Great Britain has more electric car charging stations as petrol stations in operation

Great Britain has more electric car charging stations as petrol stations in operation-petrol

Nissan hit an interesting statement in the middle of the week. So the number of charging stations for electric cars has exceeded the number of gas stations in the UK for the first time. According to the car manufacturer, there are in the UK until August 9.199 active electric car charging stations compared to 8.396 open petrol stations.

“Almost 80% of UK Petrol Stations Have Closed Since 1970, While The Number of Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Has Increased From A Few Hundred in 2011 (When The Nissan Leaf Went on Sale) To More Than 9,000 in August 2019.”

Every hundred years ago, the first British gas station in Aldermaston was opened in Berkshire. In the meantime, in 1970 was 37.539 open gas stations throughout the country reached the highlight. Since then, the number of gas stations has declined. Thus, between 2000 and 2005, more than 3.000 gas stations closed. In contrast, the number of charging stations in the country grows rapidly. In 2012 there were good 913 charging stations, 2018 already 6.699 throughout the country. In 2019 alone were over 2.000 others installed this year. Among the meanwhile 9.199 charging stations are more than 1.600 fast load options.

But the comparison does not appear very fair. Because of the addressed charging stations, it is not forced to be locations with more than one, two charging points. Whereas at a gas station can be fueled by five or more vehicles at the same time. Nevertheless, it is difficult to deny that the spread of electric vehicle charges in an unprecedented pace accelerated.

Tesla alone brought it to 290 supercharger until May 2019. Overall, 49 Supercharger locations are listed in the UK on their own website, 28 more “come soon”. Ionity also contributes its part to the expansion of electric automatic infrastructure in the United Kingdom. Despite the threatening Brexit you want to stick to the expansion plans.

A look at Germany must not be missing. Here we brought it to 20 until August.650 public charging points, as we have recently reported. In contrast, the gas station die continues in Germany. The number of gas stations in Germany falls to around 14.500 in 2019. In 1970, the gas station stock in Germany was still over 46.000. Already in the mid-1980s there was less than 20.000 gas stations. The development is therefore analogous to the United Kingdom.

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