General Motors (GM) plans at least 20 electric models up to 2023

General Motors (GM) plans at least 20 electric models up to 2023-general

General Motors (GM), his sign of the largest US car manufacturers, would like to significantly expand the range of electric vehicles in their own portfolio. Already in the next one and a half years two other fully electric models will be presented. The basis for these electric cars will be the current Chevrolet Bolt eV. Another 18 vehicles should follow in the following years. By 2023, the American manufacturer wants at least 20 pure electric cars on the market.

This was announced by GM Manager Mark Reuss, who believes in the “fully electric future” together with his company. That this does not happen from today to tomorrow is also clear as it arrives in addition to the actual vehicles on the use and acceptance of the technology. But the General Motors would like to promptly promote in the sense of customer needs. In addition to pure electric cars, the company will also put on hydrogen fuel cells.

Currently, General Motors, also inspired by the electrified future plans, in the stock index in front of Tesla. Currently, GM is valued at $ 61 billion of US dollars. Investors apparently interpret the offensive of the market leader above all as a danger to the model 3. If General Motors are serious and implementing the contented plans, it could be tight for Tesla at least in terms of equity rating. Because economic works at least the big car manufacturers, as in this case just GM.

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3 thoughts on “General Motors (GM) plans at least 20 electric models up to 2023”

  1. The automakers Messe I do the following things:
    1) There is an on-board charger for 1-phase loading up to 3.7 kW (230V / 16A) and 3-phase loading with three-phase load 11 kW (400V / 16A) and 22 kW (400V / 32 A) – I Have since 2012 this infrastructure in the new house for E-cars – there was not even the Opel Ampera or the Tesla on the market ..
    2) How long does the full charge take a 50kW CCS station when the batteries are 80% empty.
    3) Is there the opportunity to load 125 kW (Tesla) or 150kW (Audi) or 320 kW (Porsche)?
    4) Cost of fast charge
    5) Price Policy

    Currently drive a Mercedes B250E with Tesla technology – but have 50.000 Km in 1 3/4 years of the E-engine and the gear made, because I supposedly drive too much (32.000 km in the year). The parts are just (Nov. 2017) exchanged in Vienna …
    Probably get on Jaguar I-Pace.

  2. Well, we do not know the contracts between Opel and GM. Maybe Opel is treated by GM as a competitor as PSA. Already the first Ampera was offered much more expensive in Europe from 2011. In the US, this car stopped (Chevrolet Volt), whose technology the Europeans never understood the Toyota Prius in chess. Test Reports “The dignity on the highway 12 liters drink” (I need in pure gasoline insert 4.5 liters) gave him the death leg for Opel. Another problem for the new pure electric ampera E are charging the big 60 kW battery. The car is not furnished to use the fast supercharger from Tesla. On the private photovoltaic system you are best in the afternoon and drives in the morning. The mail is reversed. In the hope that at night alternative current comes I use with bottlenecks also cheaper nightstream. All new forms will continue to run side by side in the future each with others and disadvantages. As a customer, I have to compare the alternatives and adapt the car body economical and ecologically to my driving profile.


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