Germany: Every 5th. produced car is now electrified

Germany: Every 5th. produced car is now electrified-electrified

Automobile analyst Matthias Schmidt shows in his last report that every fifth car produced in Germany now has some form of electrification. This is based on the latest data on the production of plug-in hybrids and electric cars in Germany. From the data it can be seen that their share of production remains constantly above 20%.

The proportion of electrified vehicles in German automobile production has already been over 20% in the past three to four months, as VDA data shows. In October (21.9%), the proportion fell slightly compared to September (22.1%). In his analysis, Schmidt assumes that the spread of electrified vehicles is at least partly due to the shortage of semiconductors. High purchase and tax incentives for electrified vehicles and, paradoxically, the OEMs’ concentration on profitable models with higher emissions, which must be compensated for by these models, are causing sales to grow. While combustion engines are declining in sales or are at least slowed down considerably.

Thus, the driving factor is the continued downward pressure of semiconductors on car production, creating a supply-side shortage and forcing OEMs to use their limited chips in lower-volume, higher-profit models. This must be compensated with e-cars in order to comply with the CO2 legislation. This will likely further inflate the domestic electrified production mix. The forecast by the VDA for total passenger car production in 2021 this year has now been reduced from 4 million. to 3.6 million. lowered. And will likely continue to fall.

The registration figures show that both interest in purely electric cars (307.525 units) and PHEV (292.867 units) is present. At least that is the assessment of EAN after looking at the data from January to November 2021. The fact that sales of e-cars grew by 104.30 percent and 81.4 percent for part-time electric vehicles compared to the previous year should be positively emphasized. This means that Germany is well above the average, at least for pure electric vehicles compared to the whole of Europe (80.5%).

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  1. It will be exciting to see how quickly the proportion of “part-time drivers” will fall in the coming months and years.
    Then you have installed the valuable chips in the wrong vehicles for nothing 😉

    It will also be exciting to watch how the used car prices of the “part-time electricians” with homeopathic “battery sizes” fall off the cliff.

    Time will tell


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