Germany: Number of charging points increased significantly in 2021

Germany: Number of charging points increased significantly in 2021-germany

As of the beginning of November 2021, the Federal Network Agency for Germany has 41.993 Normal and 7th.214 fast charging points that are open to the public. This corresponds to about 1.7 charging points per 1.000 inhabitants. Almost a month later you are around 51.000 charging points landed. This corresponds to a growth of 11.600 charging stations within the first eleven months of 2021.

A total of around 1.5 gigawatts of public charging capacity has now been installed. good 2.According to the information, 900 of these charging points enable very fast charging with a charging capacity of 150 kilowatts and higher. A year ago it was just under 1.400. around 3.500 operators are responsible for the charging points and have reported them accordingly. It should be mentioned here that the 50 largest providers operate around half of all charging points. With around 3.200, most operators would have fewer than ten charging stations. They often provide charging infrastructure locally, for example in retail outlets or at company headquarters.

Neo-Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) has now announced even more speed in the expansion of the charging infrastructure. In particular, the focus is on the expansion of fast charging stations on motorways. For him it is “completely clear that we cannot achieve our climate goals with fossil combustion engines”. Picking up the pace is also urgently needed. Despite the growth of around 11.600 charging points in 2021, the pace is too slow. The number of newly registered electric cars is increasing faster than the expansion of the charging infrastructure. An average of around 250 public charging points are currently being added each week. However, in order to achieve the traffic light coalition’s goal of one million public charging points, around 2.000 charging points to be built.

For this reason, the new federal government wants to massively expand the charging station infrastructure. By 2030 there should be one million publicly accessible charging points. According to critics, this is necessary because the number of e-cars continues to rise rapidly.

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  1. Fast profit is the aim of the operators, the highest possible fees, everything else is marketing talk. And everyone is watching and doing nothing, as always.


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