Giorgi Tedoradze shows his next generation of Tesla Model S

Giorgi Tedoradze shows his next generation of Tesla Model S-tesla

Giorgi Tedoradze, his sign designer, has created a new version of Tesla Model S for itself. In 2012, it was almost revolutionary when it was introduced on the market. Amazing ranges and performance data, coupled with a catchy design to convince. It still knows today. Nevertheless, the model S seems to have come to the years. Tedoradze has adopted the design of the electric sedan for this reason and it was brought after 2020.

Already at the beginning of January 2020, we were able to show a Tesla Model S design by Emre Husmen, which has obtained his inspiration for the catchy design, among other things, from the design language of the New Tesla Roadster. However, the design of Tedoradze differs significantly from Husmen concept. Giorgi Tedoradze, an industrial designer from Georgia, has already adopted a variety of auto designs in addition to the model S and interpreted them for itself. In his model S swings a hint of Aston Martin Rapide with. But Giorgi has clearly tried to preserve the visual identity of the current model S, and design the design at the same time sharper and modern.

Giorgi Tedoradze shows his next generation of Tesla Model S-showsGiorgi Tedoradze

Striking are especially the clear, angular lines, which distinguishes the model S of Tedoradze clearly different from the production vehicle. The front area also looks much more aggressive, in interaction with the headlights the feeling arises that the electric car throws a evil view of the drivers in front of him. It is rounded off by not exactly small tires with correspondingly present rims. The tail itself also places a edged appearance, which determines itself by clear lines. But just this relaxed, catchy design of the serial sedan is no longer wearing.

Currently you have to doubt that from this concept becomes reality. Because the Tesla Limousine Model S – which should come with Plaid drive – and the crossover SUV Model X, which have experienced an update in April 2019 and since August 2019 the supercharger may not own anymore Teslas highest priority. This shows the fact that despite these updates MUSK gave to understand that the model S and Model X is probably more manufactured from sentimental reasons. Nevertheless, interesting Concept Cars always come up – like the Tesla Model XL – the Minivan variant of the Tesla Model X.

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  2. Not too much change on the body. So this MB always made. So they kept the old resale values. Often the new S class in the dimensions even slightly smaller. This would also be good for the model S von Tesla.

  3. I wonder what happens when the driver (with these rims / tire size config) fully &# 128578; wonderful that “designer” often just live on another star..


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