Germany network: “We make sure the sites work!”

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Germany network:

In a good two and a half years, the 1000 new fast load parks of the Germany network with a total of good 10 should.000 charging points in operation. But the tenders should only be published in September. A sporty schedule. In an interview with the specialist portal Electrive, Johannes Pallasch, Head of the National Control Center Loading Infrastructure explains how the ambitious infrastructure project is to be realized a success and within the time horizon.

Pallash assumes that it takes about one year after the tender for about a year until the surcharges for tendering looses are awarded and the contracts can be signed. Specifically, he reckons “at the earliest at the end of the second quarter of 2022” with the conclusion of the “procurement process with his ordinary steps”. Following the 1000 planned charging parks with their according to specifications are to be set up at least 150 kW high charging points “as soon as possible”. “And that is also necessary if I see the current vehicle startup,” says Pallash in the face of the currently massively rising sales figures of electric cars.

“That’s why we want to take tempo, for example with the pre-information before the formal tendering start,” explains Pallasch. He assumes that it comes “with the highway loose earlier to a surcharge than at the regional loans”. Because the plots along the highways are already in possession of the federal government. Therefore, there must be checked in advance only, “whether and like a mains connection is available or possible and whether the design of the parking lot allows the construction of charging columns”. In the regional looseness, on the other hand, land must or. Possible locations are not yet identified.

A “bottle neck” are above all the approval processes and mains connections, so pallash. But also suitable areas can be found sometimes difficult as he explains: “The world has not been waiting for us and keeping attractive land, so that we can now build fast-loading infrastructure there”. The Germany network is “in competition with other applications, which sometimes have a higher social acceptance – for example, if a day care center should be built or affordable apartments.”That’s why you’re going to be in dialogue with municipalities to determine” like the public shop network looks like “. Charging stations must also take place in public space, which could not only happen on private areas, so pallash.

“In some locations, every kilowatt is fought”

In terms of network connection, the prerequisites differ: it will be drawn from the highway loose, “that it can be realized in some locations, others are fought by every kilowatt.”Partly the locations are also” in places that have long cables have to be drawn “. That’s a challenge, “but also the picture of the future: potentially we need electricity in all these sites!”Calls Pallasch. The must already be considered in the planning of new parking spaces, so the head of the national control center loading infrastructure.

The “big advantage” of the tender against a promotion, that the federal government “quite different demands on the reliability” could be threatened and that in case of violations of the requirements for the infrastructure of contractual penalties threaten. “Here we make effectively make sure that these locations also work!”Says Pallasch. For the customer, the “super”.

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3 thoughts on “Germany network: “We make sure the sites work!””

  1. Kitas and apartments on highways?

    Inner-city loading areas belong to supermarkets, hardware stores and the like. I bet that the parking owner would like to provide your property. This finally makes the market attractive.

    With us in the city, you now have charging columns from 75kW to 150kW (sometimes even 2 loading places). What a nonsense. I do not go swimming, pull me around, stand in the shower and then go wet to reduce my car. They would then prefer 6 to 26 11kW loading places. Then you go swimming in peace and then the car is full again. A consultation in the city revealed that it was a funding program that DC charging points has prescribed. Since one realizes that partially really nonsense is promoted and the people who seem to drive the writing course no electric car.

  2. Now I’m curious what is going on until next year – according to the photos of “Next Move” in summer travel traffic in front of some charging columns partially waiting times.
    There were also great operators such as Ionity, EnBW as well as Tesla have been affected.
    Appeal All! Please accelerate expansion!!!


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