Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?

Number of cars grows faster than charging technology

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-collapse
Cattle man Cabbary: the electric car is a success story – but which could soon stall through practical problems in electricity distribution

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Germany wants the electric revolution, led by the semi-governmental car manufacturer Volkswagen and ammunitioned by billions of tax money. But the infrastructure does not come after the sales success. What has to change so that the juice flows.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information on the oil crisis in 1973 there was long snakes at petrol stations. Now there are similar pictures – from Great Britain. There is enough gasoline, but no truck drivers who can extend it. A side effect of Brexit. But the Stromer will soon hire similarly hard. In Great Britain, the charging current for electric cars will probably be rationed from May. The goal of the British – no new burners after 2030.

In Germany the electric car numbers explode

This also applies to Germany, especially since the number of Stromer in this country due to the massive funding programs on the one hand and the new CO2 penalty tax on petrol and diesel on the other side is almost exploded. According to the latest KBA numbers, N September was in GermanyUr every second approved new vehicle a petrol or diesel, While hybrid models reached 30 percent and a whopping 17 percent were pure battery cars. The state electrical plan economy therefore works, at least as far as sales are concerned; It should be mentioned that the German car market decreased by 25 percent due to the semiconductor crisis.

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-electric
Audi AG An electric car wal box for home

But the faster the electrification progresses, the faster the problems are shown. For the planned up to 14 million electric cars, we don’t just need more electricity. It must be sent from the wind -rich north via thick cables to southern Germany. The 900 distribution networks are also not designed for such a high load. The Federal Network Agency is already reporting 16 billion euros planned investments. Even they couldn’t be enough to prevent the ration of electricity for charging in particular on private “wall boxes”.

Empty Tesla towed with the petrol engine: the battery is full again that quickly

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-threatens

Site Empty Tesla towed with the petrol engine: the battery is full again that quickly

Home charging stations with remote shutdown?

In this way, the dark side of the electric boom is more and more apparent and must be addressed urgently by the next federal government. If there is an overload, the East German electricity network operator with a network, for example, wants to switch off the domestic “wall boxes” by remote control, with which 85% of the electricity requirement in the home garage should flow into plug-in hybrids and electric cars. Because if there is an overwhelming, a network collapse threatens. It not only hits the electric car in the home garage. He can have serious consequences . The worst case scenario: Like a running fire, the accidents are eating through the net and lay it up cells for cells. Then not only no electric car works. Even the 20 -year -old oil heating has an electronic control that only works with electricity – just like the pump at the petrol station. The mobile communications and landline networks do not work without electricity.

More solar stream than necessary: Sonnenstate cracks new solar record

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-charging

Site More solar stream than necessary: Sonnenstate cracks new solar record

When the senior doctor invites his Tesla

In the solution proposal of the influential lobbyist network "Agora energy transition" the better earners have a clear advantage. the "Agora" want Proper the electricity price as required in order to control the need. That then means a bit flap, but at its core: The senior physician conveniently loads his Tesla in the early evening and the nurse living in the country drives the public transport or the combustion engineer to an emergency service. If it is not forbidden until then.

In fact, the outgoing Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier wanted to develop a law on the “top smoothing” in the summer of 2021, which allows the electricity providers to drive down the capacities or to turn off completely by the hour. The law did not come about, but it is not offset. Because the more electric cars there are, the bigger the problems are: It takes more electricity, more powerful routes and distribution networks.

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-electric
Auto Motor & Sport As "clean" Are e-cars? That depends on the electricity

1. Challenge: more electricity

Even Altmaier has increased its forecast for electricity consumption for 2030 from 580 to 645-665 Terrawatt hours. Statista reports a gross current of 488 terrawatt hours for 2020. E -cars are therefore additional power consumers on the net that have to be fed – and that is best with the will of politics "Green electricity", So energy that is defined as CO2-neutral. Otherwise it is vinegar with the "Climatic effect" The current.

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-charging
Jens Buttner/DPA central picture/dpa/symbol image Wind wheels rotate in a wind farm after sunset.

