GM must call back all electric cars of a type due to the risk of fire

Cost a billion dollar

Opel also affected: GM must call back all electric cars of a type due to the risk of fire

GM must call back all electric cars of a type due to the risk of fire-type
Uli Deck/dpa The debacle of fire risk in the Chevrolet Bolt EV electric vehicles is getting more and more expensive to stand by the largest US car maker General Motors.

The debacle of fire risk in the CHEVROLET BOLT EV electrical vehicles is expensive for the largest US car manufacturer General Motors. About 850 million. Euro costs are expected. The manufacturer, LG Chem from Korea, also builds batteries for Volkswagen.

The company announced that all Bolt-EV models must now be called back-including those of the latest vintages. The Bolt was the first pure battery stream of the Americans built in large quantities who want to elect a large part of their cars and SUVs in the future. To the almost 69 ordered for repairs.000 e-cars from the construction years 2017 to 2019 come about 73.000 newer models add. The additional costs of the manufacturers put it at around one billion dollars (about 850 million euros). The majority of the vehicles concerned were sold in the USA, the rest in Canada.

WARNING: E-cars do not load into garages

The US transport authority NHTSA has already repeatedly warned the owner not to park the cars in garages or near houses because of the risk of battery ranks. The matter is extremely expensive for GM-Bolt-EV call calls had already caused $ 800 million in costs in the recent quarter.

130 km/h are already too much: what we have to get used to at e-cars

GM must call back all electric cars of a type due to the risk of fire-cars

Site 130 km/h are already too much: what we have to get used to at e-cars

GM had started a call back for the first time in November 2020 to fix the problem. The US traffic supervision then warned again of fire. Despite repairs already made, there were other cases in which Bolt models caught fire, according to NHTSA. The recalls also affected the German sister model of the Bolt, the Opel Ampera-e. Compared to the Bolt, however, significantly fewer e-drums were sold. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), almost 10 have been.000 ampera-e of the years 2016 to 2019 because of "Fire risk of the faulty high -voltage battery in the area full of loading capacity" call back. After the separation from General Motors, Opel builds its new Stromer like the Corsa-E in cooperation with its new owner, the French PSA group.

LG Chem construction batteries for GM – and also for VW

The batteries of the Chevrolet Bolt come from LG Chem from South Korea. The company produces batteries for numerous manufacturers, including for Volkswagen. The new VW ID.3 only made headlines a few days ago, also because of a fire: a brand new Stromer burned down after the store. The driver was able to save her child out of the car in good time before the car burned down . At the request of site, VW did not comment on the incident.The Korean Hersteler Hyundai also has massive technical problems with its electric cars. Due to the risk of fire, he must have the batteries at more than 80.Swap 000 cars, including the compact electric SUV Hyundai Kona.

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Federal government wants "collect more data"

At a request from the FDP parliamentary group for fire protection for e-cars, the federal government announced that "currently no higher fire hazard potential than with vehicles with a conventional combustion engine" exist. According to the current status, this affects the risk of a fire as a whole, but not the fire fighting. This is much more complex, among other things because of toxic flue gases of the batteries and an enormous water requirement. Because greasy batteries can catch fire for days, some fire brigades immerse the vehicles into water -filled containers. This applies not only to electric cars, but also to plug-in hybrid vehicles.The Federal Government does not respond. Instead, one points out that the training of fire and rescue workers "the responsibility of the states, municipalities and municipalities " lounger. The building authorities of the federal states are responsible for fire protection in underground garages. It continues: "According to the Federal Government, the statistical foundations should be fired (u.A. Cause, impact, vehicle technology are further improved." How and in what framework this data collection should be carried out, but Berlin does not provide any information on this.

Electric car connected to the charging station – hours later it burns lights

GM must call back all electric cars of a type due to the risk of fire-type

Site/Wochit Electric car connected to the charging station – hours later it burns lights

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  2. VW does not comment on the incident on request
    Site writes the VW burned down a few days ago with the same battery. It shows ignorance and indifference. In all battery fires, the battery is logically the core problem that relativizing or denying it appears to be insane. The funding should continue to flow, so there can obviously be victims.

  3. LG probably worked sloppy…
    A mistake for which you like to blame the battery technology and overall. There are often other causes (z. B. – As here – faulty battery, arson, inflammation of the air conditioning fluid after accident, incorrect loader or inverter).

  4. The core problem is the battery
    Everything revolves around this. All measures taken so far should prevent the dreaded battery beach. However, this is construction – and not safe due to the system and it cannot be. The battery heats up when charging and unloading, it follows mechanical stress, a mutual touch of the electrodes cannot be excluded 100%. Without battery, no battery car,

  5. E-vehicles
    Here, too, the wrong path of the electric vehicles becomes visible. 24h must be deleted in a fire! Environmental degradation in South America by breaking down lithium. Ca. 100.000km before an electric vehicle becomes more environmentally friendly than a diesel car. Much higher acquisition prices. Consideration width in winter! Loss of thousands of jobs! And that Germany only causes 2% of environmental pollution – viewed worldwide – are often forgotten. Could we finally agree to switch off the coal -fired power plants and have new, environmentally friendly nuclear power plants (Z.B. Building liquid reactors) would have a much greater effect for the environment!

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  7. Technology openness?
    As I already wrote: If politics prescribes a technology, this can only be the wrong technology". Politics as a contra-indicator! Instead of also promoting e-fuel and hydrogen, China batteries (China-Kracher) are subsidized. Hydropacs are the future! See sequencer from Kalmond Kess. In this pioneering future novel it says how private transport and aircraft are operated with it.

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