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The Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motor wants to target the German market in the future to market its electric vehicles.

The Chinese provide a first look at the upcoming Stromer on the currently taking place international automobile exhibition (IAA) in Munich. We already had the opportunity to take a closer look at the vehicles. With the ORA CAT, Great Wall shows a small e-compact car that only 20 with funding.000 euros could cost.

The Chinese automobile manufacturer Great Wall Motor (GWM) now wants to officially also in
Europe and here especially in Germany gain a foothold. The manufacturer shows two new car brands on the IAA. Under the Brand Wey wants to offer GMW Premium-Piug-in-Hybride in this country, while only electrical vehicles are available under the ORA brand. The Ora Cat, which was first exhibited in Germany for the first time, is intended to become a “gamechanger” with its combination of futuristic retro design, high-quality hardware and intelligent information technology and especially competitors such as the VW ID in this country.3 Take on the grain.

Depending on the battery variant (by default 63 kWh), the e-compactler manages a range of up to 400 kilometers and brings it to 126 kW, 250 Newton meters and thus enables an acceleration of 0-50 km/h in 3.8 seconds or needs 8, 5 seconds from zero to a hundred, it says. Only 1.The front -wheel drive, which is up to 160 km/h, brings 510 kilos to the wage. It is supposed to enrich the offer in the lower middle class in particular and offers numerous assistance systems in a series that has not yet existed in this class, according to GWB. “With the GWM ORA we are building a completely new lifestyle brand in Europe. We address a fashion and lifestyle-oriented target group and interweave the brand with the culture of a generation of urban lifestyles, ”says Rebecca Grajecki, Marketing responsible for Wey and ORA.

Great Wall unpacks the ORA CAT: ID3 competitor at the China Prize-News-unpacks
Site/l. Brack Great Wall unpacks the ORA CAT: ID3 competitor at the China Prize

All -round sensors ensure safe driving as standard

The CAT is fully geared towards intelligent and safe driving. Many of the necessary features are already available at the factory, according to GWM: All-round sensors and a central processor of the latest generation from the industry leader Intel should ensure the best possible security here. On board, for example, a motorway assistant and artificial intelligence for automated parking as well as an automated reversing assistant, which records and evaluates up to 50 meters away, are recorded and evaluates, so that the CAT car automatically finds a suitable parking space. For the first time in this class, a 5-millimeter wave radar, 12 ultrasound radars, 4 cameras for a 360-degree view and a highly sensitive front camera for intelligent driving are also available as standard.

In addition, active and dynamic face recognition including fatigue and distraction detection should ensure more safety in road traffic. The latest software gets the vehicle via over-the-air updates (OTA) and is therefore always up to date without a visit to the contract workshop. A 4G entertainment system of the latest generation via 20.5 inches ensures media entertainment (approx. 52 cm) large, central dual screen display. About 30.000 the CAT should cost the information available according to the Efahrer. Any funding is not yet included. If the CAT gets all the funding, it is for a good 20.To have 000 euros in Germany. Interested parties can order the ORA CAT from the end of 2021. The first deliveries are planned for the first half of 2022. The company wants to announce further details on equipment variants, sales partners and prices.

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