But also an overproduction of non -required electricity, such as a lot of wind power, can trigger a blackout, i.e. the collapse of the network. In our latitudes, electricity from regenerative energies can only be reliably produced offshore on the North and Baltic Sea. In addition to the dark doldrums, if no wind blows and the sun does not shine, more electricity can be produced on wind -rich days than is used. Then we pay for premiums to our European neighbors via the electricity exchange, who take over the overproduction. They then drive down their coal and in France in Poland and down their nuclear power plants. In the dark lull you will get a decent price for electricity from these sources from us.

2. Challenge: Missing electricity lines

The performance of a wind turbine in Baden-Wurttemberg lies under half of one with the same technique on the high seas. So it makes little sense to show the Black Forest or Bavarian nature reserves as a wind farm if there are much better conditions in other parts of the country. But the power motorways of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the southwest are in short supply. The current cannot then flow where the wall box is in the garage. A task of the new federal government will therefore be to take the turbo during the electricity road construction if it continues to stiffen its electrical goals.

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-charging
Carsten Rehder/dpa DC cable of the “Nordlink” electricity route run near Busum from the ground to a so-called “muffle station”.

An example of such a mega route is "Nordlink" Between Wilster in Schleswig-Holstein and Tonstad in Norway. The route is 623 kilometers long, 516 kilometers of which are in the bottom of the North Sea. While some experts doubt that Norway really doubts them "Battery of Europe" The network operator Tennet emphasizes: "If a surplus of wind energy is generated in Germany, it can be transferred to Norway via Nordlink. The water reservoirs in Norway then serve as ‘natural memory’ for wind energy by remaining water in the storage. Conversely, Germany can import energy from hydropower from Norway if necessary." Next, the lines of Suedlink (from Schleswig-Holstein to southern Germany) and Suedostlink (from Saxony-Anhalt to Bavaria) are to be built. The year 2026 is targeted for completion.

Petrol stations collapse in England: Johnson is considering military mission for petrol panic

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-threatens

PCP Petrol stations collapse in England: Johnson is considering military mission for petrol panic

3. Challenge: Bottle neck “distribution networks”

In addition to the network problems on a large scale, it will be even more difficult at the local level. The Federal Network Agency reported to 01.07.2021 almost 40.000 public charging stations with an output of less than 22 kW performance. If we go out of half, then we talk from 440.000 additional KW that did not exist beforehand. 6600 quick charging stations with 150 kW and more are added. That is at an average of 50 kW 330.000 kW. In total, 770.000 kW.

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-charging

Site Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

620.000 charging points with an output of at least 11 kW were funded by the KfW with 900 euros each. The homeowner gets that "on top" To the tax and premium gifts for his electric car. Makes a redistribution of diesel drivers paid by CO2 tax into an electric automobileist of 558 million euros. This redistribution policy "from arm to green" In the meantime, even experts from Deutsche Bank criticize .

Redistribution from arm to green

Now everything has to work in practice. If the charging stations were all used at the same time, we would have an additional electricity requirement of 6.820.000 kW. In total, makes an additional need of 8.030.000 kW, which, if in doubt, should be available at the same time. At least that’s 8.03 gigawatts. The numbers are based on information from the Federal Network Agency and the ADAC.

As a consumer in your own home and mobile phone networks, we are shaped by internet use. We know that we get less data speed, depending on how far we are from the distribution box and how many neighbors in between just surf, skype or internet TV. Transfer to the electric car, this means that if you put your charging cable into the charging box at five in the afternoon "leave". Many cars can load at the same time, but: the current drips at peak times, so to speak, only if it is not – see Great Britain – completely parked in phases.

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-electric
Cattle man With many supermarkets or hardware stores you can load your electricity for free – at least still

Slowly load at home – or quickly and expensive outside

If you still want to load your car quickly or don’t have your own garage space for a wall box, you have to go to the public pillar. Because they would be excluded from the intended electricity rationing. But recharge the public is expensive. The investments that entrepreneurs such as the Bavarian petrol station operator Nico Zieglmeier around Schrobenhausen near Ingolstadt are immense: “With an effort of 700.000 euros for eight charging points at three petrol stations and rising electricity prices is not to be made under 40 cents per kilowatt hour, ”says Zieglmeier.

