GM wants to double sales thanks to e-cars and digital services

GM wants to double sales thanks to e-cars and digital services-e-cars

During a two-day investor event, US automaker General Motors outlined its plans to double annual sales and increase margins by the end of the decade. Electric cars play a key role in this plan: GM has already announced that it will invest a total of $35 billion in all-electric and autonomous vehicles by 2025 and will launch more than 30 new electric vehicles worldwide.

“The vision of GM from a world without accidents, without emissions and without congestion has already brought us a step further to us over the competition in the areas of electrification, software-efficient services and autonomous driving,” said Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO of GM, to the Investors of a current communication. The early investments in these growth trends have transformed GM from a pure car manufacturer to a “platform innovator” with “customers at the center of all efforts”, as the GM boss explains. GM wants to use its hardware and software platforms to develop innovations that should improve everyday customer life in the all-electric future.

GM’s plan is to become the US EV market share leader, catching up with industry leader Tesla. The manufacturer builds on its self-developed, modular Ultium platform to bring a broad portfolio of electric vehicles with as many common, scalable components onto the market. On the Ultium platform, mass models such as a crossover from Chevrolet for a good 30.000 dollars (about 26.000 Euro) Building as well as the popular pick-ups and off-road vehicles in the USA.a. GMC and lobster and exclusive electric cars of the GM premium brand Cadillac, such as the two upcoming Lyriq and Celestic.

GMS Platform Strategy also includes the Ultifi service, which enable a significant extension of digital services and to increase the customer benefit of a vehicle. Ultifi is an end-to-end software platform that has been developed to open up new vehicle experiences and bring customers’ digital life into the vehicle. It should enable a seamless provision of software-defined functions, apps and services. GM will take 20 to 25 billion dollars in additional revenues per year through these digital offers, so Council of Party Barra.

In order to continue to generate innovations and growth, the manufacturer also gets expertise from outside. GM is involved in a good 20 start-ups of different sizes and maturity levels. On the event, the manufacturer also showed first, if modest views on or. in Chevrolet’s forthcoming Silverado pickup. However, GM did not grant more than a hint of the roof and a blurred view of the interior. At the beginning of next January at the CES in Las Vegas, the vehicle, which is to be delivered globally, will then be presented in its entirety.

There was also some news about Ultra Cruise, as the manufacturer calls its autonomous driving function: The technology should be available from 2023 and should be able to handle 95 percent of all driving scenarios on asphalt roads, including inner cities, in the USA and Canada. Autonomous driving should therefore be possible “hands-free from door to door” in the majority of cases, according to GM in its press release.

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3 thoughts on “GM wants to double sales thanks to e-cars and digital services”

  1. GM and Ford are coming. Ford has already introduced its weapon, the F-150 Lightning, and it’s frighteningly good. GM is still covered, but the experience shows, you too will have very adequate offers. Both will share the home market, even if it’s a fully electric market. As before. It’s not disruption, it’s transformation.

  2. The West and the East are pinching Europe. The market pressure on preventers is increasing and that is the only right thing to do. The market overtakes “Vorsprung durch Technik” and that’s awesome. The dynamic that was unleashed is solely thanks to Tesla. thank you!

  3. If I’m already reading GM…A good 10 years ago, when the market started with electric cars, GM let the Swedish brand Saab (almost together with Opel) disappear from the market. Today, GM prides itself on making progress with electric cars. How does that fit together? Why did GM bring out the S-Volt back then and the Ampera at its subsidiary Opel?? Why not a similar model at Saab?


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