Germany network: 200 fast loading locations advertised

Germany network: 200 fast loading locations advertised-loading

Shortly before Christmas, the tender of 200 fast loading sites of the Germany network on unicycled locking systems started along the federal trailers. The tender is carried out by the Motorway GmbH of the Confederation. It is the second partial tender of the Germany network – already to the 1. October has started the BMDV with the award procedure for nationwide 900 fast-loading locations in search rooms at traffic nodes in urban and rural areas.

With the Germany network, a central component of the total strategy formulated in the master plan loading infrastructure of the federation is implemented. The most important goal of the Germany network is to fill in the “blank spots” on the charging map, in order to come one step closer to covering the area and demand for the whole of Germany. In total, around 10 are planned at more than 1000 locations along the main traffic routes and in urban and rural areas.000 charging points with more than 200 kW charging capacity. With this project, Germany wants to be the first large state to ensure the nationwide supply of fast charging infrastructure.

In the on the 20th. In the tender launched on December 11, the construction and operation of a total of 200 new fast-charging locations will be awarded in six nationwide lots, each with 32 to 34 locations. As part of the six lots, 140 to 166 new high-performance fast charging points will be created at unattended rest areas along the federal motorways. Interested companies can initially apply until April 25.01.Submit applications to participate in 2022.

“The expansion of the charging infrastructure in Germany is an important concern for me. We can only convince people to switch to climate-friendly electromobility if we ensure that they can charge anywhere, even over longer distances. Only if charging becomes as easy as filling up and becomes an everyday activity will we be able to take people with us on the step towards future mobility and climate neutrality. With the start of the tender for the motorway lots for 200 unmanaged parking spaces, we want to achieve that infrastructure is also expanded everywhere in medium and long-distance traffic.-Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport

Johannes Pallasch, spokesman for the management team of the National Charging Infrastructure Control Center, adds that a dense network of fast charging stations along the motorways is a prerequisite for “the electrification of road traffic, which is essential for climate protection, to succeed. With the 200 new locations in the German network of unmanaged freeway parking lots, we are closing ‘white spots’ on the freeway systematically, comprehensively and as needed. Fast charging on medium and long-distance routes is thus becoming a matter of course everywhere in Germany.”

The sum of the locations from both tenders is a decisive step towards nationwide coverage. The locations of the Germany network are suitable for setting standards in terms of performance and user-friendliness. The technical requirements analyzes and the needs planning of the National Control Center for Charging Infrastructure are the basis of both partial tenders of the German network.

The tender for the German network is intended to anticipate the rapidly growing need for fast charging infrastructure in the future and thus enable an unchecked ramp-up of the market for e-cars. In this way, the Germany network should increase acceptance among users. The tender can make a decisive contribution to the medium and long-distance suitability of electromobility and strengthen the federal funding and financing landscape for charging infrastructure. The tender documents are available on the tendering platform TED, the supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union.

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