German E-Auto Startup Next E.Go Mobile moves to Bulgaria

German E-Auto Startup Next E.Go Mobile moves to Bulgaria-startup

In mid-June, the German electric car manufacturer Next starts.e.Go Mobile SE The sale of the special edition E.GO LIFE NEXT in Germany and could, according to its own statement, already gain the trust first new customer. But not only in Germany the stromer should find his way to the street. Like Bulgaria’s Minister of Economic Minister Kiril Petkov, the start-up will invest 140 million euros in the establishment of a production facility in Bulgaria.

Next E.Go Mobile Plane to start in two years with the production of electric cars in the northern city of Lovech and about 1.To deal with 000 employees, Petkov said on Saturday to reporters after signing a memorandum for the new investment with the company. Similar to Germany, one will place at the “lower end of the market” when it comes to offering e-cars. Especially for the work in Bulgaria is considered that there is the E.Go life as well as the e.Go Life Cross run from the band.

“We want to make sure people have an affordable, clean and sustainable mobility,” said Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Management Board of Next E.Go, oppers. On its part, Petkov gave to understand that the government NEXT E.Go Mobile will support 34 million euros in three tranches. The first tranche will be paid if the company starts with the production of its electric cars and the last when the sales 20.Reach 000 cars per year, so petkov final.

Further backgrounds: Even before the E.Go Life in Germany runs from the band, plans were loud that the compact stromer is also manufactured in Mexico. All this happens in the future without the founder of the Aachen Electrobauer E.Go Gunther shoe. Because this leaves the company and concentrate on his teaching activities. This development comments on the company that is concentrated on the process of a possible IPO.

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6 thoughts on “German E-Auto Startup Next E.Go Mobile moves to Bulgaria”

  1. Well, now one has started the personnel cost production. Only I do not see a concept for the material costs / suppliers. You are small series manufacturers and orders small, while VW and Renault signify Economies of Scale. Especially VW, whose ID.1 should run on MEB platform. And you do not have your own bank that offers charming leasing rates. Otherwise, the car has nothing, which enthusiastically. Optics goes so, battery small ..

  2. The E.go is about 5 years late – After the diesel scandal, the opportunities for a cheap E-car in small series were good, but since more and more large manufacturers in E-cars are getting in, no “flowerpot” is hardly a “flowerpot” with press parts without cheap mass production.

    Cheap labor costs in Bulgaria alone use little when steel pipes in the small series must be welded in handmade. To do this, the purchase of many other parts a small number of numbers at increased prices.

    The 3-wheeled E-car “Sam” from Poland is ultimately failed at the high price of the small series.

    The Sam is a three-wheeled vehicle of the vehicle class L5E for two persons whose seats are arranged one behind the other. It is a spared (5 kWh / 100 km) electric car from the group of light vehicles.


    From summer 2009, the electric car was produced as standard in Pruszkow and in Poland for converted 15.000 Euro (net) sold. From the end of 2009, the successor model Sam Re-Volt was available in Poland, Switzerland and Germany. Production ended in 2014.

    (Source: Wikipedia)

    A chance is ..

    … that one concentrates on the process of a possible IPO.

    … and with the money builds a mass production in Bulgaria, Mexico or otherwise.

  3. I am a bit confused. Does that mean that production will not start as announced now?
    In two years the car is dead. VW has not been orders for the e-up since the end of last year! although the car is still in place 1 of the approvals.Now the E-GO LIFE could tackle disappointed customers. In two years there is the ID.1. He becomes much better than the life and probably as the e-up!.

  4. I believe the mood here in the forum shows it very well. The E.Go is dead. Due to wrong decisions such as missing fast chargers and a non-competitive price, by small series production he is not a car, which many are buying.

    I would have a buy much too risky


  5. In the beginning, the project had a future.
    Only when another big company offered, the evil took his race.
    Again a project that is pushed into European countries.
    Why, ask my children, do not stay jobs for us in Germany?
    Because then there are not enough profits for board members, shareholders and corrupting politicians.
    Are this criminal, ask my children?
    No, this is the common business model that delivers the German cheap products.
    But who should pay if the jobs, as with VW, are pushed abroad?
    Well, the German taxpayer will pay, he only does not know, because he is distracted by the truth.
    Who should then deposit in the health and pension fund, ask my children.
    Yes, the contributions will rise with simultaneous performance restriction. &# 128577;
    So that’s when you always want cheap and always gives the economy the priority.
    Why does the government do not mind, that’s also criminal?
    No, trying to create the legal loopholes only with the extra income from this economy so that no complaints come.
    Does VW do that too?
    Yes, they have an even better model. These make everything in China from another company with Uigurian forced laborers and deliver it to Germany for assembly.
    How should we live in the future, if on

    • Dirty burners be built,
    • by oil and gas production flora, fauna, so all oceans, sea grounds and rural areas are uninhabitable
    • by CO2, NOx and methane the air for breathing, the UV layer to prevent skin cancer, destroy,
    • Progress is only promised, but at the same time the NeanderTal industry is further promoted?

    In the future, we will always have to stop in closed rooms so we stay healthy. And the planet goes off the dogs.
    &# 128577;
    The main thing is always cheap &# 128521;


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