Greens can also do without bans: that’s why Germany does not need a speed limit

Traffic policy of the traffic lights

Greens can also do without bans: Why Germany does not need a speed limit

Greens can also do without bans: that's why Germany does not need a speed limit-bans
Mobile in Germany Survey of the speed limit: If only drivers are interviewed, there is a majority against it

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

In the coalition probes, the FDP prevailed on the subject of speed limit. Synthetic fuels should complement electromobility. The traffic light actual creates a green transport policy without green dogmatism? A comment.

It was certainly not an essential element of the traffic lights, but still a symbolic thing: the speed limit on motorways. The SPD wanted it to have the Greens, the FDP under no circumstances. The point victory went to the FDP: There will be no general speed limit on German highways, according to the exploratory paper.The question is: Why are the Greens bent in one of their favorite projects? To have a better basis for negotiations for other topics – such as a future burner ban or even higher CO2 taxes? Possible. But it could also be easy that the Greens took the chance to prove something. Namely that "green" Transport policy does not always have to consist of prohibitions.

Green politics can also be without bans

The advantages and disadvantages that a speed limit would bring were discussed until the excess. Each page sees itself in the right. A phenomenon that can be observed in a similar way to the helmet obligation for cyclists . But how much personal responsibility does the state want to take its citizens and what are the advantages of it? Tempol limit and helmet are like corona measures of the brand "Extra -type", where, despite double vaccination, you still keep your distance yourself in the beer garden and wear mask. Of course, this reduces the theoretical risk of infection by a few percentage points. But who wants to live like this forever?

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Greens can also do without bans: that's why Germany does not need a speed limit-germany

Site Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

One thing is certain – and this should ultimately have persuaded the Greens to give in to the topic of speed limit: the speed limit would be reliable both in terms of the environment and in traffic safety, but compared to other measures one of the smallest bikes that are turned can. Example of traffic safety: Most of the traffic fatalities were to be complained about in 2020 on country roads. 1592 people died here, which was 58.6 percent of all traffic fatalities. In the city, 810 people died in accidents (29.8 % of all traffic fats) and 317 people on highways (11.7 % of all traffic fatalities).

VW managers drive burners again: that is behind it

Greens can also do without bans: that's why Germany does not need a speed limit-bans

Site VW managers drive burners again: that is behind it

The more electric cars, the less high-speed

By the way: the more electric cars are on German roads, the lower the speeds that have been driven should also be. Not only because of the high consumption of the electricity at high speed, but also because of the limits ex works. VW, for example, stops its Stromer at 160 km/h, Hyundai at 170 km/h, BMW between 200 and 225 km/h, Daimler at 180 to 210 km/h. This also looks like a real -life compromise: if you absolutely want to drive 280 km/h, you may be better off on a race track. But there is still no reason why we drivers should not continue to drive in the future in suitable traffic conditions.

The thickest boards of the traffic lights are still coming

After the speed limit has been put to the files, Greens, FDP and SPD can now prove that they can also make reasonable compromises on other topics and do without dogmas in order to make really real life instead. Finally, there are construction sites in traffic policy that are of a completely different caliber than the speed limit on motorways:

  • E-mobility. The influence of the Federal Government on this is limited in that the EU has already given the right of electric car centrally. At the national level, it is all about implementation, and not about rigid "Exit data" Or quotas, but very practical to create the technical requirements in the first place . So, dear traffic lights: do not hang on dogmas like "Concerns ban on 200x" Or quotas, but creates the right and growing infrastructure. Otherwise you will fly around your ears because of the frustration of the drivers.
  • City traffic of the future: Instead of giving every farm with a bus stop for ideological reasons, the traffic light coalition should simply recognize that a life without your own car in the country is only worthwhile for a small minority. If your energy is therefore based on the cities and creates concepts that really implement the reduction in car traffic, which is very central from the Greens. If in doubt, drivers will probably have to bring the larger victims.
  • Last not least: Who should pay for that? It cannot be concerned that the taxpayer damage of up to 20.000 euros per subsidized electric vehicle is created and at the same time every grandma with her old Toyota or every family man with his diesel sharan wealthy wealthy financed your electric SUV in the form of exploding gasoline price tax. There must be no redistribution from arm to green. What now "just" is – lower CO2 taxes, redistribution to the citizens, as the Greens suggest, or in a different way – that can be negotiated. But one thing is clear: electric car drivers also use streets, block parking spaces and indirectly cause emissions through electricity production. So in the future you will have to make your contribution as well as gasoline and diesel drivers have always done.

