Geelys Zeekr 001 offers 700 km reach, own shopkeeping & more

Geelys Zeekr 001 offers 700 km reach, own shopkeeping & more-reach

The Chinese company Geely plans the introduction of electric vehicles under a new brand with other brand and sales strategies to compete with electrical industry Primus Tesla. With ZEEKR 001, Geely has introduced the world’s first purely electric shooting Brake for the mass market in mid-April. 700 km range, extreme a lot of technology and its own high-speed charging network are planned throughout China.

Geelys Zeekr 001 offers 700 km reach, own shopkeeping & more-reachZeekr

ZEEKR is the above mentioned, new purely electric premium brand of the GEELY Holding Group. As part of his brand offer, Zeekr will target the premium electric car segment in China and selected global markets. The ZEEKR brand will put the end consumers in the foreground of the brand construction and product development process and the build a China-wide ZEEKR charging network, which offers high-speed charging options of up to 360kWh, among the fastest belongings that are offered today. Furthermore, the brand should also be aware of the energy supplier.

“The ZEEKR brand is here to be successful in the Premium EV segment. We have the best resources of an automotive company behind us, including an established supply chain and a broad industrial presence ready to start with the production of vehicles. We also benefit from a technology-driven way of technology that promotes us – we are here to offer consumers a better electric vehicle experience.”- Andy at Conghui, CEO of Zeekr Technology

With ZEEKR 001, the Premium Stromer brand brings the world’s first, produced in series electric shooting Brake on the street. Designed in Sweden at Geely Design Gothenburg, the 001 was created with the specification “No More Boring eV’s”. It is already clear today that all new cars of the ZEEK brand must be designed to inspire the user and not simply serve as commuter vehicle.

Geelys Zeekr 001 offers 700 km reach, own shopkeeping & more-shopkeepingZeekr

The 001 is the first electric vehicle, which combines high-end intelligence and connectivity of vehicles in the Chinese market with the raw performance and drivability of western electric vehicle brands into a single combined package that offers performance and enthusiasm. The 001 comes with a length of 4.970mm, a width of 1.999mm and a height of 1.560mm therefore. At a wheelbase of 3.005mm, what a total room of 2.144 liters gives one of the largest in its class.

The stromer itself builds on the SEA electro architecture of Geely Holding. At the hardware front, the 001 will provide air suspension, which automatically adapts floor clearance from 117 mm to 205 mm depending on user requirements, as well as frameless automatic doors that recognize approaching passengers and close the door when boarding. On the Software and TechnologyDront, the 001 will automatically detect users by facial recognition and automatically adapt the 001 to the personal preferences. The 001 will also benefit from lifelong over-the-air updates.

Geelys Zeekr 001 offers 700 km reach, own shopkeeping & more-reachZeekr

To be achieved to say that the 001 can come to a maximum speed of over 200 km / h. From 0 to 100 km / h you sprint in only 3.8 seconds. From 100 to 0 km / h, it goes on 34 meters brake road. The emotors used on the front and rear axle offer a maximum power of 400kW and generate a torque of over 700nm in no time. In addition to the adjustable air suspension to improve the driving height depending on the road conditions, the 001 will be able to cope with off-road paths with ease and to give the user access to free nature.

Geelys Zeekr 001 offers 700 km reach, own shopkeeping & more-shopkeepingZeekr

To introduce the Stromer on the market, two accuprackets are available: 86 or 100 kWh. What is reflected in the respective range of the vehicle. The battery can be loaded in your own loading network with up to 360 kW charging power. Thus, ZEEKR 001 should receive energy in just five minutes for up to another 120 km. As part of this plan, Zeekr wants to end 2023 2200 charging stations with over 20.Build 000 loading options. ZEEKR users will simply drive to the charging station, connect the charging cable and start loading with the load, while the payment is digitally via vehicle registration and detection. China was confirmed as the first market, the deliveries start in October 2021 and the global market expansion starts from 2022.

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  1. What the Chinese present so present is quite impressive. Self-conscious are rolled out in China new ideas that roll over the ideas of the old car world.
    Geely is not a small business and has a lot of background in vehicle development.
    It may not be wrongly accepted to ask when China flows the world market with its automobiles? So far, the automotive market conversion is very restrained and only felt with brand sales like Volvo. However, developments become a flotter and the quality level rises enormously.
    The 2020s will be the decade of Chinese Emobile?

  2. “Construction of a China-wide ZEEKR charging network [with] high-speed charging options of up to 360 kwH …”

    “… until the end of 2023 2200 charging stations with over 20.000 Charging options … “

    “… in just five minutes of energy for up to another 120 km”

    Of course, there is no talk of any battery change stations! and why? .. rightly! &# 128539;

  3. The problem of the Chinese. The Chinese are always referred to as Communists. But that’s not really right. Because communism is per se, no pure economic form. It is a form of society. However, capitalism is a pure economic form. He is not based on freedom or prosperity! China is therefore a communist, dictatorially organized state that has aligned its economy capitalist.

    Since the Chinese is more likely to be subjected to a dictatorship in his society and is convicted communist, ie his own society, is educated. That’s a few things missing. He has problems with resisting an above person. If a person opposes, then the scope of the state comes together (dictatorship). The economy, so capitalism lives but of innovation. Innovations also need the freedom to make it “wrong”. It also requires social reorientation. So a democracy or a free opinion.

    China is very good in copying things. And the speed as you do is incredibly high. The quality also increases enormously. But they are bad in thinking something new.

    When I was in China, I looked at a line. I thought, “Nah, I need weeks to get the booth.”I explained the problems, a single person. In the evening we were celebrating. And the next morning I found what I had explained that person. I just thought, “I can choose, I can myself.”Why not the same?


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