GM invests $154 million in electric motor plant

GM invests $154 million in electric motor plant-plant

US automaker General Motors announced plans to invest nearly $154 million in its Lockport Components plant in western New York state. The investment is intended to comprehensively renovate the plant and to purchase and install new machines and systems. Among other things, these are intended to be used to manufacture stators, one of the key components in an electric motor. The electric motors, in turn, are to be used in a large number of future electric pickups and SUVs based on GM’s new Ultium platform. General Motors said in a recent statement that the plant will be rehabilitated immediately.

While Lockport Components prepared for the production of components for electric motors, the factory will continue to produce a variety of parts that support the current truck and SUV production of GM combustion models. Lockport Components currently manufactures radiators, condensers, evaporators, heating circuit modules, oil coolers and much more. GM expects about 230 new jobs will be created at the Lockport Components plant between 2023 and 2026. Actual staffing plans are said to be finalized closer to the start of production when the plant converts to produce engine components for electric cars. GM does not mention when the conversion should be completed in the announcement.

“GM’s investment in Lockport Components reinforces our commitment to manufacturing in West New York and our confidence in this team. They will make a critical module of our electric motors for our future electric pickups and SUVs,” said Gerald Johnson, GM Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing and Sustainability.

Lockport Components was founded in 1910 as Harrison Radiator Company, with the aim of designing and selling car coolers and components, producing and selling. GM currently employs more than 1,500 people at the site.

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