Surf tip: 130 km/h speed limit on motorways: advantages and disadvantages

Wunderku is specifically: China-Akku should load with absurd performance

Greens can also do without bans: that's why Germany does not need a speed limit-need

Site Wunderku is specifically: China-Akku should load with absurd performance

Fast and delicious: autumnal apple egg liqueur cake

Greens can also do without bans: that's why Germany does not need a speed limit-germany

Dining Perfect for the season: fast and delicious: autumnal apple egg liqueur cake

That might be interested in politics:

  • The FDP MEP Moritz KOrner, who belongs to the traffic lights negotiating rounds, calculates in his guest contribution for Site Messerscharf with EU Commission President of the Leyen. Ursula von der Leyen has been in office for two years this week. KOrner, who is also a member of the FDP Presidium, accuses her of having sold Parliament and the public for stupid. Guest contribution by Moritz KOrner – "I regret having chosen you": FDP MP also calculates from the Leyen
  • The CDU begins the search for a new party leader with a break. Little was frowned upon in the Christian union – for good reasons – as grassroots democracy. The fact that she is now looking for her salvation in it can confidently book as an expression of despair. Inspired – column by Ulrich Reitz – the fight for the CDU chairmanship, where the real power is in the Union
  • Hardly any foreign minister has shaped Germany’s picture in the world as stupid as Heiko Maas. And hardly any foreign minister left as large construction sites and accidents as Maas. Iran, Afghanistan and the relationship with the USA and the other great powers – there is a lot to do for his successor. A billing. SPD in the Federal Foreign Office – Foreign policy dawns – apparently Maas didn’t know what he was doing

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  1. so what ?
    Why get some snaps here ? Where can you still "free" ride ? Either has … Why get some snaps here ? Where can you still "free" ride ? Either speed limit, construction site or traffic jam. If you have a free piece, you will certainly sneak up "Traffic educator" Left over the train. So: an apparent admission of the Greens for nothing !

  2. Sebastian Viehmann,
    The site-"Traffic specialist", who is second to none. Sorry, that was not a comment, but merciless opinion of opinion!

  3. Speed limit
    Actually stupid that it does not apply, because that makes K o s t e n l o s. CO2 saved at a not inconsiderable amount. A big part of it is obviously believed that it is better to pay for these high CO2 taxes. So it is worthwhile from politics to do without the limit. Bring more money.

  4. Also
    The Greens forget their full -bodied electoral logans.But like her top candidate, everything lies and wore.poor Germany.

  5. Abstruse contribution
    Rarely read such an abstruse contribution.In other words, the whole world that has a speed limit is stupid. No, it is simply a matter of that DE as a car country can continue to build nonsense cars with 300 or more horsepower and better earning them through the company from taxes.

  6. Not just highway
    Why not so: single -track (without medium strips) 50 km/h two -lane (country road) 80 km/h four -lane 110 km/h six -lane 140 km/h eight and more traces: Without limit, easy to remember and increases traffic safety.

  7. Car use highly subsidized
    To date, the cause principle u.A. disregarded in road traffic. The external costs that we all have to raise in Germany per car every year are between € 2200 and € 4000 per year. As long as every car owner does not pay this amount for its vehicle per year, we can speak of a high subsidization of the car use in Germany. The energy tax on fuels is only 50% earmarked for use for road traffic. The total income of this energy tax share does not approximate the external costs of the car fleet. Germany needs a speed limit ! Every medication that has a side effect of 317 deaths per year would be removed from the market from the market.

  8. And in these cost calculations …
    …is not even included that 2/3 of the new cars are company cars and are deducted from tax and thus cause more tax failures than tax revenue.

  9. Tempo limit not "for" but "through" Motorways
    Apart from the fact that almost all highways are already saved with route-related speed limits: Many sections are in such a bad condition that you can not drive much faster than 120..

  10. Self
    The maximum curvature of a cucumber or banana is regulated by the EU, so far it was not might not the maximum speed on the highways? An alignment with Europe would be desirable and every party could be preserved. Right, there are more effective measures, but not in the event of a change of decline! And emobility and autonomous driving actually need a limitation, even the German automotive groups have recognized this. As a dear EU, you like to regulate something, just too………

  11. Speed limit 130 – supposedly 48% for it
    Strange, where do only these numbers come from. So I live in the middle of Munich and friends in suburbs or directly in the country. Nobody wants the speed limit. Everyone also wants to drive 150 or 160 if it should give it up. The BMW testers who are traveling at 05:30 in the morning in the sense of maintaining jobs are testers with 250 and faster over the A92.

  12. BMW boycott
    If that is true, there is only one thing: BMW Bokottet! Nobody needs cars that drive 250. If jobs actually depend on it, they have no future.


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