German car market: E-auto boom stops; despite crisis on the market

German car market: E-auto boom stops; despite crisis on the market-e-auto

In June, in Germany 274.150 cars released. That’s 24 percent more than in the same month last year. In the first half of the year, a total of around 1.4 million cars were released. Thus, the previous year’s figure was exceeded by 15 percent, but compared to the same period of 2019, however, about 25 percent fewer cars were released. Thus, the pre-crisis level on the German car market is still far away.

Electrical new registrations increased by 243 percent in June compared to the previous year’s level on 64.760 units. So far, in Germany, more than 1 million electric vehicles have been released in Germany. The proportion of E-cars in the overall market rose to 23.6 percent and thus reached an increase in the year. The new registrations of purely battery electrical cars (BEV) increased by 312 percent, the new registrations of plug-in hybrids (PHEV) by 191 percent.

“More than a million e-cars, that’s a great success for the transformation of the automotive industry. With strong technology and attractive models, the German manufacturers have a large proportion of the boom of e-mobility. However, the loading infrastructure must catch up. By 2030 Germany needs more than 1 million charging points for E-cars and electric vehicles and thus significantly more efforts, “commented VDA President Hildegard Muller’s current numbers.

Although Germany reports a total of more than one million new registrations of electric cars, the actual inventory is in the 1. Half year 2021, however, at only around 900.000 vehicles, such as the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) emphasizes. The difference lies on export or. At decommissioners and shifts of E-vehicles. At Germany, around 458.000 pure electric cars and 443.000 plug-in hybrid.

Stefan Bratzel, head of the CAM, refers to the urgency, now also to accelerate the construction of charging infrastructure: “Germany is the second largest single market of electromobility in the first half of 2021 to China and thus increasingly develop a pacemaker function for the new drive form. A big challenge remains the charging infrastructure that could brake the acceptance of E-vehicles and the future market hood. According to the CAM, an increasing focus should be placed on the construction of fast charging stations, especially in urban space.”Critically, Bratzel also sees the high proportion of plug-in hybrids,” which are ecologically useful for certain driving profiles and regular charges “.

The car production remained significantly behind expectations in recent months. The VDA reduces its production forecast to 3.6 million. (+3 percent). So far, an increase of 13 percent to 4 million. expected. The new orders from Germany remained 2 percent below the previous year’s level. In the previous year, the plus is 13 percent. The foreign business is currently more dynamic: Here, the German manufacturers posted an order increase of 10 percent in June. In the first half of the year, 32 percent of more orders from abroad went.

Production in the German automotive plants went back in June. In total, 247.400 cars manufactured (-19 percent). In the first half of the year, production amounted to 1.7 million cars (+16 percent). Furthermore, the delivery passes for semiconductors remain an obstacle for production. Also the export fell in June: 201.500 cars (-6 percent) abroad. In the previous year, 1.3 million cars (+ 20 percent) were delivered to customers from all over the world.

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  1. Who speaks here of crisis?
    Every non-built burner is a profit for humanity, the environment and the climate!

  2. At Germany, around 458.000 pure electric cars, but politics can be celebrated we had 1 million. You can count on a lot and talk nice.

  3. 67 million cars are in Germany on the street and about 458,000 electric vehicles! The plugins are just as good as their driver and there is the promotion wasted tax fee! It is time that a lawyer takes times in the duty and put an end to this drive! Disturbing of taxpayers with the cover coat environmental protection! That with the 458000 is not even a beginning, just a bit of mist on a hot stone! Even in the federal budget, no more motor-powered cars are likely to drive! Preach water and drink wine yourself! There are no roads on the street in Germany! Once again 67 billion to 458000 in numbers to think about it!!


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