General Motors plans paragraph from a million electric cars from 2026

General Motors plans paragraph from a million electric cars from 2026-motors

From 2021 General Motors with their own electric vehicles do not want to retract any losses, at least the statement of corporate code Mary Barra. This is possible by the next generation of pure E vehicles. At the moment you are working on GM to be able to offer popular, affordable and profitable vehicles that can reach a range of over 480 km. For each vehicle, these should then cost 30 percent or even fewer. In order to bring about the cost reduction, the company sets a new modular vehicle architecture that should go in series at the beginning of the next decade.

For the new modular platform you will go in the house of GM creative ways to increase profitability. For example, one would like to use the new electric car construction kit in various segments and markets. For the European market, one is currently assuming that after the sale of Opel to the PSA Group, initially no vehicles of GM will be seen on the basis of the new platform.

In 2026, General Motors wants to sell a million electric cars per year, from 2023, at least 20 new battery cars are to be offered without combustion support and hydrogen streams. The first four new e-car models should have reached market maturity by the end of 2020. If it goes to General Motors, eleven different electro-car cars are to be offered medium to long term – including large and luxurious SUV.

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