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-charging
Aral Charging stations are increasingly frequently seen at the petrol stations

However, only the part of his network of 15 petrol stations is equipped with charging stations, with which this works at all. The smaller the average of the power line and the lame the transformer, the more expensive it becomes. Zieglmeier, which also tries to sell synthetic diesel and biofuels, must calculate at today’s price level with around 60 cents for the electric car. There can be no question of a “capping” of the charging current price at 39 cents, of which outgoing transport minister Andreas Scheuer dreams. Unless again that the taxpayer has to compensate for the gap between desire and reality.

Fast loaders need high investments online

The antiquated transformers and thin lines must be upgraded to 450 kW. The infrastructure around the Bavarian Schrobenhausen is also busy. In any case, Zieglmeier "only" armed his charging stations with an output of 100 kW: "The funding is the highest". 500.000 euros for Zieglmeier’s investment come from the public sector. "Otherwise it would not be possible," says the upper Bavarian. Because even the quick veins hit between 25.000 and up to 100.000 euros per piece. The federal government has advertised the construction of 1000 quick veins up to 150 kW. If one is based on Zieglmeier’s calculation, subsidies of 63.5 million euros are due for Germany’s electric plans.

It is not surprising that “High Power Charger" With 150-350 kW charging power just five percent of the rapidly facilities, as the Federal Network Agency states. The regional monopoly of the network operators obviously not only leads to overpriced electricity prices, as the monopoly commission complains about the federal government. You also do not have to fear that the charging station operator goes to the competition or operates the charging stations yourself. After all, they have no competition in their monopoly area.

Electric favorite rarely cheap: Mini brings leasing deal for Cooper SE

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-charging

Site Electric favorite rarely cheap: Mini brings leasing deal for Cooper SE

Waiting for the power connection

Duraid e Obeid, managing director of 140 “Sprint” petrol stations, waited almost a year for the corresponding network connection in April. The electricity supplier justified this with the weather, said e Obeid that "Handelsblatt". The chairman of the Federal Association of Free Petrol States reports, where it is still a problem: "The construction of the fast charging infrastructure only gets better if the federal government obliges the network operators at binding implementation times and fully assumes the costs for the network connection," says El Obeid.

Other providers have to do with the bureaucracy: “They fight with the complicated approval procedures and funding applications at the responsible authorities, some of which are going on for months. However, the greatest difficulty is to bring a powerful power connection to the property, ”said El Obeid in an interview with that "Trade sheet".

400 euros per electric car until 2045

So there is still plenty of work on Germany. The Eon energy supplier expects an investment of 400 euros per electric car. In the supply area that would be six million vehicles. After all: 2045 should be able to load the electric cars without any problems at any time. 2.5 billion. In total, you want to invest euros. If the taxpayer does not wear it, you will be attached to the electricity bill; also those who have picked up a funding of 1000 euros for their cargo bike or pay the CO2 price via their more expensive public transport ticket.

But of course the industry has a miracle weapon ready that "Networking loading" names. “The investment requirement per car could still be halved. The prerequisite for this is digital solutions and incentives for customers in order to move a large part of the loading processes from the heavy evening in the evening to the load.On board member Thomas KOnig. Called: The driver should load his battery when there is enough electricity and not when he needs his car. After the announcement from the island, one could also say: “The British model”. For use as a second car that drives the same manageable route every day, that would even work. But as a full everyday first -off speed, you should have a diesel or petrol engine in the garage until further notice.

Germany threatens the charging collapse at the electric car?-electric

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    Why should the taxpayer pay the charging infrastrastrastrastation for the power companies?The taxpayer/ … Pensioner is already financing the battery toys for the upper ten thousand through the constantly increasing taxes.The state has ever built petrol stations?Electromobility is the greatest lobbyism ever created.Thousands of jobs are destroyed by the state.But that doesn’t seem to be interested in the civil servant apparatus, you are not affected yourself.

