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A study by the respected Argonne National Laboratory under the roof of the US Ministry of Energy found that owners of a mid-range electric car pay around 40 percent less maintenance costs than with a burner.

The responsible department for energy efficiency and renewable energies of the US Ministry of Energy recently published the results of the study. This comes to the conclusion that e-cars have fewer components due to the lack of combustion engine, which must either be serviced or replaced and are therefore cheaper in maintenance. In addition, the oil changes that are common for combustion vehicles are eliminated, since an electric motor does not require motor oil.

The study also examined the maintenance costs of the individual drive variants. Vehicles with an combustion engine cost around 5 cents per kilometer driven, while it is only 3 cents for electric cars. Hybrid vehicles are slightly below combustion at 4.5 cents, according to the report, lies with the lower wear of the brakes due to the energy recovery in the hybrid.

Half workshop costs: Why e -cars are cheaper in the long run - news-costs
gettyimages Half workshop costs: Why e-cars are cheaper in the long run

The study confirms current studies from other editors who also came to the conclusion that due to the savings in the event of maintenance and fuel costs, the possession of an electric car is cheaper than a vehicle with an incinerator engine. The higher purchase price of an electric car also only played a subordinate role. According to the U.S. Ministry, the lower maintenance costs of electric vehicles are of interest, especially for companies or state authorities with a large fleet.

The US magazine Motor Trend calculated the difference between the operating costs between electric cars and combustioners of the entire fleet of all federal authorities based on the figures of this study and data from the GSA state administrative authority. It came out that a completely electric vehicle fleet. 65 million euros) would be cheaper.

How much does an electric car cost per kilometer per kilometer? How high are the costs after 10 years? And how does the comparison with burners fail? Simply find out for your own model yourself!

The site cost calculator gives you a quick overview of the costs incurred. In addition to acquisition costs, running costs are also included and compared with combustion engines.

To the cost calculator!

Regardless of this, President Biden has planned around 400.00 to replace vehicles from federal authorities with electric cars. However, he had not mentioned an exact plan for implementation or an appointment. However, the American Post USPS, which operates the largest proportion of all authorities, recently has the truck manufacturer Oskosh Defense with the delivery of 165.000 postal vehicles commissioned with an internal combustion engine. This led to a lack of understanding in particular among politicians of the Democratic Party, since they urge to provide $ 8 billion in the budget for the financing of an electrical vehicle fleet of the post office.

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