GM reveals e-car engines for fully electric future

GM reveals e-car engines for fully electric future-fully

The US manufacturer General Motors has introduced a trio of new electric motors to drive the electric cars based on its ultium-based platform. Specifically, a 180 kW front drive motor, a 255 kW motor, which can be installed at the front and the rear axle, as well as a 62 kW motor, which is intended to serve as a assistant motor in four-wheeled vehicles. All three engines have been internally calibrated to ensure the highest level of performance in Ultium-based electric cars, the manufacturer in a recent communication. The engines were developed as a scalable family who shares basic design principles as well as similar tool and manufacturing strategies.

The 180- and 255 kW units are permanent magnet motors developed with the aim of minimizing the dependence of rare earth materials while the 62 kW unit is an induction motor. The design of the E-engines was versatile enough to cover the power requirement for the complete vehicle range. GM also already called a concrete example in which combination the E-motors can be used: accordingly, up to three electric motors can be used in a vehicle. A model variant of the 2022 GMC Hummer eV, for example, should contain three 255 kW engines, resulting in a total output of more than 1000 hp.

GM reveals e-car engines for fully electric future-enginesGM

“Twenty years of electric drive systems and more than 100 years of experience in large-scale technology, GM help to quickly move from conventional vehicles to electric cars,” GM President Mark Reuss said in the presentation of the new engines. The vertical integration in this area, which includes both hardware and software, contributes to “giving us control of our own fate and a significant competitive advantage,” says Reuss.

The GM engineers also developed the software for the Ultium Drive engine control systems that the key should for that to meet the drive needs of different types of vehicle with a minimum set of components. These engineers are part of almost 11.000 employees of the GM product development team, which are currently working solely in software development. This number is expected to continue to grow, so GM, as the software is the critical point for the fully electric future of the automaker.

The team used computer-aided and virtual engineering to quickly, safe and cost-effective and at the same time improve vehicle control. According to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, according to GM, to find the most efficient possibilities for torque distribution in three-motor systems, such as in the GMC Hummer eV, so that the absolutely suitable vehicle can also be efficient on conventional streets.

In terms of power electronics, GM will have achieved significant progress compared to the current technology: Individual components should bring up to 50 percent less weight on the scales and yet up to 25 percent more powerful. The first model that is equipped with the new components will be the new lobster.

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  1. GM should not be underestimated. While there are nothing spectacular, but they are consistently electrically and researched for years at the ultium generation. They will not give up their market shares when it becomes electrically.


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