General Motors equipped second work for electric cars

General Motors equipped second work for electric cars-general

As surprising as soon as soon as a second work of the US automotive group General Motors should be rebuilt into a pure electric car plant. General Motors said that the production of his small combustion model Chevrolet Sonic should be set in October. From then on the site Orion Township Assembly plans to be manufactured near Detroit, GMS home location, no burners more. Orion is rebuilt to a pure electric car factory, in which from 2021/22 of the updated Bolt and its offshoot, which should be produced somewhere larger Bolt EUV, as the US Blog Electrek has experienced.

Chevrolet dealers are already informed about the plans that the production of the Sonic is already set in October due to the declining demand. The decision is considered a sign of time. Small burners fall – as has been predicted several times – slowly from the portfolios. In their place more and more electric cars are manufactured. For the Orion plant, however, there is the option to “if necessary” to produce burners again, so GM.

The last in the GM assembly plant in Detroit-Hamtramck, GMS first e-auto factory, produced combustion car ran on 20. February of the band, since March, the location for the production of electric cars is converted. The GMC Hummer eV is intended to start production in the fall 2021 in Detroit Hamtramck. Soon after that the Origin should follow, a self-propelled People Mover of Cruise, GMS Department of Autonomous Vehicles.

General Motors has planned well for the coming years well a dozen E models for production and soon has two plants in the US state of Michigan, in which only electric vehicles should be made.

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