened so and what will happen.
    There are more recognition daily that the e-mobility is the next step.

    It remains exciting


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