Hagebau and EnBW make common cause: up to 100 new fast charging stations throughout Germany

Hagebau and EnBW make common cause: up to 100 new fast charging stations throughout Germany-fast

The EnBW and Hagebau will make common cause in the future. The expansion of up to 100 new fast charging stations is planned throughout Germany. These are to be created at hailbaum markets and Werker’s world locations. For this purpose, nationwide on various hail construction sites continuously charged charging stations each with 50 kW power. Furthermore, an expansion on Austria is in conversation.

In particular, the southern German space is interesting, as the number of electrically powered vehicles has risen faster than in the rest of Germany. In Bavaria alone and especially in Munich metropolitan area, the number of electric cars increased by around 60 percent last year. Accordingly, the demand for charging options increases.

ENBW, however, does not just want to offer charging options here, but a charging infrastructure that offers the driver more than charging your own car. Such as loading coupons for the reduced loading or expanding the ENBW Mobility + Loading Network in the places where people can load their vehicles while shopping, Amadeus Regerbis, Head of Loading Infrastructure Electromobility at EnBW.

“Cooperation with EnBW supports us in our project to increase the attractiveness of the hailbaum markets and Werkers world locations for customers through innovations. For a good shopping experience, many factors are important today. The possibility to charge his electric car while shopping is part of the hailbow. By supplying the tree market locations with fast charging stations, the hailbow is leader with this cooperation: “- Torsten Kreft, Managing Director Hagebau Retail

The EnBW has already closed similar engagments with other partners. The great goal of the company is it until 2020 1.To realize 000 fast loading locations. For the company, however, it is not done with the same way to build nationwide charging infrastructure. The EnBW Mobility + App offers to over 16.000 charging points in Germany, Austria and Switzerland a uniform and transparent tariff and a network coverage of over 90 percent of the publicly accessible fast charging stations in Germany.

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