Genesis unveils more details of the GV60 electric SUV

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Genesis unveils more details of the GV60 electric SUV-gv60

Genesis, the premium brand of Hyundai-Kia Group, has unveiled detailed details of its first dedicated electric car, the GV60. According to the manufacturer, the sporty coupe design of the SUV is characterized by high-performance EV aesthetics. The GV60 is Genesis‘ first vehicle to be built on Hyundai-Kia’s Electric-Global Modular Platform E-GMP EV platform. It therefore shares the set of wheels with e-cars that are already available, such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6.

The Genesis GV60 is available in three performance variants: a standard rear-wheel drive model, a standard all-wheel drive model and an extra high-performance model, also with all-wheel drive. Each of the three models has a 77.4 kWh battery. In the standard model with rear wheel drive, it allows you to reach a range of up to 451 kilometers.

The standard RWD model is equipped with a motor having a maximum power of 168 kW and a maximum torque of 350 nm. The standard all-wheel model is equipped with a 160 kW motor on the rear axle and a 74 kW motor on the front axle. It comes to a total output of 234 kW, a maximum torque of 605 nm and a maximum range of 400 kilometers. The strongest model has two 160 kW engines and four-wheel drive. It comes to a total output of 320 kW, a maximum torque of 605 nm and a maximum range of 368 km.

Genesis unveils more details of the GV60 electric SUV-electricHyundai

For more driving pleasure, the GV60 is equipped with some special driving modes. A boost mode button on the steering wheel, for example, activates additional performance potential for ten seconds, enabling the sprint from 0 to 100 in just four seconds. For drivers looking for a more dynamic experience, the GV60 also has a drift mode. The GV60 is also the first model with electrical Active Sound Design (E-ASD). The system provides various virtual driving noise, based on the driving mode, the speed of the vehicle and the data of the accelerator pedal.

Customers can choose from three sounds: a “futuristic” sound that symbolizes the direction of future mobility; a soft and sporty “G-Engine” sound based on engine noise; and an “E-Motor” sound that reinvents the engine noise of the vehicle. In the vehicle menu, the sounds can be adapted to the respective preferences. For rest in the interior, the GV60 is equipped with the Road Active Noise Control (ANC-R) technology. It minimizes noise and uses various sound-absorbing materials to muffle outside noise while driving.

New battery technology for more efficient charging

When charging at up to 350 kW, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. The AC charging power is 11 kW. The GV60 is equipped with a battery preconditioning function. It regulates the battery temperature to ensure optimal conditions at all times. Battery conditioning is a feature that not only preheats to ensure better performance at low temperatures, but also reduces charging time by adjusting the battery temperature before charging. The coupling with the infotainment system allows the battery conditions to be optimized while at the same time the next fast charging station is controlled via the navigation system.

The GV60 can also be used as a mobile power source because it offers a V2L function (Vehicle to Load). The battery can be used to charge or charge other electronic devices with up to 3600 watts. to operate.

Genesis unveils more details of the GV60 electric SUV-unveilsHyundai

To make the GV60 more sustainable, various parts are made from eco-friendly and recycled materials. The seats, door armrests, console armrests and crash pads are made of vegetable leather. The seat covers and door panels are made from fabrics made from recycled PET bottles and fishnet stockings.

Innovative technologies that enable interactive experiences

According to the manufacturer, the GV60 is equipped with various innovative technologies. Face Connect, for example, is a function that enables the vehicle to recognize the driver’s face via a camera in the B-pillar. After face recognition, the vehicle can be opened. With Face Connect, the head-up display (HUD), the driver’s seat, the steering wheel, the side mirror, and the infotainment settings can be customized based on the user-defined heading settings. The GV60‘s fingerprint authentication system, on the other hand, allows the car to be started without a key. With a combination of both technologies, it is no longer necessary to carry a key with you.

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4 thoughts on “Genesis unveils more details of the GV60 electric SUV”

  1. The only thing that would be exciting for me was the charging curve. Since one can assume in Germany that mental arithmetic is not mastered, and if so, then no percentage calculation, one could safely indicate how quickly it loads from 10-80%. Namely in 18 minutes.

    In any case, the average charging power does not seem to be 350 kW, but about half at 180 kW. I just looked through my charging history in the app and didn’t have to scroll to find a comparative number from practice. The very first entry was 54.15 kW in 14 minutes. So 4 minutes faster for the same amount.

    Apparently you only reached a large number for a minute again. I do not say now which manufacturers do that, but a league deeper with 250 kW. Because the Genesis has 800V.

  2. hey…
    he looks nice. If he can do what is promised…

    Well, it’s questionable when it will really come here in Europe and what the price will be called.

    it remains exciting

  3. Looks good, reasonable values. I’m not worried about prices and quality with Genesis either. Hyundai always keeps what they promise.


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