Government plans: driver’s license with expiry date

Government plans

Driving license with expiry date

Government plans: driver's license with expiry date-government
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If you will have your driver’s license from 2013, you have to exchange the driver’s license every 15 years. A expiry date should also apply to the driving licenses issued in front of it. The background is an EU regulation.

The driver’s licenses in Germany should receive an expiry date in the future. According to government plans, the driver’s license should only be valid for 15 years from 2013. After that, the road users would have to apply for a new driver’s license, but would not have to complete a new driving test. Appropriate changes in the law have been launched by the federal government. For all permanent driving licenses issued by 2013, they have to be exchanged by 2033 at the latest. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Transport confirmed the information.

EU regulation stipulates the law amendment

The reason for the limitation of driving licenses is an EU directive from 2006, which the federal government must have implemented by next year. According to the ministry, there will only be a driver’s license document within the EU. With the regular exchange, the documents are always up to date with the latest security technology, in addition "an increasingly relatively up -to -date passport photo will ensure that the recognizability of the owner of the driver’s license will be improved," a spokesman told the sheet.

Come health reviews?

Health checks every 15 years in the course of the exchange, as the EU had also stimulated, there should therefore not be in Germany. "The exchange is not associated with any medical or other examination," said the Ministry. The Federal Council still has to agree to the plans.
Two important points are currently not known: how expensive the compulsory exchange of the driver’s license will be and whether it is actually, as in the current draft. Such exams have now been introduced in other EU countries. Italy checks reaction and prescription – from the 65. Year of life even every two years. Spain (from 45 years) and the Netherlands (from the age of 70) check the ability to drive at a five-year distance.

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11 thoughts on “Government plans: driver’s license with expiry date”

  1. Driving license with expiry date
    This is called reducing bureaucracy or how. Mr. Stoiber had not been sent to the EU, … To drive the reduction in bureaucracy. Here the bureaucracy is to overturn what it has just built up with his head.

  2. Again nonsense!
    If it were about a review of the preserving or reaction time (physical ailments), then it would make sense for me, but the taxpayer, as always, pays the colliery.

  3. Again the Eurocracy
    The Eurocratie gives and once again additional costs and additional administration. What do our laws actually apply? Everywhere these euro rates rule in. Slowly it is enough.

  4. Again a piece of freedom is lost
    What real advantage for us "Normal subanas" (Citizens have not been calling myself for a long time) the EU? Now a little bit of freedom is lost through this official dictatorship. I’m curious what comes after that…

  5. Unfortunately,
    Dear Henry Swiss, German citizens were not asked about the EU and the euro, we are only allowed to introduce and pay for this nonsense of the Eurocrats as the first. Probation as an EU regulation is probably only a pretext of our incompetent government to give citizens.

  6. Pure money -making!
    It would be enough to simply replace the passport photo. But therefore apply for a new driver’s license, present all the things again and pay the 80 € again? No thanks, that’s rip off at the citizen. As if we didn’t have to do enough.

  7. EU…
    Since the EU has been available in regular sections, money has been burned. Money from those who ultimately finance the EU and thus the brain spider of non -realistic rulers.

  8. One aspect has been forgotten here
    There is a 40 year old photo in my old gray driver’s license. Even if I kept myself well, the similarity with my current appearance is extremely low. I have not lived in a registered place of residence in the other area for 35 years. Not to mention the faded appearance of the document. If this old rag is then exchanged after 15 years – where is the problem. It only gets really expensive when the health check required by other commentators, etc. adds. I am against it again!

  9. Why do you have to
    Why do you actually have to endure a deterioration of your own legal position without complaint. The surveillance state does not have to know everything. If you think your photo does not correspond to your current look, you are free to apply for a new driver’s license. In contrast, the compulsion of the exchange of driving license must be rejected.

  10. Do the EU officials really have
    Nothing else to do? After the abolition of the light bulb, this is again a completely meaningless and unnecessary guideline. Who only thinks that and why nobody stops such nonsense?


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