Geneva: This is what the first mini SUVs from Audi and VW look like


This is what the first mini SUVs from Audi and VW look like

Geneva: This is what the first mini SUVs from Audi and VW look like-suvs

Not all that different: Audi is presenting the Q2 in Geneva. The small SUV will be launched in 2016. The VW study (below) T-Cross-Breeze, however, is presumed in this formI do not give; however, it gives a first glimpse of what a Polo-based SUV might look like

Source: Audi; VW

Audi and VW are expanding their SUV families. While the manufacturer from Ingolstadt is showing the Q2 ready for series production in Geneva, the Wolfsburg-based company is presenting a convertible SUV that will probably never be built.

B.For a long time they have kept a low profile. But now the Volkswagen brands Audi and VW are also sending their first small off-road vehicles into the race. The new Q2 from Ingolstadt will compete against BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA this year, and from Wolfsburg an SUV based on the VW Polo is warming up against Opel Mokka and Renault Captur.

The Q2 is based on the Group’s modular transverse matrix and is unusually angular this time, following the rather rounded Audi innovations of recent years. It measures 4.19 meters and is around 20 centimeters shorter than the Q3.

Geneva: This is what the first mini SUVs from Audi and VW look like-mini

With a length of 4.19 meters, the Q2 is shorter than an A3 Sportback, but it should still offer more space. The technical platform is provided by the three-door A3

Source: Audi

Nevertheless, with a wheelbase of 2.60 meters, it offers space for five people and already has 405 liters of luggage space in the conventional configuration. If you fold down the rear seat, which can be divided into three sections, you can load up to 1050 liters using the optional electric tailgate.

Although it is built significantly higher than an A3 and designed with the appropriate ground clearance for slight astray, the Q2 wants to be a sportsman and therefore moves the driver almost as low to the ground in the car as in a limousine.

VW study is reminiscent of the Evoque convertible

The drive and chassis also match the sporty requirements. The selection of engines for the gasoline engine begins with a single-cylinder three-cylinder with 116 hp and for the diesels with an equally powerful 1.6-liter four-cylinder. But if you choose the most powerful of the three engines, you can build on two liters with 200 hp each and of course get all-wheel drive as standard.

There is also the progressive steering with an increasingly sporty gear ratio for all variants as well as the Drive Select driving profile control and adaptive dampers for an extra charge. On the one hand, that should be enough for top speeds beyond 230 km / h. But because the basic version of the Q2 weighs just 1205 kilos, it would have to start at four liters as a diesel and around five liters as a gasoline engine.

Protester in disguise mocks Volkswagen

At the Geneva Motor Show, a man disguised as a mechanic disrupted a presentation by VW brand director Jurgen Stackmann. He wanted to "manipulate the engine on behalf of VW boss Muller". Source: The World

The Bavarians also go to great lengths with assistance and infotainment and get the Q2 out of the corner of the price-sensitive entry-level models. According to the motto “smaller is finer” they equip it – mostly at an additional cost, of course – with the virtual cockpit from the TT, mount a head-up display on request, and install an online navigation system with WLAN hotspot and touchpad and install all electronic helpers for lane guidance and change as well as automatic distance control.

While Q2 starts this autumn, VW customers will have to wait a little longer for the Polo SUV. Accordingly, the designers have exaggerated the 4.13 meter long and 2.57 meter wheelbase, just a touch of the smaller showpiece for Geneva, and cut off the roof on top of that; the car is thus reminiscent of the Evoque convertible from Range Rover.

Geneva: This is what the first mini SUVs from Audi and VW look like-geneva

The T-Cross Breeze study is a declaration of intent that VW will also build a Polo-based SUV in the near future – but in all likelihood with a fixed roof

Source: Volkswagen

This not only fuels hope for an SUV convertible from VW, which has not been seen since the legendary Kubelwagen. It also opens up a pioneering cockpit.

Quite similar to the Budd-E study from Las Vegas, the interior of the bonsai SUV shines with digital displays, touchscreens and sensor fields and dispenses with almost all switches. Only the steering column stalk, the buttons in the door panels and of course the switch for the convertible top, which is all the more prominent on the center console, are an exception.

Polo SUVs would have to be well below 20,000 euros

The design language is new, the segment is new and so is the ambience – only the drive looks familiar. Because behind the suspiciously inspired by Land Rover grill pottt a three-cylinder turbo that draws 110 hp and 175 Nm from one liter. That sounds slight.

But because the T-Cross weighs in at just 1250 kilos, that’s enough for a sprint from zero to 100 in 10.3 seconds and for a top speed of 188 km / h. Competitors like the Renault Captur or the Peugeot 2008 are not much faster either.

Geneva: This is what the first mini SUVs from Audi and VW look like-suvs

Puristic: In the cockpit of the VW study, the designers largely dispensed with buttons and switches. Instead there are digital displays, touchscreens and sensor fields

Source: Volkswagen

And because VW is tailoring the Polo to the big city and consequently foregoing all-wheel drive, the car is satisfied with an average of 5.0 liters. So you don’t have to have a guilty conscience in this SUV.

After VW boss Herbert Diess leaves no doubt about the construction of an off-road vehicle based on Polo, there is now really only one exciting question: the price. And the brand management board also indirectly answers these questions at the same time.

Because if he is serious about the idea of ​​the “inexpensive fun mobile with high everyday suitability” and the “real Volks-Wagen”, then the series model has to start well below 20,000 euros.

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