Geometry EX3: Compact current from 7.900 euros from China

Geometry EX3: Compact current from 7.900 euros from China-geometry

From the fully electric sedan G11, which Geely has introduced at the end of February 2019, Geometry A was. The first electric car, which goes to the start under Geely’s new electric rake Geometry. Shortly thereafter, the compact SUV Geometry C followed. But that’s not the conclusion. With the EX3 Geometry brings a “affordable five-seater compact current on the road. This is sold for a “estimated advance sale price” of 59.700 yuan, around 7.900 euros. In China, the EX3 is already pre-orderable, in other markets it should be introduced later.

The Chinese car manufacturer Geely has announced its new “Geely Intelligent Power” vehicle strategy, which includes a total of 30 new electrical and hybrid cars by 2020. The EX3 should be deliberately positioned as “one of the cheapest five-seater electric cars in the Chinese market”. This would like to reach the brand mainly the young buyer’s coatings of China. The Geely EX3, as the other stromases, is also distributed through the own dealer network in currently 20 cities. At a later date, the export of the E-vehicle is also planned.

Geometry EX3: Compact current from 7.900 euros from China-geometryGeely / Geometry

After Nefz, the compact stromer comes to a range of 322 km, with a capacity of 70 kW and 180 nm. The energy comes from a 37 kWh battery, which in the 4.005 mm long, 1.760 mm wide and 1.575 mm high body is housed. The trunk volume is 500 liters and can be applied by folded back seats to 1.050 liters expand. In addition, storage space in 26 compartments distributed in the interior. Loading on the DC fast loader from 0 to 80% in less than 30 minutes. In addition, an efficient regenerative braking system and a liquid-cooled battery temperature control system contributes to the range.

Geometry EX3: Compact current from 7.900 euros from China-geometryGeely / Geometry

In the interior, the EX3 of Geely was designed for five people. The brand focuses on a two-tone design in black and blue, as well as conspicuous fluorescent accents, which should probably be addressed above all the younger buyer layer. The electricity operates via a digital 10.25 inch instrument screen and an 8-inch infotainment panel. In addition, the vehicle has Geely’s G-Link system that supports mirroring mobile devices, voice control, on-board Wi-Fi and other intelligent applications.

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  1. Well, he is priced in China at the Renault K-ZE, which means Dacia Spring with us. He’s a bit bigger and has a battery as big as the e-up. After all, 60 kW average charging power. But you do not have to tremble. Currently cooking all with water. A chance would have the car in Europe when it comes to the market as a small Volvo with a little more finer equipment.


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