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    Let us let the fraud hybrid to be a funding from me for which I should never have given the outside, then we speak of 17% of all new registrations. If you still leave company registrations outside, then the private actions are somewhere in the lower to medium 1 -digit range. Instead of rebuilding the entire infrastructure, it would make more sense to pour in the entire Sahara with solar cells and to generate hydrogen despite the lower efficiency. In addition, vehicles optimized for economy instead of city tanks and PS protect. By the way, would be in even more desert areas and would probably be more well received in poorer countries due to lower conversion costs. Maybe even the cleaner alternative without fossil electricity.

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    I also have a parking space, it is also one of the 91%. But that does not mean that I also have the opportunity to install a power connection for a wall box on the parking space, let alone have the place. Note: Parking space or garage is far from being called a power connection in the city. So the statistics are uninteresting.

  5. All who do not understand
    Have. There is no problem with the store. No car has to be loaded every day for 24 hours. You don’t drive to recharge three times a week. Oh, leave it, whoever gets it saves who does not pay.

  6. 50,000 households without electricity is called
    The battery car owners will probably have to switch to the horse or have to use the mostly existing diesel or petrol SUV. The E -SUV is only required for shopping, kindergarten or school a way. You use the subsidies and tax exemption, you can accumulate environmental awareness.

  7. It’s a shame that the extreme cases always
    Get out. As a BEV driver, you don’t load every day, D.H. All these consumption calculations are milk girl invoices, sorry. Even if there are still starting problems: the combustion engine has 100 years of development lead. Fast charges are only needed on motorways, with V2X (Vehicel to Grid), BEVS can serve as energy stores and the risk of fire is removed by solid stabbing (first series vehicles start this year), old batteries are still working easily as a house memory for 20 years. Which combustion engines can fill the tank with brake energy?Who still cooks with coal oven? Elektro is the future. Point.

  8. Because they don’t know what’s going on
    The claim that the German power grid is "only designed for a maximum of 68 [GW]", sorry, bullshit. 65-70 GW are the normal daily lace load (basic load 40-45 GW). However, the network also tolerates higher loads. At least 81 GW. This top value was z.B. reached in winter 2012/2013. Resilient. A layperson doesn’t have to know, a good engineer already. And one "from the subject" anyway.

  9. The e-mobility bottle neck
    Finally, the technical reality is described here that are either hidden by the Green Euphorists, or are not understood because of a lack of or even missing MINT training. The industrial nation Germany must not be degenerated into a field for green experiments. I expect a level -headed and powerful and non -weakening strategy in expanding renewable energies. Ideology is absolutely out of place.

  10. Really Rudolf
    What is also not mentioned is the price for electricity trade with our neighboring countries.The supply and demand is called business.We have to give away our temporary overcapacities for little money while we additional "Emergency current" pay very expensive.But if you had politicians with a sense of proportion, hydrogen o.Synthetic fuel are produced.

  11. When the last power plants in Germany
    Many people will only notice that the electricity does not come from the socket alone but must first be produced. Since there are no overland power lines for offshore wind farms, the electricity does not come where it is needed. There are not enough solar systems either; And if you have years like this, too little electricity is made. But why do we have neighbors with nuclear power (France, Belgium ect) or like Poland who do not switch off the lignite power plants? Then we buy the stream that is missing there.

  12. Almost everyone wanted it that way
    The debacle with the electric cars should only be the beginning. If the coal and KKWs are only off the network, it is only a matter of time before it comes to surface electricity shutdowns for private households so that at least the industry can still work. But only too, for a lot of money we can then import coal and nuclear power from abroad so that we can reach our green environmental goals. There are still politicians in this country who can think clearly?

  13. There can be no question of boom…
    Because who buys these cars ? I see that it is primarily companies, especially those in the public service, as they are forced and nothing else are allowed to buy. The houses with us in the residential area, which is an expensive area where e-cars are, a combustion engine is still in front of the door, usually 3 or 4 cars for a 4-head family. There are 3 combustioners. The bad thing is that these people all have a lot of money and the small taxpayer still has to subsidize their electric car. Everyone can buy what they want, including an electric car, but please pay for themselves. The clientele what these cars drives are i.D.R. People who want to be hip and where money doesn’t play a big role. Everything is ok, but please pay yourself.


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