GM electric cars: Opel’s electrical general plan

GM electric cars

Opel’s electrical general plan

GM electric cars: Opel's electrical general plan-opel
Opel In 2013 the Opel Junior comes. Not in the form of a cheap car, but as a smart small car.

Opel Ampera and Chevrolet Volt are not even on the market in Germany, so it is eagerly tinkering with the successors of the electric cars. Fully electric small cars are also in the pipeline.

The Opel Ampera and the Chevrolet Volt are only the start of a number of electric vehicles at GM, says Opel boss Karl-Friedrich Stracke. General Motors currently introduces the identical limousines in Europe. In total, GM plans to build around 60,000 volts and Ampera for the global markets in the coming year. However, this is far from over: In the medium term, 400,000 vehicles are to be built per year. GM is directly targeting the Toyota Prius, which will be available in several body variants in the future.

Numerous variants planned

GM has the same with the successor platform of Volt and Ampera. Stracke announces further models-this will probably also be a seven-seat compact van among them. In addition, the Opel and Chevrolet derivatives should be significantly differentiated from each other. The next electrical platform with Range Extender should be lighter than the current model; Carbon fiber may also be used. The Range Extender engine still offers considerable potential: a smaller, charged engine should replace the current 1.4-liter vacuum cleaner.
According to Stracke, too, there is still room for improvement in battery technology: "I expect halved costs and double energy density," said the Opel boss. He also announces: “In ten years we will no longer use lithium-ion batteries.“The reduced costs of the next Volt/Ampera platform should also be reflected in lower sales prices. However, the concept remains unchanged: “We would like to separate from the Toyota Prius, whose hybrid technology only improves the efficiency of the combustion engine. But we also want to avoid the range of richness and offer vehicles that are suitable as first and family cars- unlike the Nissan Leaf."
Nevertheless, there is also room for a fully electric car for GM- but in the small and small car segment. Such a model is created at Opel under the project name "Junior". It should offer 160 kilometers of range and acceleration values at the top of the class. For the US market, a derivative with an independent body is created, which should be offered under the Chevrolet label.

The Opel Ampera in pictures

GM electric cars: Opel's electrical general plan-opel

Opel Ampera: The first Range extender in Germany


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  1. E-car ampera?
    What is nice please "E-car" moderately on the Opel Ampera? That it is 100 km with battery stream around … then to continue with a petrol engine and a consumption of more than 7 liters? Just because the engine drives a generator instead of the axes directly? Sorry, I don’t mean that by an electric car and then at a price beyond the 40.000 euros brand.

  2. Not correct.
    The consumption will be significantly less than 7 liters. See driving reports. And if I only approx. I don’t need to drive 50 km at all.


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