GM-LG Energy Solution invest 2.3bn. In Ultium Cell Production

GM-LG Energy Solution invest 2.3bn. In Ultium Cell Production-ultium

The battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution wants to invest more than $ 4.5 billion (about 3.8 billion euros) to its US business by the end of 2025 to massively expand its battery production capacity there. Part of it, as it is said, is flowing into the second production facility of Ultium cells in the USA, together with General Motors.

After a first project already begun, LG Energy Solution and the Automeme Manufacturer General Motors already discussed plans for the construction of a second joint venture plant in the US, with which cell production capacity should be further increased. The second system is intended to produce the next generation electro-car battery cells based on advanced technology. 2.3 billion dollars flow in the construction of the second production facility for battery cells in the United States, under the flag of the joint joint venture Ultium Cells LLC.

Ultium Cells will build the new factory on a property leashered by GM. The new battery cell turn is 1.300 create new jobs. The construction work for the CA. 2.8 million square meters of attachment will begin immediately, and the opening is planned for the end of 2023. As soon as the system is in operation, it will supply the GM assembly plant in Spring Hill with battery cells. GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra expressed themselves as follows: “The construction of our second, completely new factory for ultium battery cells in the USA along with our joint venture partner LG Energy Solution is another important step on our way in a pure electric future.”

How Barra’s plans classified the support of the state of Tennessee has been an important factor in order to make this investment in Spring Hill possible. It also conducts that “this kind of support will continue to be crucial in the future, if we take more steps to switch our production base to EV production.”The state-of-the-art Spring Hill plant will use the most advanced and efficient processes for the production of battery cells. The factory will be extremely flexible and adapt to constant progress in technology and materials.

“This partnership with General Motors will make Tennessee another important location for the production of electric vehicles and batteries. It will enable us to build solid and stable supply chains in the US, which enable everything from research on product development and production to procurement of raw components. It is important that I really believe that this coincidence goes beyond a partnership, as it marks a decisive moment that reduce emissions and help to accelerate the introduction of EVS.”- Jonghyun Kim, President and CEO of LG Energy Solution

In the current communication to the second manufacturing facility, General Motors reiterates that its own ultium battery technology is the heart of the company’s strategy to be competitive for almost any e-car customer on the market, whether it is affordable means of transport, luxury vehicles , Working and commercial vehicles or high performance machines act.

The future ultium-powered E-cars of GM are designed for type 2 and DC fast charge. Most will have 400 volt battery packets and a quick chargency of up to 200 kW, while GM truck platform will have 800 volt battery packs and 350 kW fast charging capacity. In the new system of LG Energy Solution, battery cells in pouch format for electric cars and energy storage systems as well as cylindrical cells for E cars are to be produced. For both formats, demand is currently increasing rapidly.

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  1. If it can not be 6, 8 or even 12-cylinders in the future, then forms at least “Own Ultium Battery Technology The heart of the company’s strategy” with the “In the future ultium-operated E-cars of GM” … but not a word to the actual technique / chemistry of the cells!

    why? -> Gaaanz simple: Ultium is just a marketing speaking!
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