Gasoline price: Internal invoice reveals explosion within a few months

70 cents surcharge per liter?

Internal invoice reveals: In a few months there will be a gasoline price explosion

Gasoline price: Internal invoice reveals explosion within a few months-price

Site/Wochit Internal invoice reveals: In a few months there will be a gasoline price explosion

  • Site editor Florian Reiter

An internal report shows that once again the federal government seems to be clearly missing its climate goals. Hard, short -term solutions are increasingly required. Drivers in particular will be felt at the petrol pump.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information hall for two years, the Federal Government actually has to present the so -called "projection report" – actually. The report states how Germany is struggling in the fight against climate change, whether your own goals and that of the Paris climate agreement can be achieved. Therefore, the report is also extremely important for German climate policy because it indirectly contests, which measures are necessary and what will come to the citizens.

Additional costs of 1800 euros for families?

The latest edition has been a long time in coming. This is due to Corona and EU requirements as well as the necessary coordination with the other ministries involved, it was said in August from the responsible Ministry of the Environment. Whether the report before the Bundestag election on 26. September will appear unclear.

The "Handelsblatt" has apparently got the new projection report on their hands – with bad news for most drivers. Because if you still drive a burner, it will be much more expensive for you in the future at the petrol pump. There should be talk of an additional charge of 70 cents per liter in the calculations that various experts and research institutes have been responsible for the Federal Environment Agency. For a family with two cars in the country, the additional cost of 1800 euros a year would mean, the "Handelsblatt" quotes, for a family in the city with a car still 700 euros.

Sins of the past

The reason is in the so-called CO2 price-and in the sins of the past. According to the report, Germany will miss its climate goals in the traffic sector in 2021 by seven million tons, in 2022 by 20 million tons because mobility to Corona should increase again.

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To Blablacar

The more ambition without the climate protection of the past and the present, the more ambitious – and more short -term – the instruments of the future must fail. The Federal Constitutional Court had already determined this in April in its spectacular judgment on the Climate Protection Act: Those who do too little now will only have to restrict radical freedoms in the future. That is the principle.

Entrepreneur legend Wolfgang Grupp talks plain text – register now!

Trigema boss Wolfgang Grupp is not afraid of clear words. A good two weeks before the Bundestag election, the entrepreneur provides on 13. September in a webinar at Site and Finance100 clear what has to change now. See the recording for free here!

The problem with the "steering"

The best way to get emissions in the short term is the CO2 price in turn. It is currently still 25 euros per tonne CO2 and is put on everything that causes CO2, for example just petrol. In practice, this currently means an additional charge of seven to eight cents per liter at the petrol pump. The idea behind it: The more expensive certain dirty slingshots, the more likely citizens and companies will see from it. The experts call this "steering effect".However, a lot of “steering” would be necessary to catch up by 20 million tons of CO2 within a year. The CO2 price, and thus the gasoline price, would have to increase significantly. According to the experts, even a quotation of the current price at 125 euros per ton was “only” a saving of eight million tons a year – too little.

The "climate premium" that is not enough

How high the price actually has to be is unclear. Experts such as Claudia Kemfert from the Institute for German Economy (DIW), which was also involved in the projection report, assume that 150 euros per ton are sufficient – provided other measures are taken. However, a well -respected study for the federal government of German industry from 2019 came to the conclusion that 250 euros per ton are necessary.For politics, these figures pose tremendous explosive power. Because how this price explosion can be collected socially is unclear. The SPD and the Greens move with a "climate premium" or an "energy field" in the election campaign, which is supposed to return the income from the CO2 price to the citizens. The principle: Whoever consumes a lot of CO2 pays; Whoever consumes little, maybe there is even something left.However, the 75 euros bonus per year by the Greens are far from being enough to absorb the more expensive prices at the petrol station. At the same time, the party wants to massively promote the expansion of local transport and the acquisition of electric cars, but these are also rather long -term projects. The Union provides the prospect of abolishing the green electricity levy and a reduction in electricity tax, according to experts, it is also far from sufficient.

