General Motors invests over 300 million. Dollar in new E-vehicle from Chevrolet

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General Motors invests over 300 million. Dollar in new E-vehicle from Chevrolet-dollar

General Motors will invest $ 300 million in its assembly plant Orion Township, Michigan to produce a new electric vehicle from Chevrolet. In addition to the manufacturing facility of the new electric car from Chevrolet, there are 400 new jobs there. With this announcement, the company follows the commitment to invest 1.8 billion dollars in its production facilities in the United States, to create 700 new jobs and 28.To support 000 jobs in six states.

With the new E-car from Chevrolet you want the portfolio around the existing Chevrolet Bolt eV – in Europe, the car should be started as an Opel Ampera-E – and above all the commitment of GM for a fully electric future continuing. The vehicle is designed and developed on the basis of an advanced version of the current Bolt Ev architecture and developed. Additional product information and timing for the new Chevrolet eV will be released production at production.

The flexible platform offers a wide range of body variants and is offered in the configurations front wheel, rear wheel and four-wheel. The most important components – including battery cells – are designed for maximum ease of use in all programs.

Depending on the vehicle and customer requirement, you will also be able to configure the battery system. Furthermore, the vehicles of course be configured for both left and right links.

“We are pleased to bring these jobs and this investment to the USA. This new electric vehicle from Chevrolet is another positive step towards our commitment to a fully electric future. GM will continue to invest in our US activities where we see growth opportunities.”- Mary Barra, GM CEO and CEO

Concentration on US locations in terms of e-mobility

After the new E-car from Chevrolet should first be manufactured outside the USA, one has now decided to manufacture in the United States. For the Orion work, above all, the fact that the Bolt eV is already manufactured there. The new Chevrolet E-Auto is based on a further developed version of the same vehicle architecture and can thus partially rely on existing production.

The relocation of production into an American production plant supports the rules of origin of the proposed Agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada. In addition to employment growth in the Orion plant, GM has in several other US production facilities for virtually all US hour employees who are affected by the recent announcement of unassigned works. Other GM production sites that create jobs are Flint, Michigan; Spring Hill, Tennessee; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Arlington, Texas; and Toledo, Ohio.

General Motors strengthens their own sites noticeably

For the 2.800 affected US employees in the unassigned works by GM has confirmed GM that it in his US production sites 2.700 digits. So far 1.100 employees used in other branches, another several hundred are currently being set in new jobs. In addition, 1.200 these employees authorized to pension.

In Michigan, GM is in addition to the jobs and investments in the Orion plant 1.Added 000 Workstations at Flint Truck Assembly Plant, recently announced new investment in the plant Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant and Romulus Propulsion plans and this week was introduced to the brand new Cadillac CT5, which is to be produced at the Lansing Grand River Assembly plant.

1.8bn. Dollar Investment in your own US locations

With the $ 300 million investments in Orion for the future Chevrolet eV, GM also announced a total investment of $ 1.8 billion in its US production facilities, creating 700 new jobs and 28.000 jobs were supported in six states.

This investment commitment includes the recently announced investment in Spring Hill, Tennessee, Lansing Delta Township, Michigan, and Romulus, Michigan. Other facilities that receive investments will be announced later.

From 2021 General Motors with their own electric vehicles do not want to retract any losses, at least the statement of corporate code Mary Barra. This is possible by the next generation of pure E vehicles. In 2026, General Motors wants to sell a million electric cars per year, from 2023, at least 20 new battery cars are to be offered without combustion support and hydrogen streams. The first four new e-car models should have reached market maturity by the end of 2020.

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