General Motors plans construction thousands of fast charging stations in the USA

General Motors plans construction thousands of fast charging stations in the USA-thousands

General Motors gave to understand that you plan your own large shop with thousands of fast charging stations in the USA. But you will not invest yourself. Instead, one has teamed up with Bechtel, the largest construction company in the US, to build “thousands of fast charging stations for electric vehicles”, which are built in the United States as part of a new shop.

CNN indicates that General Motors provide data and expertise to place chargers in the places where they can best be used. Meanwhile, Bechtel will bring its own know-how in the fields of engineering, construction and approval of the stations. Of GM Mike Antheson, Vice-President of GM for EV Infrastructure and Cargo, said that thanks to anonymized opt-in data have many insights about where to build stations best.

General Motors and Bechtel want to open the network open and grant access to each E-vehicle. You will build the charging stations there, “where they have the greatest influence on the acceptance of electric cars,” says Anburton. He assumes that many of them actually be built in urban areas.

With regard to the investment in the shop network, General Motors and Bechtel seem to be agreed. Both companies do not want to invest money in the shop. Instead, the two companies will establish their own company for building the shop and invite other companies to invest in them. Neither GM nor bechtel would call potential investors as long as the talks still last. There is currently no schedule.

It almost seems like GM and bechtel control over a shop network with quick charging stations, but without taking his own money in hand. To the outside, this has certainly the appearance as if one does not trust the own future vision of a fully electrical future.

From 2021 General Motors with their own electric vehicles do not want to retract any losses, at least the statement of corporate code Mary Barra. This is possible by the next generation of pure E vehicles. In 2026, General Motors wants to sell a million electric cars per year, from 2023, at least 20 new battery cars are to be offered without combustion support and hydrogen streams. The first four new e-car models should have reached market maturity by the end of 2020.

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