Relentless councilor

Nevertheless, the top candidates of Union, the SPD and the Greens insist on the fact that the necessary protection of the climate can still be achieved without major personal victims. Climate protection is an "industrial project," said finance minister and SPD candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz even on the first campaign "Triell" on Sunday on the television station RTL.And if you just don’t stick to the guidelines? If the federal government ignores the climate goals and remains that the CO2 price should increase to moderate 55 euros per ton by 2025? Even if you want to accept the consequences for the climate: ignore it is now difficult to. On the one hand because Germany has committed to compliance with the Paris climate agreement at an international level.And on the other hand, the new climate protection law ensures that this provides that the responsible ministers have to submit suggestions for improvement within three months if the climate goals are missed in one of the areas they are responsible for. An expert council for climate issues then checks the suggestions and nods – or rejects it.Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) and Construction Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) are currently experiencing what this looks like. The emissions in buildings had been missed by "only" two million tons of CO2 last year. But since then, both ministries have been in the clinch with the climate: the experts first rejected a package of measures, which was expensive for 5.8 billion euros.The calculations of the ministries are not "methodologically consistent", it said in a statement from August. If one literally interprets the climate law, the achievement of CO2 requirements must "be ensured under all conceivable circumstances". In other words: In order to make up for the failure to make the failed climate policy of the past, the Federal Government had to miss a sharp climate law – and now has problems complying with the specifications.You might also be interested in:

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  1. Who lives close to the border …
    If the fuel prices go through the ceiling with us, I just have to fill up with nearby countries. … Then I drive 2 by 20 km more per tank process. After all, I can take 20 l with me in the canister. How the environment is helped is not open to me, but when Ms. Baerbock & Co. like that …

  2. Yes it will be expensive and even more expensive.
    The voter only has to fill out the right ballot paper to change this. Germany saves the world as a result and thus protects the migrants through higher taxes because these costs also a number of billions. The euro has to go somewhere.

  3. Yes it will be expensive and even more expensive.
    Anyone who believes that this and the future ripped money will be used by the constant spray price increases for climate change is a dreamer. All the economic aids, China, € 1.1 billion for Musk for the battery preparation work and also for the terrorists (Taliban) in Afghanistan and their refugees must also be financed. Sarcasm end.

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    Super Transport Minister Scheuer said from 2 € a petrol price brake must come!! Also that the mineral oil tax is very high and you could intervene in a regulatory basis!! COULD!!

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    Yes, you can do a lot, but when it comes to cashing our people’s representatives, they are the biggest. The state itself ensures that the poverty scissors continue to climb apart.

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    Well, the Greens cannot necessarily count on the old parties and they are the worst of all and are therefore not clear.

  7. Simple bill
    If it no longer pays off to have my fitters drive to the construction site with the company vehicles, you will probably have to pay the price for this idiotic policy. Our welfare state is already calling very loudly. Medium -sized businesses in industry are already in competition against the cheap Eastern Europeans. Our fitters pay their taxes in Germany what Eastern Europeans do not do and so there will be a calculation because the customer only looks after the cheapest price. The failures in Berlin invite more and more to blame on their shoulders.

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    This is exactly what our gentlemen have not understood this, which apparently cannot even handle the calculator, mainly the diets that tune them, because the lands without arithmetic are automatically on their accounts. Sarcasm end.

  9. ….and….
    …By driving it is like smoking: it is harmful. But you won’t be forbidden either, as it represents an inexhaustible source of income.

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    Well, as 50 years ago, the car is no longer a luxury item, no, working people have to use it every day and that knows that among many others our so -called people’s representatives and this is fully exploited.

  11. These are…
    …but only dreams of an incompetent government. How should the consumption go down due to high prices, but if the routes have to be driven?…Alternative promotion is not an option or, as current, is on strike. The thought is obvious that you only want to pay and give the appearance that one would be active in the sense of climate change.

  12. These are…
    For example, believe that this would do the next government differently? Hardly and there can be in power whatever party.

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    I cannot find my opinion or the answer. Please for information, since with comments z.B. Everything is displayed immediately for the Tagesspiegel.

  14. What remains …,
    is the cargo bike so that at least the popular drink from German. It is best to apply for the grant, depending on the municipality, before the bottlenecks are even greater … A consolation, the grandchildren are looking forward to a different kind of promotion, because the future must become more environmentally friendly. As a passionate cyclist, I’m looking forward to the next bike track!

  15. Jack Jurgen
    They skillfully hide an important fact! Streets are mainly financed by taxes that are in connection with driving. So far there are no adequate taxes for cyclists. But that will definitely come too! Let’s see how your passion develops.


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