Grunheide: New objections to Tesla-Gigafactory

Grunheide: New objections to Tesla-Gigafactory-objections

In the construction of the vehicle factory of Tesla in Grunheide, it still does not work around. At the third party participation in the authorization procedure, 395 new persons submitted to the planned Gigafactory. That reports “ “citing different sources.

The Brandenburg State Office for the Environment has therefore decided to take another discussion date in which the objections can be discussed. The appointment will take place this time online because of the high number of objections and the current Corona provisions. As a possible date, the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg is the 13. September called. However, the discussion could also start earlier – but then even over a longer period – possibly even several weeks.

As the RBB is writing to a spokeswoman of the Brandenburg Environment Ministry, the “online consultation” should discuss the users’ gender, authorities and Tesla the respective objections. “Persons who have collected objections must be given access to a discussion date to actively participate,” the spokeswoman is quoted. Information about the exact course should be given yet. However, this “online consultation” does not seem to be planned as a kind of video conference. As the RBB calls on its own information, be it planned to “retire all the objections by e-mail”. Virtual conversations should not give it.

There is criticism on these plans. A representative of the Citizens’ Initiative Grunheiden described the procedure as “undemocratic”, as a real discussion is not governed. “This does not have the opportunity to do their fears directly and possibly also clear out of the way to make affected citizens. In addition, the online solution may exclude older people who do not clarify the technology. The NABU also criticized the online consultation.

With the 395 objections from the third public interpretation, the total number of objections to 809 increases – in the first two public participations, together 414 persons and organizations had registered objections.

While Model-Y production in Greenheide – even because of the lack of approval – still has to be maintained, Tesla has therefore brought a new variant of Model Y in China in China. The basic version, which is probably exported to Europe soon, has loud “ “over a 60 kWh big LFP battery with cells from Catl. The price is therefore starting at 276.000 yuan – after deduction of promotion 36.180 euros.

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10 thoughts on “Grunheide: New objections to Tesla-Gigafactory”

  1. The Koreans knew why they rather built their works in the neighboring East.
    Tesla should have known it better that with German competition, the Tools NABU and Green League no production for environmentally friendly technology in Germany is going to open.
    In Brandenburg, there is not without reason most jobseekers, which are not already emigrated from perspectivity.
    No investor should build on 70 years of GDR, especially no American future industry.

  2. Tesla wanted and does not want to go to Model Y this year in production. They did not have any batteries. Therefore, other announcements such as the Cybertruck and the Semi Truck are not produced. Or where are the batteries now stack? Then you like to push the black Peter for the misplanning someone else.
    It is relatively skilled but also transparent to the provisionally approved construction project simply so short-term to expand a battery factory and then push the German authorities to blame for the shift in the shoes.

  3. I would be interested if that would be such a lubricating theater if a German manufacturer no matter which there would be a work for e cars. That would certainly be approved. My opinion.

  4. Musk has been seduced by the fun factor to pee the German Dino lobby as soon as possible. That now because of a few preventer thousands have to wait for an electric car is just ridiculous. But the German innovation preventer in Wolfsburg, Munich and Stuttgard, of course, use every opportunity to prevent a Tesla Made in Germany could damage the desolate image of eternalgestern even more. Only forget that Alan Musk has already set up the entire world of eternal. There will be the pair of prevents at most a few cents damage in the postage port of Musk. Musk will now spoil the German market right with cars Made in China. Whether the gesture is, I dare to doubt. No matter where the cars come from. Every Tesla means more pressure on the German combustion producers – with their beautiful PR departments.

  5. I have taken “Citizens’ Initiative Grunheiden” and on their website the contribution ..

    Leibniz Institute for Water Silogy and Inland Fisheries: “Scientific Assessment on the settlement of industrial major projects in water-poor areas”

    The Leibniz Institute for Water Ecology and Inland Fisherei releases an interesting article on industrial settlements in water-poor areas in the context of the planned Tesla settlement.

    Source; Bi-Gruenheide.DE – 22. August 2021)

    … with a link to the article of the Leibniz Institute found and there is also this text:

    Although in the region Historically, landscape drainage (drainages, river buildings, drainage of bogs) The agricultural use of surfaces first promoted [Nutzmann et al. 2011], climate change as well as human and natural water requirement requires a rethinking to a natural water balance with long residence times in the region by reinforced water retention (retention).

    (Source: IGB

    In the past, the land was laid dry and now you shout about water shortage, As a scapegoat, Tesla is just right, but the problem caused earlier generations.

    There are a total of three large so-called areas with several Diploma for lignite in Germany, in which is being demonstrated. You are in Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and North Rhine-Westphalia.


    Now you want to prevent e-cars there and continue to reduce and recycle large amounts of lignite so that the CO2 emissions remain high and it gets hotter there and thus the water is even scarce.

    Apparently in Brandenburg hardly thinks further in the future – as at that time at landscape drainage.

  6. We have after visiting the Model Y (I like the gap dimensions &# 128521; ) Last week in Bern decided not to wait any longer and scan the “# Waiting for Berlin” status again.
    I’m curious with which ship our vehicle will come in the future &# 128578;

    How much does the German state actually lose Pro Tesla Model Y, if this occurs from Greenheide from Shanghai?
    Could and there someone brighten?

  7. I believe that the German autolobby can flow away money, so that the construction is further delayed.If Tesla could build there at the end of the year Model Y, the German sales market would be lost for domestic manufacturers.They have so much catching up (just software that could swim away the skins completely.poor Germany


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