General Motor: Cadillac becomes first electric car on a new e-auto platform

General Motor: Cadillac becomes first electric car on a new e-auto platform-cadillac

General Motors announced in the course of 2019 that it is positioned its brand CADILLAC as a leading electric vehicle brand of the Group – the escalade should be electrified among other things. This also includes the last chance for the brand to catch the foot. The first electric car should come 2020 on the street. Meanwhile, it became known that it takes a while until the base for the first own electric car, the flexible platform of General Motors can be used. It is too late? A new vehicle platform for electric vehicles and self-propelled cars has now been revealed and in fact a Cadillac is built as the first E-car on this.

General Motors has opted for a crossover Cadillac, as the manufacturer to understand as part of its Capital Markets Day. The official presentation of the E-car is scheduled for April 2020. A premiere on or in front of the New York Motor Show seems well probably. As the Volkswagen MEB platform, the architecture will support a number of vehicles in different shapes and sizes. Much remains unknown, Cadillac‘s President Steve Carlisle already gave to understand that the model “the heart of the crossover market will meet and meet the needs of customers around the world”.

For Cadillac itself, the e-crossover seems only the first step towards the electrification. GM President Mark Reuss gave to understand that Cadillac “will offer mainly electric vehicles by the end of this decade. The platform used should be flexible for use in many different types of vehicles and can accommodate front, tail and four-wheel drive drives. In addition, GM plans to develop a series of battery configurations for use in different vehicles. You can stack six modules for smaller E cars, but also “8, 10, 12 or even 24 modules over each other”. Which capacities, energy densities and charging benefits are possible, GM disclosed so far.

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2 thoughts on “General Motor: Cadillac becomes first electric car on a new e-auto platform”

  1. In 2011, GM has never brought a foot to the ground with the best technology of its Range Extender, together with Opel and Cadillac together. And Marry Barra is already dreaming of a flexible platform . Under the name Cadillac, who always had high priced,
    should also come a folk car? You also missed this at the Bolt So Ampera E Total. They would better elect the Camaros and Corvetten like Ford the Mustang for the AMI S. But there are the Italians with the fastest sports car in the world, the Lamborgini, where Tesla has no bread, probably still electrically.

  2. If there is a GM should also produce on a MEB Platform Bev’s, then is certainly desirable. However, if you are just such a trick like then with the Chevy Volt try to clean up the field at that time, then there is still this Bob Lutz behind it, to my chagrin still a half Swiss. Once the keyword “electrifying” falls, this normally means that you take an existing combustion, take the ICE out we replace it either through a hybrid or by an electric motor along with a kind of folded battery Ala Mercedes EQs or the first Audi E-Tron. Such a kind of quick fix to fulfill limit values.
    We’ll see. I’m looking forward to maybe 2022+


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