Great Wall Motor comes with 2 models to Europe

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Great Wall Motor comes with 2 models to Europe-motor

The Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motor (GWM) gives an outlook on its brand and product portfolio at the IAA, with which he soon also wants to grasp feet in Europe: Concretes GWM presents a new generation of vehicles – the Premium Brande Wey and the new Electromarke GWM ORA. Of self-learning artificial intelligence over 5g to faster computing performance: In the development of new technologies, both brands of 30 years of experience of the parent company benefit, according to GWM in a recent communication. The Group applies in its home country as a leader in the development of intelligent networks as well as one of the pioneers in research and development of key technologies such as 5G, autopilot and V2X (Vehicle-to-everything).

A plug-in hybrid with up to 150 kilometers range

The plug-in hybrid Coffee 01, which was announced at the beginning of this year in Europe as V71, is the flagship of the brand Wey: It combines current technologies with above-average high range and a customer-oriented ecosystem. His driving platform “Coffee Intelligence” is a Ki-based system that connects intelligent cockpit systems with hybrid drive and smart connectivity, so GWM. The key technologies 5G, Wi-Fi connectivity, facial recognition, personalization, the augmented reality display and a 14-inch infotainment display should make the Coffee 01 for a technology leader in terms of mobility. The artificial intelligence of the Wey Coffee 01 learns active and is always kept up to date with over-the-air updates. Also in the field of security scores the Coffee 01: The 3-D object recognition should ensure maximum safety for driver, passenger and all other road users.

The PHEV system of Coffee 01 is designed for four-wheel drive and consists of two electric motors with 110 kW and 135 kW and a 2.0-liter turbo gasinine with 150 kW on the front together. In purely electrical operation, the coffee 01 accelerates at 100 km / h in about 7 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 135 km / h. The 41.8 kWh-catching battery ensures an electric range of up to 150 km. Most commuters are likely to do in electric mode on working days with a single charge – without having to connect the internal combustion engine (150 kW). In combination, the combusters and the two E-motors reach a maximum power 350 kW and 847 nm. From zero to a hundred is then in about five seconds, and the coffee 01 reaches up to 235 km / h.

Great Wall Motor comes with 2 models to Europe-modelsGWM

The first deliveries of the Coffee 01 are planned for the first half of 2022. Great Wall Motor wants to introduce the brand Wey first in Germany; Other markets should follow soon. The first brand experience center is scheduled to be opened at the beginning of 2022 in Munich. There, mobility and ecosystem services should be offered in addition to the vehicles. Thanks to the user-centered “One-Platform” approach, all services can be ordered with only one wiping in the app. “We will focus on unique experiences and products to meet the daily mobility needs of our users. An interactive, community-based bonus program creates a new market and an innovative business model, “explains Gerald Krainer, Sales and Service Director Europe for Wey and Ora. Further details on equipment variants and prices will be announced by the company shortly.

ORA CAT: Lifestyle meets future technology

The second litter of GWM for Europe is the electric compact car Cat of ORA. With its combination of futuristic retro design, everyday hardware and intelligent information technology, according to GWM, he stands for a new generation of cars – sustainable, innovative and with extensive equipment. The ORA CAT is based on the electric car platform, L.E.M.O.N.’GWM. Depending on the battery variant, he has a range of up to 400 km. The E motor brings it to 126 kW and 250 nm and thus allows acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds.

Great Wall Motor comes with 2 models to Europe-modelsGWM

The ORA CAT has numerous assistance systems as standard. Thus, he is equipped in the areas of safety and functionality at a level that is rather rare in the lower middle class. “With GWM ORA, we build a completely new lifestyle brand in Europe. We talk a fashion and lifestyle-oriented target group and integrate the brand into the culture of a progressive urban generation, “explains Rebecca Grajecki, Brand and Marketing Director Europe for Wey and GWM ORA, the manufacturer’s strategy.

The ORA CAT is designed for intelligent driving. Many of the necessary features are available at Ora Cat as standard: The key technology for round-UM sensors should ensure the best possible safety. An intel chip of the new generation for intelligent driving delivering a fast computing power. A motorway assistant and artificial intelligence for automated parking should make driving with the ORA CAT particularly comfortable: the automated recorder assist detected with a camera up to 50 meters away, so that the car automatically moves into a parking space.
Great Wall Motor comes with 2 models to Europe-greatGWM

For the first time in this segment, a 5-millimeter wave radar, 12 ultrasound radars, 4 cameras for 360 degree views and a front camera for intelligent driving available as standard. The face recognition should ensure a secure journey: the system includes fatigue and deflection detection. A high-strength steel body on an extra reinforced steel frame, six airbags, the latest ESP system and the automatic accident and breakdown aid E-Call should make sure the compact current. All systems can always be brought up to date thanks to over-the-air updates (OTA).

Customers can pre-order both models from the end 2021. The first deliveries are planned for the first half of 2022. Further details on equipment variants, sales partners and prices wants to announce the company shortly.

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5 thoughts on “Great Wall Motor comes with 2 models to Europe”

  1. The Chinese come, self-confident, with intelligent technology and attractive offers. Actually, they are already there with all the already bought companies, but now the own brands.
    Chinese Phevs are hardly able to do it, because the local competition is more attractive and equally developed, but Ki-Bevs will make it.
    The BEV future belongs to the KI, networking and dynamic data exchange, of autonomous movement not to be silent.

  2. The question is not what these cars have everything and can have everything according to the press kit, but whether this works in practice in Germany and brings added value.

    I only remember Tesla and her great autopilot, which still does not work in the approach today and cropped extremely here in Europe. The same threatens now in the US about an investigation of the traffic authority. Even Musk has granted that he is not satisfied with the current state of autopilot, “Not Great”.

    Incidentally, I find a hybrid with 150 km range extremely harmful. Because so you can get the internal combustion engine Greenwash.

  3. Find both vehicles an attractive offer, especially in interior. An ID3 must sink in front of the CAT in front of shame in the ground. Especially my wife pleases the extremely good.
    Personally, I fell in love with the coffee 01. I will definitely watch the beginning of 2022 live in Munich live. That’s exactly the variety Phev in which I see the future for people who would otherwise buy until 2035 burners.
    I think the coffee 01 and Cat would make themselves very well beside each other in the driveway and would probably harvest many surprising looks.

  4. If I were a car manufacturer who has so far with column dimensions, soft leather equipment with colored decorative seams or even with headupdisplays around the favor of the customers – I would be scared in these vehicles at these prices and be scared – yes, China comes in ride and is very tremendous!


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