Habeck wants to “relaunch in the short term” e-car funding

Habeck wants to “relaunch in the short term” e-car funding-habeck

By the end of November 2021, almost one million applications for the environmental bonus & innovation bonus for e-cars and PHEV had been submitted. Quite an announcement. And above all drivers for the growth of e-mobility. Nevertheless, politicians, specifically the new Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens), are toying with the idea of relaunching the promotion of electric cars in Germany in the short term.

As Habeck explained in an ARD interview, he wanted to take on the innovation bonus and talk to the automotive industry about it. We remember that since June 2020 the innovation premium has doubled the state subsidy for the purchase of electric cars, i.e. the environmental bonus, from 3.000 on 6.000 euros. The doubling of the federal share in the form of the so-called innovation premium should actually expire next year, was extended at the end of November 2020 to the end of 2025. The innovation premium and the regular environmental bonus have the same term.

“We need to rebuild the innovation premium in the short term,” said Dabad in the interview. According to the coalition agreement of SPD, Greens and FDP, the purchase aids should first continue to run until 2022 as before. Thereafter, the traffic lights rewrite the promotion for electric cars and plug-in hybrids and design degressive. This should ensure that only partial circuits with a range of at least 80 km fully electric from 2023 receive a promotion. At the end of 2025, according to coalition cleaning, the innovation premium should completely expire – as well as the environmental bonus. The question is whether this is so useful.

Because especially in terms of e-mobility, Germany is to become a leading market by 2030: At least 15 million e-cars should be admitted by then – five million more than in the most optimistic scenario of the previous coalition, which had seven to ten million e-cars. In order for this to succeed, framework conditions and funding measures should be specifically geared towards the breakthrough of e-mobility.

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5 thoughts on “Habeck wants to “relaunch in the short term” e-car funding”

  1. It remains to be seen and at the same time exciting.
    Unfortunately, the current innovations are not really new, and a number of campaign topics have only been blah blah blah.
    The subsidies for PHEVs have to go, 130 are needed, many charging stations and a combustion engine, which takes effect before the climate catastrophe.
    Inner cities must become emission-free, inner-city traffic must be shifted more to public transport and trucks must be shifted to the railways.
    If you can do that, you’re fit to govern 🙂

  2. I think we have to build on the momentum that electromobility is currently experiencing. Therefore: Subsidies melt away quickly. Don’t encourage hybrids at all. These are disposable cars for a few years. I do not like the whole direction to market electromobility as cheap in maintenance. Your own car should be so expensive for autonomous taxis / rental cars to question as a substitute

  3. First of all, the promotion of hybrids must be stopped immediately. That was just a dirty deal to give the auto industry a bit of air. For the climate, the zero brings. At this point you will quickly see how serious it means the traffic light with climate protection.

  4. I do not trust the Greens, the will may be present, but also the FDP brake.

    There must probably be a lot of clermastrophes (flood, storms, drought and heat summer) in Germany and worldwide, before politics and economics understand that the many lazy compromises in environmental protection no longer expect, neither tax revenue nor at wins and workstations.

  5. Yes, the PHEV promotion only up to max. Gross list price 40.000 Euro and 80 km pure Electrical reach to WLTP. Then the SUVs and expensive cars are out.


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