German electricity is twice as expensive as abroad: this is the reason – news

In no other country is electricity as expensive as in Germany. Tendency for electricity requirements and price: rising! But why is the electricity price in Germany so much higher than abroad?

In international comparison, Germany takes first place when it comes to the highest electricity price. In addition, the electricity price in Germany in 2021 is as high as it has been in twelve years. But how exactly the price of electricity is actually composed in Germany and what affects it?

Electricity price for household customers has three main components

According to Eon, the electricity price for German household customers is made up of three main components: 24% of the price come from electricity shopping, service and sales. The purchase price depends on the market and is bought on the stock exchange as cheaply as possible. According to Eon, this is the only proportion that can be influenced by the energy groups. 25% are necessary for network charges and meters. These costs are regulated by law. They would be collected by the network operators and passed on to electricity customers via electricity prices. According to Eon, the remaining 51% consist of taxes, levies and levies.

German electricity is twice as expensive as abroad: this is the reason - news-expensive
BDEW 02/2021 German electricity is twice as expensive as abroad: that’s the reason

Development of the price composition depending on individual components

Depending on the development of the individual price components, price increases or price reductions occur, according to the explanation on Eon’s homepage. Since 2000, investments in a sustainable and climate-friendly energy supply have been responsible for an increase in the state-regulated delivery and composite shares of approx. 210%. In particular, the EEG surcharge (Renewable Energy Sources Act) play a role in the development of the electricity price. The expansion of renewable energies is financed in particular.

A forecast for further electricity price development is difficult. Due to increasing network charges and EEG surcharge, a further increase in costs must also be expected in the coming years. At the same time, according to Eon, investments in renewable energies would continue to be noticeable in the price.

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Germany compared to other European countries

In 2021, the German electricity price is an average of 31.9 cents. But how does it look in other European countries? Our Austrian neighbors are currently at an average of 22.2 cents per kWh – almost 10 cents below the German average. At 18.3 cents per kWh, Norway is far below the German average price. 95 percent of their energy obtain the Scandinavians from hydropower, 3.5 percent from wind power. In nuclear -friendly France, the average price per kWh is currently 19.3 cents. However, our French neighbors are currently threatened with a prices explosion that is only prevented by the government – for the first time. Spain continues to focus on the expansion of solar power and is currently on a average price of 23.2 cents per kWh. If you are also interested in a photovoltaic system, we have a detailed report on the best solar system providers 2021.

Green electricity comparison: these are the best tariffs

Anyone who fills up their electric car with eco-stream drives particularly environmentally friendly. But the crux: there are over 8.000 green electricity tariffs in Germany-and not every provider also has really green electricity on offer. Site separates the chaff from wheat and introduces the five best tariffs.

Ecostrom comparison 2021: The most important providers at an overview

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15 thoughts on “German electricity is twice as expensive as abroad: this is the reason – news”

  1. Ask
    One who worked for a electricity supplier what he was pension and supplementary in old age … Has? I know it can only dream of just officials.The civil servant always gets a thresh. What you get.

  2. looking ahead
    Some other countries started producing regenerative electricity a long time ago. Norway Z.B. is created for hydropower. France possibly. not. But there will still be evil awakening. Who actually pays the maintenance of all the dilapidated nuclear power? And who pays their energy transition? You also have to see what is subsidized and where. Now it may be expensive here, in a few years we will definitely create the most modern and tolerable electricity, then it will be cheaper again. He blows and beams us in the face every day!

  3. Mr. Kalle, she dreamers,
    In Germany we have nothing to be cheap, and the electricity at all.If more and more vehicles are coming onto the market and fewer and fewer petrol engines are being approved, more and more taxes are falling away, which are then allowed to pay the drivers nicely.The demand increases and thus the price.There will also be fewer electricity providers, and it will make it even more expensive, I keep my petrol engine

  4. The energy transition and above all
    The breakthrough of the e cars never works like that. Certainly. And if only in decades. Who buys an e car when the electricity is becoming increasingly expensive? Even if CO2 depends on the other prices, you always have to do the counter -bill. Until the purchase is an e car that also looks like a car, pays a lot of time despite subsidies.

  5. The cheapest car
    Is not a car. The second car has already been cut. It no longer pays off. In the end it hits the auto industry hard.

  6. Country
    The state with its greed (politicians want to be paid well) is the biggest price driver. The fact that there is a different way despite renewable energies, Z. B. Spain (LT. Text 23.2 ct/kwh).

  7. The decline in mineral oil tax
    must be compensated for with increased revenue in the event of electricity. With every combustion engine that is exchanged into an electric car, the income decreases and thus must be turned on the fee screw to compensate for this

  8. Concerted actions have as a protest
    Always helped well. If all Germans who were dissatisfied with the electricity price, now in winter in the evening at 10 times for half an hour suddenly switch off all consumers and turn them on to a precise time at half past tribute, that would be an announcement to politics and electricity industries. But they all want streaming, television and internet…

  9. EV. rethink!
    If this rip -off continues, eV pays off. soon a small, needs-controlled diesel aggregate in the garden or on the roof. And connected with this a battery with small performance for short-term storage so that there is rest at night.

  10. @ A. Kalle:
    That was more ironic. However, with photovoltaics this will be nothing: 1. Northern Germany, 2. Not a large continuous roof area and 3. With old, mighty trees on the street. And now?

  11. Like right now?
    German electricity is a obstacle to competition? Large consumers do not pay the full price, only about € 0.07, the small and the private over € 0.35.

  12. Expensive stream
    Since the state collects 50% of taxes and taxes, it could also find a lever here to grant the citizens cheaper to the citizens. Just request a little less taxes. But that is apparently not desirable. The state prefers to wait for a number of households that can no longer bear the costs. For the benefit of the citizens? Rather for the benefit of the state.

  13. BOttcher Frank:
    That is not right. "Montana", Munich, gave me the new electricity price for 1.1.2022 communicated. It sinks by 3.33 cents per kilowatt. Either you have a bad contract or a bad supplier.

  14. It is probably not clear to everyone
    In what kind of social order we live. The most important thing is above all maximum profit. Then there are maximum tax revenue. Both go hand in hand. The people are told about freedom and democracy and many believe it and pay well, no matter what it costs. The highest electricity prices and the lowest pensions – how does that fit together ? Putin is stubbornly mentioned as a specter. How are electricity prices in Russia or in China ? Not a word about it – there is a reason. Wake up ! We are not here in a free paradise but in one of the most ripped off imperialists in the world.

  15. Yes, Mr. Enzmann,
    you’re right! It’s not a social market economy. This is bare capitalism, exploitation of humans by humans. I have until October.21 worked since Nov. 21 pensioners. I have up to 1.004, – € less pension than before in wages. I never got 100% of Westlohn. I worked 47 years and 2 months. The corrupt system sold billions, we are pressed out!!


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