Grandland Hybrid: Opels Great now bears “Vizor” – our impressions

Grandland Hybrid: Opels Great now bears

He was the first to actually bring the lightning in Opel’s new time with PSA. Even before the fully electric Corsa you could be in the Grandland X – at least temporarily – with electricity strength. After four years now you have ordered the Russelsheim flagship to the box. Although the re-start is missing the already bulky X in the name – the Grandland now bears the outside “Vizor” and inside “Pure Panel”. Optically, Opel’s big one closer to the mocha. Remained in addition to two traditional burners also the two double hearts.

The German-French axis proves to be a strong drive in the bowel. To the 200 hp strong gasoline in the four-wheel drive version “Hybrid4” (from 51 190 Euro) joined the front an electric motor with 110 hp and rear of a 113. Make in the sum although only 300, snips the Grandland X but Schick forward. If necessary in 6.1 seconds on tempo 100 and up to 235. For purely electrical propulsion, the brand is 135. Well maintained rolls with directional speed is there prima in it.

Grandland Hybrid: Opels Great now bears Wolfgang Plank

Disciplined are offered with the 13.2 kWh battery up to 65 electrical kilometers (WLTP), whereby the 45 of the reality of the driver’s everyday life come closer. As always, dynamics costs distance. Small drawback: The recuperation falls out in position D a little too weak, in position B almost too strong. Three or four gradations were good. Either way: A blue light over the rearview mirror signals the exhaust-free ride outward – if the police should check an environmental zone.

The whole thing is also available as a version “hybrid” (from 45 040 euros) with 224 hp system performance and only an electric motor for front. But because that – unlike the rear winding – can not rotate without power-worthwhile gears, the front version only comes to 64 official electricity kilometers. In addition, the gasoline is only 180 hp. Another advantage of the all-wheel drive: purely electrically one can use the power of the two axes to speed 80. And do not worry: so empty the Grandland does not make the battery, that no juice would be available for driving or stabilizing the rear rear rear no juice.

Grandland Hybrid: Opels Great now bears Wolfgang Plank

Speaking of: During the ride, the electricity budget can be regulated over four driving modes. Including programmable residual range. On the domestic socket takes a complete filling good seven hours, with power stream it goes in four and on a wallbox even in two. However, only the onboard charger for 3.7 kW, the doubling costs 500 Euro surcharge – a universal charger (18 to 22 kW, three-phase, with three adapters) is available for 720 euros. Worried about the battery you do not have to do that. Eight years (up to 160 000 kilometers) are Opel Warranty.

Above all, the Grandland is not just a Peugeot 3008 with lightning, but rather something like an Opel with proper lion and some double angle. With black painted bonnet and a roof that seems to float. Where the clad C-pillar is of course a not quite cheaper trick – but a fancy just too.

Grandland Hybrid: Opels Great now bears Wolfgang Plank

Otherwise, Opel’s youngster scores with increased seating position and 4.47 meters in length with lots of airiness also in the second row. All the more, if you choose the overhead glazing. The two screens merge chic to a broadband monitor, and fortunately there are still buttons and regulators for the important things. Only the USB port in the center console is quite fiddly. Fit in the luggage compartment 390 liters, with folded back laths, it is good 1.5 cubic meters – and on the hooks are allowed to slow down 1250 kilos.

Both models are coped from the factory with the well-known eight-stage automatic, which wonderfully gently sorted and only tends to jump in sports mode. The chassis is more comfortable, but comes with the 1.9 tons also in fleets curves properly. The steering, however, is likely to feel much earlier and stronger that volant and front wheels have to do with each other.

Grandland Hybrid: Opels Great now bears Wolfgang Plank

The new Grandland is built in Eisenach, from 16. October he stands at the dealer. And much speaks that the hybrid rate of 36 percent should still rise a little. The four front should probably be targeted.

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