General Motors Plant Apparently With Electric Pick-Up Truck From Summer 2023

General Motors Plant Apparently With Electric Pick-Up Truck From Summer 2023-electric

General Motors (GM) announced in mid-June that its own investment is increased to the areas of e-mobility and autonomous driving from 2020 to 2025 to $ 35 billion. The enhanced commitment is to accelerate the transformative strategy to become the market leader in E-Cars in North America. A crucial role here should play a fully electric pick-up truck that makes the e-mobility of GM be affordable.

“GMC confirms his intention to take an electric pickup truck in its portfolio in the future,” says a GM speaker towards Green Car Reports. “This is in addition to his already revealed GMC Hummer eV Sut, which will come into customer hands later this year – as well as in addition to the GMC Hummer eV SUV, which comes in early 2023.”The Chevrolet Silverado eV has been confirmed by GM for many months, and although it is likely that the pickup is called GMC Sierra eV, GM has more options. So the lobster emblem could land on the pickup.

It is clear that with the full-size pickup Chevrolet Silverado, an electric pick-up truck comes to the street, which was designed from scratch as electric car. How to understand GM yourself does not use the E-Pickup the best of the ultium platform and the proven skills of the Silverado. The electric Silverado will enable the customer a range of more than 640 km with a full battery estimated by GM.

The Silverado eV, which has already been tasted several times and shows an avalanche-like, slanted line on the front of the loading area, is built in the GM plant in Detroit-Hamtramck, which was renamed in Factory Zero. The chief engineer of the Hummer eV, Al Oppenheiser, said that the long-distance electric truck will use the structural sandwich “approach of the Hummer eV instead of the body-on-frame” designs of the existing Silverado. Simply expressed: you put on a different approach to reach the best possible range.

Next to the Chevrolet Silverado Electric Pickup, the GMC Hummer eV pickup and the Cruise Origin, a specially customized, fully electric and shared self-propelled vehicle, is also built in the Factory Zero. The production of the GMC Hummer eV Pickup will begin later this year. The Factory Zero becomes and has undergone a complete renovation and conversion, the largest that has ever been carried out in a GM production site.

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  1. So there are Ford one year lead. That can be dangerous. Because the supply autonomous tool frunk of the Ford can also convince traditional GM trucker.

  2. I’m curious in which order all the announced trucks actually get into customer hands – and especially in which quantities &# 128521;


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