Germany Pushes Electric Car Cell Production with One trillion Euros

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Germany Pushes Electric Car Cell Production with One trillion Euros-pushes

The Production of Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Cars Is Firmly in Asian Hands. A Good 90 Percent of the Cells Come From There and End UP In The Cars Of The German Manufacturer After The HAVE Been Assembled Into Suitable Battery Modules. However, Since The Batteries Are The Most Exped Part Of A Power Vehicle, The German Industry Should Be Strongly Interested In Bringing This Part Of The Value Creation Into The Country, And Thus Ensuring Those Jobs, According To The Alerts Of The Automansager BECAUSE OF ELECTROMOBILITY And The Small Effort When The Construction of Electric Cars Were Lost.

But the German Suppliers and Automakers Have Been Holding The Topic of Cell Production for Years. Eithher This is too Expensive, OR There A Lack of Suitable Partners, IT Said, Both AT VW, BMW and Daimler AS Well as Bosch, Continental and ZF. But the Dependency of Asian Cell Suppliers “Disturbs Trade Unionists, Politicians and Some of the Automanager for A Long Time – They Fear That Europe is Solving Search a Key Technology for the Future,” Writes The Manager Magazine.

The EU Has Therefore Started Its Own Cell Project A Year Ago, From A Battery Airbus What The Speech. The Project Progresses Promising and Make “Impressive Progress,” Said The Responsible EU Commissioner Maros Sefcovic Only a Few Weeks Ago. And Now Another Good News: The German Federal Government Wants to Provide A trillion for the production of Battery Cells for Electric Cars by 2021, from A Funding Pot of the Ministry of Economy, as Federal Minister Peter Altmaier, Who So Refred The Batteries AS “Key Technology”, After One Meeting With Sefcovic Announced.

It Should Start “As Soon AS POSSIBLE”

Altmaier Expect’s Cell Production to Start in Germany from 2021, Preferable Even Earlier, as the CDU Politician Revealed: “Production Should Take Place as Quickly as Possible. There is Currently at Enormously Growing Demand for Battery Cells That Cannot Be Met.According to Altmeier, The Demand for Electric Car Batteries Will Increase Tenfold by 2030.

And there is Indeed a lot Going on at the moment to meet this increats demand. Several Companies Are Setting Up Their First Smaller Cell Factories in Europe, Including Some Well-Known Asian Manufacturers Such As Catl and SK Innovation. The Formation of Multiple Battery Consortia With Well-Known Names Search As Verta, BASF AND FORD IS FULLY in Progress, More And More Other Companies Expressed Interest, So Confirmed Altmaier, Who Wants to Introduce Concrete Results Until The End of the Year. The Goal: One Third of Global Cell Production Should Be Done in Europe.

And Now a Competition Begins for Possible German Locations of the Future Technology for the Automotive Sector. According to Altmeier, Among Others, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, The Saarland and Saxony, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt Are Very Interested in The Settlement of A Cell Factory. There could be Several Winners, As Altmeier Runs Out of Several Locations AS Well AS Cross-Border Cooperation about France, Poland Or Austria.

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