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If the temperatures decrease, batteries are increasingly acknowledged and the car does not start. The right start -up aid in the video – and the best tips from the ADAC and the GTu.

Winter has a firm grip on Germany and cars do not start again in rows – mostly because of sloppy batteries. If the car does not start, not "organs", but wait a little until the next attempt. Electric consumers (light, interior lighting, radio etc.) Switch off when trying to start.If nothing helps, the starting aid cables have to go. Basically, the user instructions of the breakdown and donor vehicle inform whether start -up aid is permitted for the vehicles, which dangers or restrictions exist and which connection points are specified for the starting aid cable (they are not always directly on the battery – for older models of the BMW 3 series, for example, is the battery in the trunk, but the start-up aid plus pole in the engine compartment). The cable should have a cross -section of at least 16 millimeters. Even 25 millimeters when helping diesel vehicles.

How to put the cables correctly

First, the red cable means establishing a connection between the plus pole of the donor vehicle and the plus pole of the breakdown vehicle. Then the minus pole of the donor vehicle is connected to the black cable with a suitable metal part (mass point) of the breakdown vehicle. If all cables are properly connected and sit, the donor vehicle is started. Once its engine has run for a few minutes, you can start the breakdown vehicle.

Give start -up aid, battery, booster - video-give
SP-X Graphics for the correct start -up aid

When the engine starts, both vehicles should run for a few minutes before strong electrical consumers such as rear disc heating, light and blower are switched on. Otherwise, when solving the polar tongs, voltage peaks can occur that could damage electronic components. After that, the black minus cable, then the red plus cable, should be released in the reverse order and then unnecessary electrical consumers should be switched off.

Don’t forget to charge

To recharge the battery, a longer journey is necessary, It is best to switch off the light on the motorway / country road and 30 minutes (of course not unnecessary consumers such as rear disc heating, of course not) – otherwise the battery should be charged with a suitable charger.

When better not giving a start -up aid?

In general, the ADAC advises this, to only give a start -up aid if a breakdown vehicle or a starter battery has no defect. If the driver is unsure, he should consult an expert or a workshop. Otherwise there is a risk that the engine will fail after a cold start, which increases the risk of accidents.

Give start -up aid, battery, booster - video-start
ADAC Start booster have difficulties in terms of minus degrees

What good start aid booster?

With a booster, the start -up aid works without "Donor"-Vehicle in a matter of seconds. However, some devices with their lithium-ion batteries of all in winter fail their work in winter, as a test showed the auto clubs in January 2016. As soon as the temperatures fell to zero degrees or below, the devices tested no longer emitted the currents specified by the manufacturers. None of the products met the manufacturer’s information at minus 18 degrees. Therefore: do not store the booster at low temperatures and adhere exactly to the manufacturer’s requirements when operating.

"M+S"-Danger: Don’t let the tire manufacturer’s winter trick deceive!

Give start -up aid, battery, booster - video-video

Site "M+S"-Danger: Don’t let the tire manufacturer’s winter trick deceive!

Push – yes or no?

Modern (manual transmission) cars can also be started by pushing. Experts are disagreed with whether you should do that too. The ADAC rates more from pushing, since misfires could damage the KAT. Due to the many different technologies in the market, there are hardly any general advice. An other opinion: "Pushing does not harm the catalyst if it is not done regularly", says the Society for Technical Monitoring (GTu). When pushed, of course, it has to be coupled.

Give start -up aid, battery, booster - video-battery
GTu Different car batteries

Insider tips for the battery

A car battery, including modern gel batteries, create energy through chemical processes – and they need warmth. Two insider tips that can (possibly) help:

  • Warm up the battery – You can expand the power donor and store in the apartment, which very few will take on. Sometimes it is recommended, Place a hot water bottle on the battery with a blanket – However, GTu experts think it is questionable whether this (one-sided) warming is usually sufficient to bring the battery back to life. The ADAC also advises: "This has little actual effect on the starting capacity. And finally, the risks due to expiring water, possible short circuits, damage to control units or cable strands are far too high."
  • Battery insulation: "If the manufacturer intended, battery insulation can be used from non-conductive materials to keep the heat a little longer after parking", So the ADAC.
  • Turn on the light before starting three minutes: If you already know that the battery will not make it, you can switch on the headlights for three to four minutes (no longer), a GTu expert says. Background: When providing the energy for light, the battery becomes warmer – and has more power for the following starting process. However, there is no guarantee of success for this tip.

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Give start -up aid, battery, booster - video-battery

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  1. Shocked ?
    What is a cold hammer ? Is that the exclusive site formulation for the area by 0 … What is a cold hammer ? Is that the exclusive site formulation for the area around 0 degrees ???? However, there are even better tips: charge the battery regularly, provided you only drive a short distance. Swap the battery in good time. If you do that, you don’t need a heat bottle or similar nonsense….

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    Drive to Jakutsk in winter and see how the people there make your cars protected with thick ceilings with soldering lamps and hot air blowers…This is a cold hammer…This is rather…uncomfortable.

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    I always do it this way: I sit down, turn the ignition key – and and ……… Runs – like all year round – and if you have a parking heater with it, it blows warm – others have to wait until it gets warm.

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    Like many of them who had to tremble from the lantern with the oh so great electric cars this morning. Fearing whether it extends to the next free charging point with the drastically reduced battery capacity because you prefer to put the heating operated with battery indoors to have a chance at all. I have a start-stop device in my petrol engine that should save fuel at traffic lights. Now in winter it works as soon as the battery through light blower Radio Navi and everything else is so stressed that the electrical system wants to be on the safe side. Why don’t I read reports about the experiences with electric cars this season? Strange.

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    general problems. And when thinking about what you write too. Never seen a starting aid cable? One with 16 or 25mm diameter or cross -section would be able to serve as 10 or 100kV overland line, but certainly never mechanically connect to the accumulators in cars. For cable cross -sections, please write correctly mm² or at least 16qmm, because with such information the straight cut surface is always meant and not mm as a diameter specification. Because that’s grotto falsch.

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    It is always impressive what people know about e cars who have never driven a meter electrically. I just wonder how all the Tesla work in Switzerland and in Norway. Prembers are probably pulled by reindeer in winter.

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    I bought a power station on ebay for € 40 and I am very satisfied with it .I can start my 2 liter petrol engine 4 times before I have to charge again. It is always a calming feeling of having the station on board in winter.


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