GDV, alliance, cargarantie: increase in repair costs, more complex equipment

Analyzes from GDV and cargarantie

Cars are becoming increasingly complex and repairs are therefore becoming increasingly expensive

GDV, alliance, cargarantie: increase in repair costs, more complex equipment-cargarantie
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More complex technology in cars increases driving safety, but also means that spare parts are becoming more expensive. This is particularly noticeable by the providers of new and used car guarantees, as two current evaluations show.

Last year, the average costs for the repair of a car increased by 12 euros per damage to 514 euros. This is shown by a current analysis of Cargarantie, one of the largest brand-independent insurers for specialist retailers in Europe. It is the strongest increase in years.For the numbers, over 750.000 used used car guarantees and almost 230.000 new car guarantees expired from the insurer’s existence. "The sudden increase in the average repair costs clearly reflects that the technology in today’s vehicles is becoming increasingly complex and maintenance -consuming", Comment Alex Berger, CEO of Cargarantie AG. Not only in new cars, but also in used ones are increasingly complex systems that require cost -intensive repair measures in the event of damage.

The price of car spare parts increases by 20 percent

A current study by the overall association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV). For this purpose, damage calculation data of 20 vehicle types were evaluated that affect both small cars and upper class models. The costs of twelve different vehicle parts were examined per vehicle, which are often damaged in the event of accidents. Here, too, it turns out that the individual damage is becoming increasingly expensive. "In 2013, the vehicle liability insurer cost average damage to the car, this year (2017) we could tear the mark of 2700 euros", to consider JOrg Schult, Head of Driving Statistics in the GDV,. At the same time, the prices for spare parts between January 2013 and October 2017 rose on average by 20 percent.

Also at Allianz, the expenses for vehicle damage increase

The same trend is emerging at Allianz: Dominik Hertel, Head of Vegelia at Allianz Versicherungs-AG, said that his company also records higher claims in the area of vehicle damage. These are in particular on increasing spare parts prices, the increased installation of (technical) equipment such as Z.B. the construction of modern driving assistance systems and the simultaneous increase in wage costs in the workshops.

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Defects occur earlier

The current analysis of Cargarantie shows that there is a trend towards previous damage, measured by mileage, based on mileage. About a third of the damage occur within the first 5000 km. With new cars, the numbers have hardly changed in the same period. The situation is different if you look at the period between warranty and damage indicator. Here there was a significant increase in reports within the first year after the insurance company has been completed. In new cars, more than 45 percent of the owner had to make use of their insurance. Damage tend to be earlier than in the past few years in current statistics.

GDV, alliance, cargarantie: increase in repair costs, more complex equipment-cargarantie

Motor as the largest cost driver for the used

The biggest contribution to the total loss of new cars is provided by the fuel system with a share of more than one fifth. The engine and gearbox are then the strongest cost drivers. Even in the used, repairs to the engine are becoming increasingly expensive. With almost a quarter, as in the previous year, he accounts for the majority of the damage amount. The fuel system including turbochargers and the gearbox take second and third place here. How much the engine the repair costs drives up becomes clear when you include that it is only defective with a little more than any tenth defect, but it is almost a quarter of the damage.The vehicle parts, which have to be replaced most frequently in both new cars and the used ones, are the fuel system and the electrical system including turbocharger.

GDV, alliance, cargarantie: increase in repair costs, more complex equipment-repair
Cargarantie The engine is by far the strongest cost driver for the used cars

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Exhaust gas trap parking garage: the truth behind the "Motor protection" With diesel cars

GDV, alliance, cargarantie: increase in repair costs, more complex equipment-cargarantie

Site Exhaust gas trap parking garage: the truth behind the "Motor protection" With diesel cars

GDV statistics: How assistance systems will influence repair costs in the future

The forecast of the GDV also deals more precisely with the influence of driving assistance systems and automated driving functions on the future development of the damage effort. The experts of the GDV analyzed a total of six systems (see picture) and developed two different scenarios for the distribution of the assistance systems over the next 20 years. As a lower border, the new technology was implemented in only 40 percent of all vehicles by 2035, whereas it is about 80 percent of the cars after the quick scenario.

GDV, alliance, cargarantie: increase in repair costs, more complex equipment-repair
GDV These are the examined driving assistance systems and automated driving functions of the current GDV statistics

The result is not overwhelming: a variety of damage cannot be avoided by the new assistance systems. Especially in areas that are covered by the partial casko insurance, such as game accidents or stone strikes, the modern driving assistance systems can change little. The situation is similar with liability insurance, because even the best emergency brake assistant is unable to obtain physical laws. As a result, the systems, according to the GDV, can influence a maximum of 56 percent of vehicle liability insurance cases and 27 percent of the casco. In the area of liability, the emergency brake assistant could lead to savings by around 28 percent. In the case of the casco, the parking and maneuvering assistant will reduce the damage to the damage by 16 percent.

Up to 15 percent less damage expenses: In the long term, the decline in falling on the fall predominates the effect of increased repair costs

Even if the new systems have a positive impact on the number of accidents, the installation of modern technology increases the repair costs per damage, since systems are more frequent calibrated and sensors have to be replaced . The GDV therefore expects a cost increase of three to eight percent by 2035 and in comprehensive insurance by around four to ten percent in the vehicle liability.

GDV, alliance, cargarantie: increase in repair costs, more complex equipment-alliance
GDV Effects of assistance systems on compensation services for the various car insurance

If one offices the increase in repair costs caused by the new assistance systems. The compensation benefits in the vehicle liability will decrease between nine and 20 percent and between three and seven percent in the casco insurance.

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    The cars are still not more expensive but only poorly constructed. Because they z.B. onto "Multi -model type of assembly line" must fit as "Modular Transverse Matrix". Then the engine is screwed directly in front of the power steering, which you then never get right. Or as with the small TSI, a shaft drives from right to left, across the half the motor only the water pump using a micro add-on ribbed belt. I don’t speak of lampwechels / LED units at some car model. Construction errors can only happen because everything is done by CAD on the PC without "real" Models, from the PC to the production. Development costs money, the customer and the mechatronics engineer should develop it in real operation !

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    These are more designers, controllers or regulations. The designer wants a short overhang and large interior, so it is more into the width. The controller just wants to clip it together, i.e. screws or openings away. And last but not least, the damage to the damage comes from the damage that certain components from the crash area should be out.

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    After a technical defect, it is no longer repaired, but only entire assemblies are exchanged.. This is sometimes cheaper because of high hours of hints…

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